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Analyzed.ai Crypto Spytool

Best Crypto-based Facebook Ad Spytool

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    Analyzed.ai - Facebook Ads Analysis Tool

    In order to succeed in the competitive affiliate marketing field, you need to know what's working for your competitors. Rather than working out angles and creating landers from scratch, Analyzed.ai is here to provide you with the crucial insights on the competition.
    Analyzed.ai started as a tool to help regular Facebook users not to get scammed by fake news scam products. All ads in our collection are sent to us by normal Facebook users. We analyze ads and report back to people, whether it's a legit product or not.

    Analyzed.ai Features:
    • Date range options
    • Screenshots and sources of presells/landers
    • Ad engagement growth
    • Reports and details
    • Anti-cloaking setup that uncovers most real money pages, even if they use custom cloaking
    • Redirect chain, offer and affiliate network info for presell-to-offer clicks
    • Filtering by: niche, country, language, lander, content arbitrage and keywords
    • Bookmark feature to save favourite ads
    Interested to try out the tool yourself? Drop us a message -

    Telegram: @sslapikaite
    Skype: live:.cid.871f8ac7d9338530