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How To Make $288/Day from ShareCash

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by goblog, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. goblog

    goblog Affiliate affiliate

    My experience is the experience of February last year , and until now I still run this way .

    1. I currently use the AGC ( Auto Generated Content ) , if you do not know what the AGC , try searching for it on google . But actually better if you make a blog that original manual , going more durable and like google. but it takes patience if the build blog original manual . To really produce , it takes a little time .

    2. Create an article on the download file on the blog, if you already have a blog about the download file and have a lot of visitors , are required to implement this .

    3. make the article consistent every day .

    4. if the file we want to upload in sharecash quite big , please split into a certain number of parts , so more and more people download our files , the greater the $ that we will get .

    5. Let the blog up in the index by google , submit your blog on google sitemap webmaster . and "fetch as Google " your sitemap . after that , please press submit to index . I 'm sure you already know about this .

    6. Create a video on youtube , how to download the files we are , and post it on your blog .

    7. Try to get a visitor from the USA or France , some of my blog is filled with French language and setting GEO Location to get their French visitors .

    Although I have not / do not play use onpage generator, but perhaps those who need onpage script generator could try this reply gan:
    Pack includes 36 Generators:

    [+] PlanetSide 2
    [+] Amazon Gift Card Generator
    [+] CityVille
    [+] Wargame 1942
    [+] Candy Crush Saga
    [+] Grepolis
    [+] Shadowgun: Deadzone
    [+] Hidden Chronicles
    [+] World of Tanks
    [+] Google Play Gift Card Generator
    [+] Simpsons Tapped Out
    [+] Facebook Password Hacker
    [+] Angry Birds
    [+] 8 Ball Pool
    [+] Pirates of the Caribbean: Isles of War
    [+] Forge of Empires
    [+] Facebook Credits
    [+] ITunes Gift Card Generator
    [+] Top Eleven
    [+] Clash of Clans
    [+] Steam Wallet
    [+] SimPoints Code Generator
    [+] League of Legends
    [+] Farm Heroes Saga
    [+] KingsRoad
    [+] FarmVille 2
    [+] Super Royaume
    [+] Dofus
    [+] Pet Rescue Saga
    [+] Criminal Case
    [+] Microsoft Points Generator
    [+] Dragon City
    [+] PSN Code Generator
    [+] Turbo Racing League
    [+] Need for Speed World
    [+] EBay Gift Card Generator

    Download link: www73*zippyshare*com/v/48481867/file*html

    This is proof of my income in a day .

    This is proof of my income in the month of February .

    and I saved from sharecash able to buy a car , and getting car Nissan Grand Livina X- Gear in 2015 for $ 16,500.

    Proof of tricks no. 4 , 1 US download up to 3x , its conversion rate became 300 %

    Top 10 countries with an average value per download high :

    Site make no reference let overview : androidhacks4u . the site is not mine but the method is similar like that . only he did not use sharecash as content locker but use another network .

    sorry if my writing there that you do not understand , because English is not my native language .

    Thanks Guys.
    I Hope You Enjoy and do what I do .

  2. Angga Sanusi

    Angga Sanusi Affiliate affiliate

    mantap gan share nya

    i have experienced with AGC since 2010 when the first agc become popular. but yet i don't know about CPA and i make money with adsense with getting banned in the end of the year. Since that i never used again AGC but recently lot of my friends told me to use again AGC by using CPA as revenue source.

    After see your proof of earning using AGC i think i'll be back with my customized AGC script for CPA.
    goblog likes this.
  3. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    That is great and a very big motivation to me. I am a newbie with some knowledge in the AGC. I have however go through your thread post and i see it is something i can do to generate lots of money and make several sources of income. Just wanted to know if it is something i ca learn and grasp faster, that is within a maximum of 2 weeks. If so, i will also like to get some resources and guides that you have been using to make all this happen. Sharing it with me will be very helpful.
  4. juzlee

    juzlee Affiliate affiliate

    congrats dude. keep posting your success so newbies and beginners will be motivated :) good post.
  5. goblog

    goblog Affiliate affiliate

    thanks mate, yes, i will
  6. Reddevil

    Reddevil Affiliate affiliate

    You say AGC...so doesn't that mean that there are chances your blog can get de-indexed by Google?
  7. goblog

    goblog Affiliate affiliate

    yes, sometime you get de index from google search, but, if you know about technique, you can survive the de-indexing.
    1_Silver_3 likes this.
  8. psymax

    psymax Affiliate affiliate

    Very motivational post dude , i hope your doing well these days .
  9. Bazrhy

    Bazrhy Affiliate affiliate

    Mantap earningnya agcnya. New agc update version 3.0, I'm hope make some earning from agc :D
  10. cod7

    cod7 Affiliate affiliate

    The generator list is very helpful, thanks bro!
  11. khosango

    khosango Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for share !

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