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    Can Bing Surpass Google?

    I doubt it. Google has just been too culturally dominant to be able to decline in power.
  2. Hanaseru

    I made 2$ in one hour today by doing nothing

    Everything little can add up ^ ^
  3. Hanaseru

    Dashes in Domains

    I own a domain with a dash in it ouo. It makes it easier to get a certain domain name that I want, and I don't think it seems to affect the traffic of my website too much.
  4. Hanaseru

    Were to get forum software

    Echoing what most people say here, MyBB is one of, if not the best free forum scripts. You can get plugins for almost anything, and it is completely customizable. Personally, I never liked the layout of PhpBB and just how it worked in general :C.
  5. Hanaseru

    Adobe Muse

    Isn't Adobe Muse the successor of Adobe Dreamweaver?
  6. Hanaseru

    How Much Does It Cost To Run A Forum?

    For decent hosting and a top level domain, 40$ a year should be more than enough to sustain a low end or middle end forum
  7. Hanaseru

    Easiest Language In Your Opinion

    I think C# is the easiest language to learn. All you have to do is to get yourself in the coder mindset and start thinking primatively (everything with logic)
  8. Hanaseru

    MyBB 2.0

    I'm extremely excited for 2.0. All of the features excite me in one way or another. They said it was going to be a complete recode of MyBB, so I guess we'll have to wait and see
  9. Hanaseru

    Has anyone use this website?

    I've never heard of this website before. Since everybody said that it was korean, maybe we should wait until somebody who can translate it to give a verdict.
  10. Hanaseru

    Where do you get high quality free images from?

    If you search hard enough on google, there have to be some good pictures.
  11. Hanaseru


    The community has a say in everything, but ultimately, it's up to the staff.
  12. Hanaseru

    How often do you post new content on your forum or blog?

    My forum is currently new, so I am creating 5-10 new threads per day
  13. Hanaseru

    Do you trust "get rich quick" methods?

    Of course not. If get rich quick methods really worked, everybody would be rich.
  14. Hanaseru

    Where do you get your fonts from?

    I just google the font name that I want and look at all of the results
  15. Hanaseru

    Paying for fonts

    Fonts always seem way too expensive to be paid for.