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Maxbounty & Prosper: Looking for lightning of insight

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by BorisQuanticoo, May 28, 2015.

  1. BorisQuanticoo

    BorisQuanticoo Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everybody,

    While I've been successful in Setting up my tracking beautifully in peerfly i am struggling in getting it to work with maxbounty. I have watched every tutorial under the sun and tried every combination, so it should be working, but it isn't, so I am sure something somewhere I am doing wrong. If you guys can maybe spot the mistake, that would be awesome:
    What I am seeing / not seeing: Conversions don't seem to come through to my tracking and on the maxbounty Report no sub-id's are available, so I suppose something, somewhere is not clicking.
    Campaign Link as defined in P202:[[subid]]
    Tracking URL (LP: used with Traffic-Source (7search):
    Postback URL as provided by P202 and then configured in Maxbounty:

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