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Adnation - Advertising Network

Adnation - Advertising Network

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Traffic Types
  1. PPC
  2. PPV
  3. Media
  4. Display
  5. Mobile
  6. Native
  7. Other
Minimum Deposit
Payment Types
  1. Wire
  2. Paypal
  3. Other

Adnation is a premium open marketplace for online monetization without frontiers that delivers performance combining powerful and innovative features including powerful API integrations, smart bidding, programmatic solutions and a large range of IAB standard formats.

Our platform allows publishers to grow and monetize their audience by automatically selling traffic to the highest bidder and gives all advertisers the chance to place the winning bid for ad spaces on a site.

With adnation success is guaranteed for both publishers and advertisers. Our dedicated account managers work towards expanding your reach, build scale and maximize your opportunities for conversion.

Ad Formats → Pop under, Direct link, Native ads & Standard banner.

Verticals → Practically all of our publishers correspond to the ‘entertainment’ vertical, the majority being within the category of Streaming, Downloads, Torrents and URL Shorteners.

Top geos → Europe and Latam.

Benefits for advertisers → a transparent marketplace that allows our clients to access a large amount of inventory and quality ad formats.

Benefits for publishers → a tool to monetize and increase the benefits of their traffic, even if they work with several advertising networks at the same time.

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