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Network Name
Affcrunch Affiliate Network
Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
  1. Net-30
Payment Method
  1. Wire
  2. Paypal
  3. Other
Tracking Software
Has Offers
Incentive Marketing
Who we are?

Affcrunch Affiliate Network specializes in Forex and Financial Trading products such as signals, bots and creates high quality sales funnels in order to maximize its affiliates profits.

At Affcrunch you will also find offers from many niches such as Health and Beauty, Adult dating, Lottery and others.

The Network was created by affiliates who have been in the industry since the beginning of it.

Optimization of the conversion rates is a well known game for Affcrunch. All the products use

software which brings immediate profits to its users and has options of auto pilot trading or

selected trades with strong signals.

Why do we guarantee high conversion rate?

The funnels have been created for wide range of traffic sources as it is simply make money

product. Millions of people are looking to make money online every day despite their Geo or

background. The videos in the product are high quality giving the confidence to your visitors in the

legitimacy of the software offered. The software was always and will always be for free. After the

user is convinced with two videos he sign up with a broker and here comes the great part – The

broker is chosen depending on it conversion rate in the country the user is from. That's not all – if

the user exist in some of the brokers we automatically sign him up in the next available broker so

you don't waste any traffic. To push even further the conversion we make sure we get high priority

in the Brokers call centers – which call them the same day in order to convert them into depositors

(very often they call them immediately)

What do we pay you?

We pay you 300$ for each depositing trader you bring through the funnel.

What is the minimum payment you need to reach?

We have alternative payment methods that have no minimum requirements.
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