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Hey community,
I’ll be your point of contact, your mediator in communication with Ad4Date - CPA network aimed at promoting online dating services.

We have launched not that long ago, but have already gained some key results to move forward and become one of the leading CPA providers on adult market in a long-term run.

We are a group of professionals, with solid experience behind, who decided to start their own business.

Why are we doing this? We believe we can make a good impact on the community, providing:
  • quality service (5 years of customer support behind)
  • top converting offers (now working on some exclusives)
  • new source of income for your traffic.

Basically our goal is:
connect advertisers with publishers | offers with affiliates | help you make money

I am writing this message with a big will to meet you all: website owners, affiliates and people knowing how to bring traffic. Whether you’re a big fish or a newbie taking your first steps, we are looking for you. Solo agent, affiliate manager, chief office: no matter how much profit you’re going to bring us, we are open to a partnership. So we are looking for people ready to provide us with adult dating traffic, namely our main focus is chat traffic and we are o'k with e-whoring as well.

As we are willing to be fair, clear and meet your expectations, we expect the same on your part. To be clear enough and make everything simple: we are not yesterday born guys, we are not going to pay you for nothing or prepay with zero guarantees.

What we are ready for is building a solid trustworthy partnership on a loooong-term basis and paying you per each single sale/trial/lead made by a real person only.

If you share our point of view on doing business, feel free to join Ad4Date regardless of the preferred marketing model, as we work on each: pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale, pay-per-trial and, finally, lifetime revenue share.

We are ready to pay on net 15, biweekly, at the same time we are flexible: if you bring us good traffic and the volumes are stable, we are ready to reconsider the terms.
To make a conclusion, by joining our network you're guaranteed to get:
  • A number of high-quality websites to promote
  • Highly convertible landing pages
  • Eye-catching promo materials that really do work
  • Verified tracking platform
  • Regular payouts
  • No geo limits: we are ready to buy traffic from almost any location
  • Effective offers for every traffic type
  • Personal support, my will to assist and help is inevitable!

My name is Andrew and I'm the one helping you to monetize your traffic as your personal assistant and a right hand in the world of CPA networks.

You can always find me at: =)

I wish you all best of luck! Take care!

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