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What Are The Best Offpage SEO Techniques?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Dead Pool, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    Let's discuss what is the working method of offpage SEO techniques. I usually research competitors backlinks by the help of Google, ahref, SEM Rush and make exactly same types of backlinks. It seems like working. What is yours?
  2. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I have used backlinks for quite some time and it is true that they work because I can be able to see the results I am getting. One of the best method I have always used to make sure that the baclinks work is by using te guest posting. IT is the best and more natural way of doing things. I do not know if you have tried the method but I will say that it is the best so far. You find the relevant blogs and then contribute through the comments with a link to your website.
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  3. Rennie Bottali

    Rennie Bottali Affiliate affiliate

    PPT and PDF sharing is best SEO link-building technique to improve your site ranking.
  4. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    I also heard good thing about guest post. But this is hard sometimes. Because guest is posting, need a long term to share your link. Who want's tons of outbound link on their site. Also, keep good relationship with site owner required.
    PPT is good if you were hosting to the hight or 3rd party ppt sharing site but I don't know about PDF. How could you create backlinks sharing PDF?
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  5. horus

    horus Affiliate affiliate

    Quality backlinking coupled with high quality content that you can advertise in forums, blogs etc using blog posting, forum posting methods, guest posting etc.
    I'm stressing on the quality of your content though.. You should make sure the quality is really high, otherwise it won't really do anything. I use to help me there because I'm not really proficient at writing xD
  6. jhonsmith

    jhonsmith Affiliate affiliate

    the best off page seo is given below

    1). Community Creation in Social Networking Sites

    2). Blogging

    3). Forum Postings

    4). Search Engine Submission

    5). Directory Submission

    6). Social Bookmarking

    6). Link Exchange

    7). Link Baiting
  7. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    The service looks like cheap. Will try soon.
  8. Harris Khan

    Harris Khan Affiliate affiliate

    EDU backlinks is one the best to way to rank fast on google. I've been using edu backlinks for my site and I am so excited here to see the fast results.
  9. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    Getting EDU links also need time and money. Do you have quick method to get EDU link fast?
  10. Magento_oCodewire

    Magento_oCodewire Affiliate affiliate

    The best off-page SEO techniques are blog commenting, forums participations, Q/A sites participations, guest posting and social media marketing etc.
  11. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    I don't think social media marketing was working for SEO purpose. All the social media links are no followed and don't help to rank any website. But others method are quite good.
  12. Adsomi

    Adsomi Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Links and by that I mean relevant links, I think this should be your first priority when it comes to off page seo. I think social media is good in terms of building brand awareness.
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  13. robertbrown1

    robertbrown1 Affiliate affiliate

    Forum posting, Book markings, Blog sites and Web 2.0 sites.
  14. StefanCP

    StefanCP Affiliate affiliate

    My very concise opinion, you can check what I say by verifying websites that rank high in your niche.

    In 2016 after Christ, do not waste your time with most of the methods specified above.
    PPT and PDF sharing - Good at most for direct traffic, not for Google rankings.
    Social Networking - Good for direct traffic, minimum Google rankings effect unless you have a big community that engages you, not supposedly quality fan lists bought from Fiverr.
    Blogging - Great if you do it in style. Meaning that you know what google likes on your pages, and what it does not.
    Forum Postings - Good maybe in 2010.
    Search Engine Submission - Waste of time. Just submit to google when you create your website google account. Bing and the others will pick you up.
    Directory Submission - Like 2005
    Social Bookmarking - Good maybe for direct traffic, minimum Google rankings.
    Link Exchange - If, and only if, you do that with quality websites, and you know what you are doing.
    Link Baiting - If you are so good that people link to your content, then Google will love you. But if the links are from low quality places, you can even expect penalties.

    The best offpage seo, said in a very useless way, are quality inbound links. In a useful way you would need a seo expert that literally makes 5 figures a month at least to explain in detail how do you do that. And then you might find out that as an individual you do not have budget and relations and coverage to do what an expert can do.

    A mixture of blackhat with greyhat would be using a tool like GSA Search Engine Ranker and use tons of filters to filter out bad and average websites, while you manually deliver unique content for each website.

    If it's about whitehat, a quality website won't have many reasons to link to a new average website just because someone made it. And quality is a rare adjective for websites now, when literally everybody can create a website.

    So the short answer is QUALITY inbound links. The long answer is too long to continue. Nothing beats that.

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