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please .. what is the best spy tool for facebook compaigns ??

Discussion in 'Research and Intelligence' started by John Mouss, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. John Mouss

    John Mouss Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys ...

    could you please help me with your experience to find the powerful spying tools for facebook compaigns ..
    I want to promote some CPA mobile offers by using facebooks ads ..
    I found some spying tools like socialadninja..Adsviser .. AdFox ...Adplexity..
    I liked Adplexity but it hasn't facebook in source traffic list ..what about adsviser ??
    can you tell me dears affiliates witch one is the best for me to get started with ..??
    and what's the differencs between FB Ad Spy Tool and Mobile Spying Tool ??
    thank you so much if any one has informations about this questions..
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  2. Hannah_Baily

    Hannah_Baily Affiliate affiliate

    If you need Facebook ad spy tool you can go for
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  3. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    I have used Adfox earlier but not quite sure, if they are updating their database regularly.

    Adplexity is best for Mobile Ads spy and Native ads spy. They are not providing facebook ads intelligence data. Haven't used adsviser so can't really comment on them. Better to check on google.

    Not into facebook marketing that much but there are few spy tools for that. Please read this guide on how to spy on facebook ads. Its very detailed and helpful :

    With FB spy tool you can explore and get ad details of campaigns running on facebook or instagram(As its owned by FB). Whereas, with mobile ad spy tool, you get ad details of campaign focused on mobile campaigns and running across several mobile traffic source. Generally mobile spy tools don't have any data of mobile ad campaigns running on facebook, so FB is not included in traffic source list.
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  4. Mr. OneTwo

    Mr. OneTwo Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, can you please share more info?
  5. publyfe

    publyfe Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    8 is a spy tool specific to just FB campaigns and ads. Also check out
  6. publyfe

    publyfe Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Also if you are looking for an awesome FREE tool to test out your FB ad ideas in real-time check out
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