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✅⚡ ARGO AI Article Creator ⚡Generate Hundreds of Articles in Minutes With Advanced Prompt Templates

✅⚡ ARGO AI Article Creator ⚡Generate Hundreds of Articles in Minutes With Advanced Prompt Templates 1.0.5

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ARGO AI Article Creator
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Generate 100 Articles in under 2 minutes !

Create articles in bulk lightning fast with up to 100 threads, or work on single articles through an interface similar to the OpenAI playground.

You might think, "Okay, yet another AI article creator based on OpenAI," however this one is different. Let me tell you why:
Most other tools only allow you to create one article at a time, but this software lets you generate 10, 100, or even +1000 articles simultaneously in a short amount of time.

All you have to do is provide a keyword (or a list of keywords), and the software will generate titles and create articles on autopilot.

You can also choose from a list of 20 advanced prompt templates to create text tailored to your needs.
We will also add more with future updates!

These are not your ordinary prompts like "generate a blog post about topic X." They include complex linguistic instructions.

On Reddit, people think this is an advanced prompt:
"You are a professional copywriter. You have been providing copywriting services to businesses for 20 years. You specialize in writing copy for businesses in the finance sector."
But it's far from it. Yes, it might sound a bit less generic, but will the writing style be special and human-like? No, it won't.

We spent countless hours and a lot of money designing complex prompts with specific linguistic features that even AI detectors can't detect.
In fact, many of the generated articles are detected as 100% human content.
With our templates, you can generate high-quality content to use for your websites.

Don't believe it? Check the examples.
We tested them with three different AI content detectors (Copyleaks,, and even the OpenAI text classifier couldn't detect its own content!).

The results:


See some example articles: click here!
We also included 2 social media prompts which allow you to generate "tweet" style social media posts including emojis and hashtags.

In addition to our advanced prompt templates, you can also create and store your own prompts in a database.
This way, you can create a customized list of prompts for mass generating titles and articles.

Take a look at the interface, it comes in light and dark mode:


Extra tools in the Pro version, the custom prompt DB and a text analyzer.
You can view the character/word count, Flesch Reading Ease Score, Sentiment analysis and Keyword density.


Powered by OpenAI

Our tool like most other AI article creators (yes even Jasper) is making use of GPT-3 and ChatGPT API's.
Many of the other tools however limit your usage and add high costs on top of the API fees.
You'll be limited to a certain word count per month, which makes it ultimately more expensive than direct access to the OpenAI API.

We think that you deserve more than just a tool that limits the number of words that can be created.
That's why we've removed all the constraints that come with other AI creators!

With our software, you have no word limit and the freedom to create as many articles as you need.

You have the flexibility to use your own API keys from OpenAI, so you always have a low price!
It's also possible to use multiple API keys and the software will evenly distribute requests amongst them.
Get free OpenAI accounts and use the free token credit, or use a paid account for a higher request limit.

You can use all the available text models, such as GPT-3 and ChatGPT, and adjust the settings for a more diverse and unique output.
This is not normally possible when using ChatGPT through the web.

Another interesting feature is the ability to load your own models.
This means that as soon as OpenAI releases a new API model, you can use it instantly with our software, without waiting for an update.

If you want to see the tool in action, here is a demo video creating 100 titles and 100 articles in under 2 minutes!

Extra features

The user-friendly interface allows you to easily create and edit articles.
Once you've created articles, simply select the directory where they're saved to load them into the program.
You can then navigate between articles using the F1 and F2 keys.
Then easily edit, search and replace, or paraphrase the whole article or just a selected part.
With little to no modification you can create engaging content that your audience will enjoy.
+ More features will be added over time!

What about Google, will i get a penalty?

Google believes in the quality of AI generated content!
They clearly state that they don't care how content is produced:


Software Info

The software is a windows desktop application and the license is tied to your hardware id.
It can only be used on one system at a time, this is to avoid group buys and sharing.
However we can always reset your license if you want to move to a new system, just send us an email.


Of course you also recieve support and updates!
Remember that additionally you will need an OpenAI API key (free or paid).
You can always reach us at support @
Due to the nature of the application - no refunds after the service has started.
You can easily cancle your subscription on a monthly basis if you are not satisfied.
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