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Audio Sunglasses, ZUNGLE Affiliate Program Invitation

Smart Audio Sunglasses, ZUNGLE Affiliate Program Invitation

  1. Benjamin J
    Programs Name:
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    7% on every sale
    Minimum Payment:
    Payment Frequency:
    • Net-30
    • Net-15
    Payment Method:
    • Paypal
    Referral Period:
    30 days
    [email protected]

    Hope you are well.

    This is ZUNGLE, a lifestyle wearable device startup of the world's second most sold smart glasses.


    Our product, ZUNGLE V2 Viper, has the in-built bone conducting 'vibra' speakers and they transmit sound waves to the skull via vibration.

    It allows people to listen to music and make calls without any ear covering/insertion, therefore, the users can be aware of their surroundings, granting the great level of user safety.

    Especially it is amazingly handy for outdoor activities.

    And ZUNGLE is delighted to invite you to the Affiliate program.

    The Commission and Business Details of Affiliate Program

    1. Conversion Action: Online Purchase with Processed Valid Payment

    2. Cookie Days: 30 Days look back for qualifying sales

    3. Commission Type: Percent of Sale

    4. Base Commission: 7% on every sale (Higher than Other Electronic Device Category)

    5. Payment: Commissions paid out on a monthly basis via PayPal.

    Affiliate Program

    Apply to our program through the application link via ZUNGLE

    Upcoming Promotions

    To celebrate the new year, we have added new product items and will continue offering amazing deals for customers. (*Please visit our website to check the new items and offers).

    - Brand New Round Style, Lynx (Link)

    This will definitely be a tempting offer to all customers who would be looking for gifts, discounts and sales information during this time, triggering another great sales increase for our partners :) Make sure to take advantage of this time period and earn additional profit.

    Contact Information

    Should you have any questions or suggestions,

    please do not hesitate to contact via [email protected]

    We will look forward to hearing back from you soon.


    ZUNGLE Affiliate