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How to approach users in Facebook or MySpace group?

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by uniquejosh, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. uniquejosh

    uniquejosh Affiliate affiliate


    If you find that your target customers are in a very specific Facebook or MySpace, what is the best approach to promote your service/product to them? If you just join the group and post promotion message on their discussion board, that is quite annoying to them, right? Any better way to do the promotion to them?

    Many thanks

  2. monetizer
  3. zurk

    zurk Affiliate affiliate

    I usually introduce myself and make friends with some of the members, in that way they'll get to recognize your name and will read your post, but it's not a hundred percent guarantee. Most group members get annoyed when they find out you're just promoting your site. The ones that don't mind your posts is probably a group full of spammers :p
  4. Sportsgreen

    Sportsgreen Affiliate affiliate

    I think its best just to maintain a presence on there so if they are interested in what you are offering them then they will find you.

    The problem with these sites like myspace and facebook is the spammers have absolutely hammered them for the last couple of years basically ever since one or two success stories were published.
  5. Eagle41

    Eagle41 Affiliate affiliate

    'Pull marketing'. ;)
  6. shinzo159

    shinzo159 Affiliate affiliate

    Well, the first thing you should do is to introduce yourself. but its definitely not just introducing. You need to be very convincing as to have an image of being a good user or a good contact.
  7. LeilaDee

    LeilaDee Affiliate affiliate

    I think you should be as natural as one of them if you are going to try and disguise the fact that you are promoting your site :p, then again if you lay off doing that and make good contributions people will respect you a bit takes time. That being said there could a time after you have done that when you could steer a conversation or whatnot towards the goal of saying "oh, on that note, go to my site" type thing.

    I am way more inclined to just be natural though, you want people to respect your contributions, in turn respect you enough to WANT to do what you ask, or find out more about you by themselves - checking out your profile where your link is etc, that way the traffic you do get is the kind of traffic that will theory.
  8. djf0205

    djf0205 Affiliate affiliate

    On Facebook there used to be an application called Make New Friends which was pretty good at finding people all over the world. If you had advertising specific to countries this was a way of making new contacts, I used it a couple of times and found it quite successful !
  9. temi

    temi Facilitator affiliate

    I really have not got the hands of social media marketing, can it deliver good returns?

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