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    Indonesia and India. Where to send traffic?

    You sure what you are promoting works good over there? Test differents aspects of this before everything dude.
  2. Sanshez

    Entering the Affilaite Marketing !

    Welcome in the forum mate.
  3. Sanshez

    Worried to promote these CPA offers

    too many of them i guess, you could try to test other offers and see what it is exactly
  4. Sanshez

    newbie here...

    You are welcome in here buddy, you get though the forum and see what is in here, i guess you could have something interesting.
  5. Sanshez

    Offer Wanted CPS offer need

    i guess you could go on some Dating aff networks, and try to see what they offer that could be suitable for you dude!
  6. Sanshez


    You are welcome in the forum, wish you luck with everything here.
  7. Sanshez

    Is this affiliate program?

    You are mistaking this, this is just a forum buddy, anyway, you could try to look on the resource area, and you could find some affiliate networks over there that you could trust and try to join as well. If you got any question, just ask, i'm sure there are bunch of guys here willing to help...
  8. Sanshez

    Newbie needs help

    You are welcome in here issam1.
  9. Sanshez

    Hello everybody!

    Welcome on the forum Benito, have a good time in here!
  10. Sanshez

    Hallo From Berlin

    you sound so valuable with what you are bringing on this forum, you are then welcome around then! Have a nice time in here.
  11. Sanshez

    Whats the best cloaking system that still works on Google ads and FB?

    honestly dude, this will not really work for a long time; as soon as you got catched doing that, you will be banned surely! avoid doing this!
  12. Sanshez

    The 5 Best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

    Good to share this around here dude, i guess it will really help!
  13. Sanshez

    Is this affiliate program?

    Why don't you look out for a good Cpa network and apply to that? It could be a good starting point you know?
  14. Sanshez

    Profitable Campaign

    Unfortunately i can't say i ever saw this happening, i always saw people first losing then making it better and make it payout!
  15. Sanshez

    Why dont just use Google Analytics for tracking?

    i guess this is only for the effective service, nothing more. Voluum has more features to help out with this.