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AtomPark Software

Email marketing solution

  1. ColinMiller
    Product Name:
    Atomic Email Studio
    $229 per lifetime license
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    [email protected]
    We create software that can increase efficiency of your marketing communication. Having been on the market for 19 years, AtomPark can boast 285,000 customers from 200 countries, 6 offices on different continents, 10 software products for your business and we are planning to grow further.

    With the Atomic software you will be able to:
    • Increase customer loyalty by means of bulk email campaign;
    • Expand the client base collecting user emails on websites, social networks and extracting them from files/documents on your computer;
    • Keep the mailing lists up-to-date regularly identifying and removing non-existent contacts from it;
    • Estimate the effectiveness of email mailings and bring it to perfection.
    Our software can be characterized by its simplicity and functionality. You can familiarize yourself with trial versions of the programs or order the product at the website.