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Intellectual platform that offers profitable conditions both for publishers and advertisers

  1. AdsCompass
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    Traffic Types:
    • PPC
    • Display
    • Mobile
    • Social
    • Other
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    Payment Types:
    • Wire
    • Paypal
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    We're glad to welcome you, our future partners.

    Adscompass is an intellectual platform that offers profitable conditions both for publishers and advertisers. Having our own automatic platform for monetizing of traffic and developing our projects we provide great conditions for all our partners. We’re always looking for new ways to make your business as profitable as it can be.

    For Publishers:

    • More than 2500 advertisers;
    • High CPM and unique coverage;
    • Guaranteed payments via Wire, PayPal, Epayments, Webmoney (Net 30). For our new publishers we pay out by request;
    • Fast implementation of working tools: Xml feed, Direct link, OpenRTB (endpoints), Banners (JS code), Native Ads, Interstitial, Popup/popunder, Json url, Back button redirect, Popunder redirect, Click popup, Geo redirect;
    • We can monetize all traffic types: Mobile, Pop, Native ads, Display, Banner, Redirect, Domain Parking, Social Networks, Toolbar, Pv/Tos, Browser add-on, Search, Mainstream, In-App, Injection and other;
    • Easy-to-use dashboard and detailed reports. Track detailed reports on earnings in real time;
    • We accept traffic from more than 200 countries all over the world.
    For Advertisers:

    • A lot of direct publishers are here to provide you with any volumes of traffic;
    • Our traffic is approved by 3rd-party checking systems. Moreover, we have our own anti-fraud platform that performs full traffic analysis in the shortest time possible;
    • Flexible settings of parameters and limits with the option of white- and black-lists;
    • Instruments for work are XML feed, OpenRTB (endpoints), PopUp/PopUnder, Direct link and etc;
    • Choose any traffic types from direct publishers among a wide variety of verticals;
    • More than 200 countries all over the world with all types of traffic that can raise the coverage of the target audience.
    We’ll be able to bring your business to the very new level. Start your successful monetization campaign today!

    Feel free to ask any questions, we're always there to help you!

    Max Sviridof | Head of Business Development
    e-mail: bizdev@adscompass.info
    skype: live:bizdev.adscompass

    Anastasia Newkirk | Head of Banners and Video Department Anastasia Newkirk
    e-mail: banners@adscompass.info
    skype: live:support_45469