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    What are your favorite online money making websites?

    I like doing crowd-sourced work where I earn up to $10 dollars a day depending on the number of tasks that are being offered. I also like making money by doing translation and transcription jobs for other people.
  2. strata12123

    How Do You Feel About Almighty Google Taking Over?

    I really believe that Google deserves being at the top because it does not care too much about profit, it cares about improvement and innovation and making life easier with their products and devices.
  3. strata12123

    Do you buy online?

    I buy most of my clothes and books from eBay and Amazon. I also buy games from Steam from time to time(especially now and during other discount days).
  4. strata12123

    What are you listening to?

    Iron and Wine - Naked As We Come
  5. strata12123


    Has anyone here tried NerdBux yet? Does it look legit so far? Would you recommend it? Would you invest on it?
  6. strata12123

    How often do you post new content on your forum or blog?

    I make at least one blog post a day or at least one every other day if I'm busy during that week. I also have friends who maintain it for me if I go on trips where I can not use internet for a while(camping trips, hiking, etc.)
  7. strata12123

    Switch off on Weekend/Sunday

    It is essential to still check one's forums during weekends because there might be spam or inappropriate posts all over the site that would make new members be driven away or lose interest. It does not even have to be a very long time, one just needs to manage the time he or she has and just...
  8. strata12123

    Attract People to Your Website

    What do you usually put on your website that are effective ways in attracting people?
  9. strata12123

    How many domains do you own?

    I have 3 myself and I'm currently in the process of selling one to someone I know. The other 2, I use almost everyday.
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    Conflict and diversity breed creativity. By conflict. though, I mean having constructive and fruitful arguments and two-sided discussions about a topic or a lot of topics. And of course, with a lot of people who come from different places and know different cultures and customs, forums become a...
  11. strata12123

    Your Top Income Streams

    Mine are: 1. PTC, PTSU sites (I've been with them for quite a long time) 2. Adsense 3. Translation and Transcription online And that's it. I also sell some second-hand stuff on sites like eBay from time to time but I don't think that counts as purely online income.
  12. strata12123

    Who has tried Humanatics?

    I think it's just hard work and perseverance from their part. I do not think I could possibly have the willpower to make that kind of money from such low-paying tasks. But anyway, I might try it so... How long do the reviews have to be?
  13. strata12123

    Slicethepie - How much have you earned with it?

    I gave up after the first hour of trying Slicethepie. I guess it's just bad luck that I got to listen to bad songs that I could not possibly think of any thing to review about other than it being bad. If you have more of a tolerance than me then maybe you can make quite a lot of income from...
  14. strata12123

    Do you use Klout?

    I have not really tried Klout before but what I have heard from some of my friends who do use it, as well as people in forums and bloggers, is that you just have to have skills and strengths that can be desirable for a potential employer. Some other tips to raise you Klout standing is to build a...
  15. strata12123

    Who hates Freelancer Like I do?

    I also hate Freelancer. The payment scheme, as you said, is just such a joke. If they somehow improve the payment scheme and the overall mechanics of the site, I think they would get more writers and people who are looking for writers to write for them. It does not even need to be an extravagant...