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95% of SEO is TRASH! Here are the 3 Telltale signs...

95% of SEO is TRASH! Here are the 3 Telltale signs...

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The right kind of SEO can put your Business on the map in as little as 4 weeks…

95% of SEO is TRASH!

So, you found "a great deal" online for an SEO service that claimed to get you on the first page of Google almost instantaneously. But after several months of flushing your money down the drain, you realize that you had been duped (yet again).

Sure. Everybody loves a bargain. But as with all things in life, we get what we pay for.

The telltale signs of Bad SEO

1) The most obvious giveaway is not seeing improvements to your search engine rankings in a month a month or two – Whilst it can take time to rank highly competitive keywords, that’s rarely the case with most keywords. So, if you hire someone to promote a website with 7 keywords, you should at the very least see “some progress” for a couple of these at the end of the month.

If this isn’t happening, the simple truth is the folks you hired don’t know what they’re doing.

2) The content related to the backlinks aren’t as good as you had hoped – Search Engines are designed to put the “best quality content” in front of the readers. So, the content related to the backlinks you’re receiving aren’t very legible, you can bet the search engines will disregard them too.

3) Most backlinks (even though they’re advertised as “white hat” are actually rely heavily on gray hat and black hat methods. That’s why most of those links end up getting deleted in as little as 3-6 months.

You can check this for yourself by signing up for a 7-day free trial of Ahrefs and by doing a “lost links” check on your website. If those stats are showing a link loss greater than 50%, you had inadvertently “bought into” a gray hat or black hat backlinking service at some point.

The case against Grey hat backlinks

Gray hat backlinking sources are extracted through automated methods and bots that rarely take the time to verify their new link profiles before having your site URL associated to them. This is bad because automated link profile builders don’t have any way of filtering out black hat sites. And, the second your site becomes associates with a black hat site (even though it wasn’t through your own volition), the likelihood of your site being subjected to search engine penalties (and the likelihood of it being blacklisted by Google and another search engines) increase exponentially.

The safer (but relatively more expensive route) is the legitimate white hat backlinking route that passes all the Ahref and MOZ checks as well as all the spam score checks.

Legit white hat backlinks (when backed with a “working SEO strategy”) not only help your site to rank higher in a considerably shorter time frame, but they also give you rankings that are (depending on the keyword’s competition) more sustainable.

And that’s precisely what we specialize in…white hat backlinks that are not only 100% search engine safe, pass all search engine, MOZ and Ahref checks, but are also proven to attain Page 1 rankings almost every single time.

But don’t take our word for it…See what hundreds of our customers have to say about our “flagship SEO service” below.

The snippet below only shows a handful of testimonials. You can see the complete list at the bottom of this page…

How it all works:

Once you tell us your website URL, and your keywords (or your niche if you don’t yet know the best keywords):

1. We will conduct a full audit on your website followed by a bad backlinks check

2. We will then send you a report containing these offending backlinks to forward to Google. Once the report is received by Google, they will disavow your site from these toxic backlinks, thus preventing them from doing any more harm.

3. Next, we run a competitor analysis on your website which is where we device and implement a custom SEO plan (or an SEO recipe) based on your competitors’ weaknesses

4. We then create a series of “high quality, optimized content” around that strategy

5. Lastly, we post this content online to acquire a series of “supercharged backlinks” from some of the highest quality websites in the world

6. You’ll see rankings in as little as 4-8 weeks (depending on the competition of your keywords and the load time of your website. More competitive keywords require more SEO and more time to attain desirable results)

7. If you don’t know which keywords to go with, we’ll even send you a list of “profitable and popular keywords” for you to choose from

This isn’t just an SEO service.

This is an investment in your future. And for most people it’s become the best investment they have made online.

Now it’s your turn to join them…

Will you heed the call or will you look back 10 years from now with regret over what could have been?

Can we be trusted?

Instead of us bragging to you about our 100% track record, our 11-year reputation, and about how we pretty much rank every 1 in 2 websites on the first page of Google within weeks, how about we let our customers tell you about the experience they’ve had with us? After all, nothing speaks louder than results.

(complete list of testimonials to follow after the FAQs section)





1. Is this a one-off service or does it require an ongoing commitment?

This is offered to you as a subscription service with the first month being priced at half price. The subscription can be cancelled at any time without any further obligations.

For the most part 4 weeks is enough for you to see the benefits of this service.

2. How long does it take to see results?

Most low-medium keywords get ranked on the 1st page of Google in as little as 4 weeks. Some others take up to 90 days, whilst the more competitive keywords can take more than 1 cycle of backlinks to attain results.

3. Are the rankings I achieve sustainable?

The rankings are sustainable for relatively low competition keywords and some moderately competitive keywords. Others would require regular SEO work to maintain their rankings.

4. I am only looking to get 2-3 keywords ranked. Can I get a discount?

It roughly takes about the same amount of work for us to set up a 2-3 keyword campaign as it does for a 7-keyword campaign. Therefore, a discount isn’t possible at this time.

5. How do I get the most out of this service?

As an Entrepreneur your main objective should be to get yourself into profit asap. And the most efficient way to accomplish that is by getting ranked for several “low competition” keywords in your niche first. When Google sees you ranking for multiple low competition keywords, they’ll be more inclined to give you a boost in your site metrics, thus enabling you to take on the bigger, badder keywords with greater competition and higher search volumes.

6. Is this service genuinely white hat?

The easiest way to tell whether an SEO service is white hat or not, is to monitor the number of backlinks that it loses over a 3-6-month time period.

Services that result in a large number of its backlinks (more than 20%) being deleted in a short time frame are simply not white hat.

Backlinks not related to the content of the website, and backlinks are sourced from sites with high “MOZ spam scores” also fall into the gray hat and black hat categories.

7. Will this service work for any language?

Yes. This service supports all languages including all non-Latin languages. However, the content will be in English.

8. Can you help me find the right keywords for this campaign?

If you’re not sure what keywords to go with, we can research your niche and give you a list of 20 profitable, low competition keywords for you to choose from at no extra cost.

Alternatively, you can do the research yourself using an online tool like SEMRush, MOZ, Ahrefs or Jaaxy.

9. Will this work with Local SEO and YouTube campaigns too?

Google Local, Google Maps, and YouTube search algorithms work differently to Google’s own search algorithms. As such, our SEO may not yield the same results for either of these platforms.

But our service can effectively rank “local SEO keywords” within Google’s primary search results itself.

10. This service helped me reach the first page of Google. But I don’t see as much traffic as I hoped for. How do I change that?

Website traffic levels are mainly determined by the “search volume” of your keywords, and on where you’re ranking on the first page.

The top 3 positions take up as much as two thirds of the traffic. So, if your keywords are ranking in the Top 10 (but not in the Top 3) you’re missing on about 65% of the traffic.

We might be able to change that get you in the Top 3 with another round of backlinks.

It might also be worth hiring a Professional copywriter to boost the conversions for your site too, because the last thing you want is to not be able to convert your visitors into buyers, once they land on your website.

11. Do you offer a money back guarantee with this service?

If all 7 keywords you nominate are already ranking in the Top 100 of Google, then yes, we can guarantee to get at least one of those keywords ranked on the 1st page of Google within 90 days. And if we fail to do that, we’ll happily refund every penny that you paid us.

This money back guarantee is backed by PayPal’s 180-day money back

12. I’m looking to promote a non-profit organization with this. Do I get a discount?

Yes. Non-profit organizations (regardless of their geography) receive 25% off the final price. If you drop us a message with the details, we’ll message back with a discounted quote.

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