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    Affiliate Appreciation $100 Contest!!! First to 10 sales.

    Dear Affiliate, Currently, the i Diet & Fitness website has gone through a complete revamp. In celebration of our new web site's professional look and as a thank you to all the Affiliates who have been signing up, we are running a new Contest that started today. Real easy...The First...
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    Come get your share of $$$ with i Diet & Fitness

    Hello, I wanted to take the opportunity to send you a message in regards to a brand new Diet and Fitness website that has just hit the Clickbank Marketplace. i Diet & Fitness offers Affiliates 75% commission per sale utilizing your Clickbank Affiliate Link. Our website offers two separate...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello, I'm B.M. Garrett. I just got out of the US Army on August 20th, 2007. I spent 3 1/2 years stationed overseas in Bamberg, Germany. I also served 1 year in Iraq. I'm still pretty much a newbie to all this. I started out as an Affiliate and now I've moved on to becoming a Publisher. This...