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    Selling Cryptocurrency Development Related Services

    Skype: GoldenDemo Contact for Demos and more info.
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    [METHOD] How to Protect yourself Pay per Call Campaigns from Ripper Networks

    Great Addition @Mordcai didnt want to include the IVR method to keep it simple but for those who know the worth thats another way to go.
  3. ventoman

    [METHOD] How to Protect yourself Pay per Call Campaigns from Ripper Networks

    Might not be new just my 5 cents. Succesful Pay call campaigns involves a good amount of time and effort . Getting accepted by a good reputable Network is hard, geting ripped or shaved by one is awefully discouraging. If you are skeptical like me about certain CPA networks , and want to run a...
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    Selling Free Android App Design for your Website

    Hello Everyone, Ive been trying to figure out what to do during this festive holiday period, and would still want to make merry. For a limited time I will offer free Android App Design Services. Conditions: 1. Your Website Must be Mobile Responsive(If you dont know I can help you check that...
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    Selling Youtube bot for sale

    I see. Glad to learn . Peace Bro :)
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    Selling Youtube bot for sale

    Hahaha youssef honestly tell me that you dont know what it does ? Okay it increases youtube views. lol :)
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    Selling Youtube bot for sale

    Hi have a working single threaded youtube bot up for sale . Cost $10 accepts payoneer and skrill. skype: tendemo1
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    Facebook Static Page creation

    Been there and most of them seem to have been deprecated.
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    Selling Doing Away with one of my Domains and sites

    Here she is. Got potential quite huge but havent been able to squeeze in time for her. Skrill escrow accepted. Buyer pays push
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    Giveaway: Any Domain 1 year

    When did this go up ? Gonna have to try my luck later. Cheers
  11. ventoman

    Facebook Static Page creation

    Thanks for your reply Im after a Landing Page thats static
  12. ventoman

    Im new

    Okay will be patient to wait when you get busy. Lol. Welcome onboard kinda finding my way around too.
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    Welcome and pleased to meet you Dave.
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    How did you make your first $100?

    Yes it was. Unfortunately similar situations didnt follow that soon so I just had to change trade. However it gave me that conviction every newbie would like to know. Is making money online a reality or a hoax ? That got me going no matter the number of bumps that followed.