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How to increase more traffic to the website through social media?

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Samuel Roy, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Samuel Roy

    Samuel Roy Affiliate affiliate

    How to increase more traffic to the website through social media?
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  2. monetizer
  3. veronika smith

    veronika smith Affiliate affiliate

    social media is the one of the best way to drive more traffic to your site. To increase it you must post relevant and kind of content that are easily understood by the viewer with images or videos as these things attract viewer to read your post. Also include the short links. Share informative blog post. And important is using the hash tags. Use your hash tags wisely that related to your website and are trending that social media site.
  4. faye

    faye Affiliate affiliate

    Add people to your social media profiles. Talk with them. Build your profile reputation. Use best article to represent your project or business. Join Groups. Help people's. Share knowledge among people.
  5. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    This is a great question and it is also a necessary area for most businesses today. Keep in mind that there are many social platforms today and it is a daunting task to try and implement them all. So, the best thing to do is select the top three platforms that will benefit you most and learn to use them as an expert.

    Any one of the social platforms are not difficult to learn to use, but they require daily, weekly, and monthly attention. You need to add quality content to these platforms on a regular basis, as well as your site that you are delivering the traffic to.
  6. Samantha Todd

    Samantha Todd Affiliate affiliate

    Before investing resources in social media marketing you need to come up with a plan for content, because the key is give your audience reasons to engage with your brand and be invested in it, the best way to accomplish that is through putting out content on a regular basis. It is not easy but if you want to get more social media shares/likes, it is important to create content that is exciting and engaging.
  7. Friendback

    Friendback Affiliate affiliate

    Social media is today’s most transparent, engaging and interactive form of public relations. It combines the true grit of real time content with the beauty of authentic peer-to-peer communication.
  8. annarost

    annarost Affiliate affiliate

    Display Network ads are best to increase access to website
  9. designpluz

    designpluz Affiliate affiliate

    use best content to promote in social media
  10. Malik Panda

    Malik Panda Affiliate affiliate

    You need to create your Facebook page and increase your likes on this page. Update your page on regular basis to keep your fans engaged. Similarly Create Twitter and Instagram profiles and Increase follower and share your website with them.

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