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Astrality - Advertisers

Global Ad Network which connects advertisers and publishers, backed by proprietary new technology.

  1. Filip Astrality
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    Hello guys,

    We want to present Astrality, a project we've been working on for quite some time. Astrality is a self-serve ad network with push notifications, banners and popunders.

    We're working on a CPM model.

    Presently, clicks are counted for a better insight into the effectiveness of your campaign or a zone.

    Features that you can expect when you sign up with us:

    2 Factor Authentication with a mobile app (Authy, Google Authenticator)

    Almost-instant statistics

    24/7 Skype support

    Friendly interface

    For Advertisers:

    The minimum amount required to create a campaign is $20

    We accept PayPal, Wire ($1000 and over) and ePayments.

    Tracking parameters for better control

    Time, Country, Operating System, Browser, IP Range, Category Targeting

    Whitelist/blacklist zones

    We would also like to present what we have in store for this year with this roadmap:


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