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Most effective ways to get traffic to your site ;)

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by MrCat, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. MrCat

    MrCat Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everyone!

    Traffic, Traffic, Traffic! How do we get it? There are lots of possible ways to get traffic. All you need is to look at this list for your reference and check if you have done any of this yet.

    Free methods:
    Submission to SE's and directories
    Article marketing
    Email campaign
    Forums, blogs and board postings
    Social Bookmarking
    Etc. etc.

    Premium ways: (Should require a budget)
    Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    Targetted Link backs
    Professional SEO services
    Ad spaces
    Offline campaigns
    Etc. etc.

    Random and unique traffic is good to any site but getting targetted traffic is what makes the difference. This kind of traffic yields the highest conversion which would determine your site's success. Given a budget, I would always opt for PPC. PPC is a very effective way of getting targetted traffic given the proper treatment. Identify your niche and select the market you want to cater to and start from there. Research also on the keywords your desired market would most likely be looking for. IMO, one should be more focused on getting targetted traffic than just page views. Buying targetted link backs are also effective at getting targetted traffic. It really all boils down to what your site offers to your traffic ;)

    Another great way of targetting your desired audience is through forum posting on similar niche with your link on your signature. What I like about this forum posting is that it is totally free.

    My question is : What methods do you use to draw traffic to your site? Random and targetted alike.

    Hoping to hear from you!

    MrCat ;)
  2. monetizer
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Great ideas and good list. Thanks MrCat.

    Here are some other threads about generating traffic.

    This may be helpful if you want to learn about social marketing.<br>

    <a href="">Web 2.0 Traffic Generation Blueprint - FREE + Good Reviews</a>

    Here's another with ideas:
    <a href="">What's Your Favorite Traffic Source?</a>

    Who wants to add to the list?
  4. newyorkshopping

    newyorkshopping Affiliate affiliate

    Yes I agree I believe also in the press release!Thank you for that!
  5. richkid

    richkid Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there, given a budget i would also go for ppc. Heaps of people are searching on google every single day and minute, therefore it will help you build your business at a much quicker rate for the little effort it takes to create your campaign

    With articles and all you have to write so many b4 you can get traffic , then comment on other articles etc

    Well your list is good, even squidoo is a good way to generate traffic, but its also similar to article writing.
  6. cowy

    cowy Affiliate affiliate

    For me, SEO is always the best :)

    The rule of SEO is create good content and support it with relevant backlinks.
  7. Andy Choopa

    Andy Choopa New Member

    For the most valuable traffic, SEO is the best :)
  8. Bryan Zimmerman

    Bryan Zimmerman New Member

    For quick traffic, you can go to yahoo answers and leave links pointing to where you want the traffic to.

    Blog commenting on blogs that have the plugin "comment luv" are great because after your comment it leave a link to your last blog post.

    Twitter is also great for traffic too.
  9. Niche48

    Niche48 Affiliate affiliate

    Content Anyone?

    It really all begins with having some good search engine optimized content on your pages.
  10. pengerik

    pengerik Affiliate affiliate

    Search engine optimized pages are the way to go if you want relevant traffic - and supplement that with good relevant backlinks.
  11. tash1

    tash1 Affiliate affiliate

    ive always done seo on my websites but then use adwords ppc that way the seo improves your quality rating on adwords so the ppc is cheaper
    saved me a lot of money in the long run.
  12. AdamSR

    AdamSR New Member

    I think it really depends on your situation.

    Keyword-heavy content is a great way to develop organic search engine optimized traffic - and the best part about it is that it's free...but this takes time, and lots of writing.

    If you have the budget to implement professional SEO services, this will do wonders to your rankings.

    Personally, I believe a hybrid of keyword-rich content and seo specialist work is key to building traffic.
  13. pincpassion

    pincpassion Affiliate affiliate

    When I was new I used blog commenting and posting quotes on sites with my URL. They gave me great results. Now I'm looking for more ways and I found it in your post. Thanks...
  14. FaTaLiT33

    FaTaLiT33 New Member

    Nice thread. For online success its always traffic, traffic and traffic it is. I think you should have two goals set.

    1. Short Term
    2. Long Term

    For Short term traffic i would probably would go with yahoo answers, video marketing (Tubemogul), forum posting and classified posting. But then this depends on your niche i should say.

    While delivering these goals at the same time i involve with my long term gaol, SEO.

    Follow this way and you should always have some monetization with your online business
  15. johnben1444

    johnben1444 Affiliate affiliate

    Traffic is one of the major problem of internet marketers, for me article marketing is one of my most utilized strategy.
  16. ArizonaJay

    ArizonaJay <b>5 Star Moderator</b> affiliate

    Have other people found that social media have been effective for physical product affiliate sales? I have, but I think I can do more.
  17. harrysmith

    harrysmith Affiliate affiliate

    Active participation in social media and networking websites plays an vital role for grabbing attention of your online business and hence traffic but i prefer to work hard on SEO (Onpage-Offpage) for better long lasting results.
    Peoples have started spamming Social media sites :mad:
  18. Charles52

    Charles52 Affiliate affiliate

    I would have to say link trading, it's easy and you can get a lot of traffic that way. Some people think it is dead, but I still do it all the time and get good traffic.
  19. harrysmith

    harrysmith Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, Link trading can be a good option for good option for improving traffic but you have to be very careful when you trade links, make sure you don't link to irrelevant website nor you try to get link from them.
    Try to get links and make them appear as if they are natural backlinks !
  20. ClickbankRockstar

    ClickbankRockstar Affiliate affiliate

    Thats an awsome list of ways to get traffic... Yes, everyone should also keep a budget for ppc...
  21. harrysmith

    harrysmith Affiliate affiliate

    If you work hard on SEO and actively contribute in social networking sites then there's no need for spending on PPC or any sort of advertisements. ;)

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