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Question about EPC and eCPM discrepancy and steps you do to choose the offer?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by danvin, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. danvin

    danvin Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everyone :)
    I finally got approved in few affiliate network and want to start earning (or spending lol ) money, buying traffic.
    But I have 2 questions and really hope someone can help me to understand.

    In one of the affiliate network I see some discrepancy in the offer's stats. For example:
    Ofer 1
    Last 10 days EPC = $51,921.00

    How can it be ? By my logic max EPC can be $231 (if conversion rate is 100%)

    Where am I wrong?

    Same about commission vs EPC and eCMP
    Ofer 2
    Commision= $6.5
    Last 10 days EPC = $10.79
    eCMP = $982,160,00

    So what is the logic here?

    Which criteria do you use to choose an offer?
    Let say I want to promote offer via facebook ads
    Should I just take offer with max EPC, compare it to the bids (with a correlation on LP CTR) and use it ?

    Thank you
  2. monetizer

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