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    Affiliate Marketing Offline

    Has anyone ever tried selling a product offline, like at a conference or summit, in a booth for an affiliate program? I guess an easy example would be, you sign up for an affiliate program for a dog lovers ebook and you go try to sell it at a dog show. Even if you havn't done this before...
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    Affiliate Summit SAVE $500 - Who's going???

    Is there any information on their site about getting a booth? or would you have to call someone for that?
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    New Marketing worlds

    Hello, Welcome to my post! I am here to tell you about and what they are doing for affiliate marketing. First off, this post is to tell you about the affiliate program. The affiliate program that is ran at this site pays out 2 teir, first one being 35% and...
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    Hello, it's Dave

    Hello, This is my first time here, figured I would jump right into it all, signup, and then post this. I'm an affiliate manager, and this site looks like it has a TON of great information for me and I hope to one to add to it. Have a great day! Dave