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    Does anyone make a living from affiliate marketing?

    Hi Do any of you make a living with affiliate marketing or even Amazon affiliate marketing. If so has it taken you a long time and do you need thousands of visitors to visit your site? I ask this question as I'm looking for inspiration to start.
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    Income from Affiliate Marketing

    Hi On average how much do you regularly earn from affiliate marketing and how long have you been doing affiliate marketing? Is it possible to make a living? or do you need many sites with thousands of visitors daily to even earn a modest amount? I appreciate that people may not want to...
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    Questions from a newbie

    Thanks for the brilliant advice. I really would like to make at least $2000 dollars steady monthly income which is sustainable. I always get put off by thinking that you need thousands of visitors daily to do well but as you hhave said it is possible without that amount of traffic which makes me...
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    Questions from a newbie

    Hi I am new to Internet marketing and would like to apologise in advance if my questions sound green, naive or downright stupid. I don't have any marketing, programming or any such great Web skills that I'm sure many of the people on this forum have. I just want to know if it is still possible...