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PR5 Java Tutorials Site

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by hemanthjava, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. hemanthjava

    hemanthjava Affiliate affiliate

    PR5 Java Tutorials Site
    Free transfer of registration to the new Buyer. I accept only Online Bank Transfers at the moment as I think that?s instant

    and safe.

    Price: $999 (Nine Hundred Ninty nine only)

    Site: free java tutorials

    Check out the Amazing STATS this site has and then you can say its very cheap

    Website Detail stats

    Email me at as I dont check forums often
  2. monetizer
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Thanks for advertising your domain with us. Good luck on the sale!

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