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Stumble Upon and Google toolbar

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by alec11, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. alec11

    alec11 Affiliate affiliate

    I found that google toolbar is a great thing to have as they have popup blocker.
    but i had a question about google toolbar and stumble upon toolbar. both of the sites have voting.
    And when you vote on stumble upon you get tons of traffic to your site. it a really great exchange. but google toolbar also has voting. but i dont know if i will get tons of trafic with google vote or not.
    Does it help with SEO and PR how about SERP?
  2. monetizer
  3. Jerlene

    Jerlene Affiliate affiliate

    What voting for Google are you talking about? I have the toolbar but can't find it.
  4. sums123

    sums123 Affiliate affiliate

    Google Toolbar

    Google toolbar is best used for determining PR,backlinks and cahced snapshot of page.

    But,it is not used for bringing traffic towards a site.

    Stumble upon is a social bookmarking site,here people like a web page they save(bookmark) it,higher the number of bookmarks higher will be traffic.
  5. Cryxellis

    Cryxellis Affiliate affiliate

    I think you are talking about the use of those toolbars.. it was used to bookmark a certain site or page you liked in order to have a copy of it
    and at the same time draw traffic from it.
  6. zurk

    zurk Affiliate affiliate

    In terms of SEO, Stumble Upon and other social bookmarking sites helps in traffic generation, link building and getting a newly created site/page to be indexed faster. Try submitting to digg and create a squidoo lens, they're also great to get more traffic! :D

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