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HUGE list of SOLO AD Providers ...

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Ryker, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Ryker

    Ryker Affiliate affiliate

    Here's a little info about solo ad marketing for those who aren't familiar, and also a huge list I've accumulated over the last several months of known reputable solo ad vendors. Hope it helps!

    Solo ads are standalone advertorials that are published in established ezines that have a substantial following. Your ad is the only advertising on the page so you are guaranteed to be viewed. Some are better than others, obviously, and some of the factors that weigh in on this include number of subscribers, frequency of publication, and general readership interests. For instance, you wouldn’t want to publish in an auto enthusiasts ezine if you have a solo ad for your new pet product!

    This is a relatively inexpensive way to be seen, as the costs for solo ads run from $.25 - .65 per click with an average being around .35 cents per click. 

Targeted placement is an added benefit here, as you can target your solo ad for the particular niche you’re marketing to. Remember, these people have opted in to this ezine and are expecting to see offers like this, so there is little chance you are viewed as spammy. Rather, it’s a terrific way to reach thousands of eyeballs for relatively little money!

    Be sure to also employ a link tracking system so you can see not only which ads are working, but which ad providers!

    Solo ads are by far one of the best ways to drive targeted visitors to become your referrals today. Below is a huge list of solo ad providers that you can arrange a mailing with right away!

    IMPORTANT: I cannot take any responsibility for any of the results of the transactions or mailings of the solo ads below. Each list owner will carry a reputation online that you can research if you’d like. Be sure to contact a list owner FIRST before purchasing a solo ad from them. Ask to connect with them on Skype, and make sure you get your questions answered from them, and also make sure your offer will work with their list. I have used many of the providers below, and others I have gotten by trusted referrals. This could be a goldmine for you if used properly.


    Also check out this directory with reviews of solo ads:
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  2. ezekiel

    ezekiel Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Great, thank you.
  3. polarisanalytics

    polarisanalytics Affiliate affiliate

    Anyone have experience from this list? Any feedback on any of these providers?
  4. Adese

    Adese Affiliate affiliate

    I've been looking for this list. Thanks
  5. theimbible

    theimbible Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Nice list! I have had success with Kenneth Kraakstad and Anthony Tilley in the past, but I can not vouch for anymore, I will be testing a few of these, good share

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