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Selling + 7 Part Guide! [Reason No Time For The Project]

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by DavidHall, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. DavidHall

    DavidHall Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    My website ( I invested money and hundreds of hours into is FOR SALE AT A LOW PRICE!

    CURRENTLY HAS SEVERAL OFFERS TO BE BOUGHT... - I wanted to offer the CPAFIX community the chance to pick it up too! (HURRY!) :)

    It's open to ANYONE and ANY bid price - if you have a really good story behind why you want it and what you would like to do with it, I may give it to you even if you aren't the highest offer. Afterall, I put a lot of effort into it and want it to go to a deserved home... Details to buy it are below but contact me via here, Skype ( or email ( - we can arrange something.

    Site type: Online Marketing/Affiliate Marketing Website/blog
    Lifetime (June 1st 2012 to Present) Google Analytics Snapshot:
    • Visits: 3,019
    • Unique Visitors: 2,241
    • Pageviews: 5,825
    • Pages / Visit: 1.93
    • Avg. Visit Duration: 00:02:21
    • Bounce Rate: 69.43%
    • % New Visits: 74.23%

    Sale price: Open to ALL offers
    Sale reason: No Time

    Included in the sale:
    - 7 Part guide - (Over 110 pages of 100% unique content (written by me) [recommended: Sell or use as opt-in bait])
    - Facebook Page
    - All content on the site (broken down by sections [800 word average per article/100% unique content - written by me]):
    • Rant (4 articles)
    • Guides (11 articles)
    • Humour (2 articles)
    • Interviews (4 articles *Ryan Eagle* ** *Ryan Bukevicz* *MuchMarketing*
    - Domain
    - Avenue Wordpress Theme (Regular license for: WordPress - Avenue - A WordPress Magazine Theme | ThemeForest [value $45])

    More information and the reason for selling:
    I started the site in June with a bang, it recieved a lot of traffic straight away with great content that was shared virally. I stopped working on the site in July due to moving countries and other commitments taking over.

    To date (in the last few months) it's gained over 3k visitors which isn't impressive by any means but is a small amount of insight into the potential the site has. It's still getting small amounts of visitors and is sitting untouched since July - I had big plans to dedicate time into growing it into a resource, other plans got in the way!

    This is a perfect starting block for someone who doesn't have the biggest budget in the world yet wants a website. The content is written by an industry professional and is completely unique as well as being high in quality. Several 'articles' are ranking on the first page of Google such as "Ryan Eagle Interview" - please keep in mind that I didn't try hard with the SEO and I literally stopped promotion in July.

    If you are serious you can contact me here at CPAFIX, hit me up on Skype (DavidHall.EU) or email me

    Good luck and Merry Christmas!

    *You may notice errors on the page, this is easily fixed by updating Wordpress and the Theme*
  2. monetizer
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Re: + 7 Part Guide! [Reason No Time For The Proj

    Where have you been?

    No showed at Ad Tech?


    Pm me BIN!
  4. DavidHall

    DavidHall Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Re: + 7 Part Guide! [Reason No Time For The Proj

    I'm here, alive and well - I actually never left Germany, I haven't come back to London yet once which i'm also sorry we missed each other for at AT, I saw you had a ridiculously good time though - are you going to ASW?!!

    Honestly I don't have a BIN - it's hard to put a price on it, based on no revenue and pure content/brand value. I want it to go to a good home which is why i'm not necessarily choosing the highest bidder, several offers are interesting but I don't know much about the people behind them!

    P.S Your design company interested in partnering on some projects?
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Re: + 7 Part Guide! [Reason No Time For The Proj

    Yes, PM or Skype me!

    So you didn't leave them? lol

    $50 here.
  6. DavidHall

    DavidHall Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Re: + 7 Part Guide! [Reason No Time For The Proj

    $50 isn't the lowest bid so far but it's far from the highest ;)

    I left glispa but I stayed in Germany, felt like I wanted to stay on an adventure - so far it's been interesting! I'm partnered up with a few things right now and just trying to do everything to stack money piles next year whilst I still have the stamina! Which leads me to my other point about the design stuff, I am working with Gunggo at the moment and also have Jump Reload LTD which is my gaming project, we may need designers soon!

    Let's talk on Skype!

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