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  1. Lisa_trafficshop

    Trafficshop launched native ads

    We are growing numbers of adult native traffic and its showing great CTRs. The average CTR on mobile is 3% when desktop is 1,5%. With over 30 mln daily traffic from selected publishers you will find a source which suites you for CPM or CPC campaigns. Only adult traffic sources available! Ready...
  2. Lisa_trafficshop

    Official Trafficshop

    Native ads are live on Trafficshop! If you are an advertiser who is curious to buy native traffic on CPC or CPM at demo rates or you are a publisher and want to earn with native ads- hit me up! We are looking for good spots with high CTR only and clean advertisers with or without adult...
  3. Lisa_trafficshop

    is it really worth to buy Adplexity Adult in 2019?

    It is worth using Adplexity adult Even as network we are using it on daily bassi and find it helpful
  4. Lisa_trafficshop

    Marketing Non-Adult Products through Adult sites

    There are so many cases when porn traffic is being used on those mainstream products which totally don't allow it... You can hide referring sites though if the affiliate program/client has even basic tracking in place it will be tracked. We do offer "hide referring" sites option though using...
  5. Lisa_trafficshop

    Trafficshop launched native ads

    Happy to share the news about the recent addition to the formats at Trafficshop. Native ads have been added both for desktop and mobile. How it works: you create a native thumb with Title, description and destination URL and we add it to the native blocks on the sites of our publishers. The...
  6. Lisa_trafficshop

    Adskeeper - What is your opinion?

    We were a publisher for Adskeeper, never had issues with them. Always pay on time, their feed of advertisers is clean. As for the domain, its just a domain...
  7. Lisa_trafficshop

    Is there a popads and push ads DSP?

    The most effective way of doing it i would say is connecting to networks via RTB, almost all networks offer RTB so you access thousands of traffic sources in real time
  8. Lisa_trafficshop

    Looking for JAV or Asian PPL offers

    DTI CASH did you hear about DTIcash?
  9. Lisa_trafficshop

    Official Trafficshop

    Trafficshop is working hard to give you the best options for payments. In this connection we've introduced Webmoney for all our advertisers and publishers + Qiwi and for our publishers to make it easier to withdraw the earned $$$.
  10. Lisa_trafficshop


    There is a reason why some traffic sources would be cheaper than other so unless you are looking for bulk traffic and not caring about conversions i would not go the cheap way. Better try and see the sources which bring you the traffic and bid separately for those with better traffic quality. To...
  11. Lisa_trafficshop

    Looking for adult pop or redirect traffic in JP

    Japan pop unders and skimmed traffic can be purchased from Trafficshop as well, CPM based deal. $100 as min deposit. We do have restrictions with regard to type of offers you are running, so better get in touch with us first to discuss it.
  12. Lisa_trafficshop

    Official Trafficshop

    Hey, there are clones of me in Skype, who basically copied my profile. Look for the skype with my picture pls! or send me yours in PM
  13. Lisa_trafficshop

    Best verticals for native offers

    Gaming Dating Lifestyle Nutra- those are the verticals we see running on adult sites
  14. Lisa_trafficshop

    Official Trafficshop

    Trafficshop introduced S2S tracking for even better media buying experience. Now you can use our postback, set up a tracking link and get information about conversions on the dashboard. An easy way to run successful campaign and optimize wisely based on tracking results. You can read more about...
  15. Lisa_trafficshop

    anyone tried media buying on adult sites to convert gambling offers

    Depends a lot on GEOs you are targeting. For Nordics and UK we do convert for our gambling buyers. You should have active post-registration email marketing to get depositors.