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  1. lecrawford

    Whats the best teespring ebook or guide?

    Start by going to and you will find a lot of information for a newbie and more.
  2. lecrawford

    Is anyone being hesitant?

    Custom audiences is still OK. Facebook will block any custom audiences campaign that goes to T-Spring. You have to send it to your own domain or to maybe a Facebook page and then to T-Spring.
  3. lecrawford

    Niche Ideas....

    Well put... Unique Niche + Unique Design = Massive Money UN+UD=MM
  4. lecrawford

    Suggest an Expert...

    Harlan Kilstein
  5. lecrawford

    Facebook with Teespring

    Try to find a niche that everyone else is not using. You need to find a Unique Niche then pay to get a Unique Design and to me that is the only way to get the Massive Money. UN+UD=MM
  6. lecrawford

    Tshirt hell

    I guess that say's it all. lol
  7. lecrawford

    Launched First TeeSpring Campaign

    Exactly what I was going to say Klayne. lol
  8. lecrawford

    Where do you guys get your designs?