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how do you get adult banner ads

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by leehud, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. leehud

    leehud Affiliate affiliate

    Sorry if this is extra newbish .In all my research people say you get the ads from plugrush exoclick etc im a member of these but in seems like you are supposed to upload your own banner. So do i need to get a graphic designer or am i just being really stupid and missing the obvious.Thanks in advance
  2. monetizer
  3. cashmoneyaffiliate

    cashmoneyaffiliate Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    Yes you have to create your own, hire a graphic designer or you could swipe other peoples :)
  4. leehud

    leehud Affiliate affiliate

    thanks,ill get on that now
  5. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    Take a look at whats working for others and use that to make your banners.

    Visit the publisher sites have look that kind of ads being displayed.

    If you are targeting a different country use a proxy(elite or anonymous) to see the ads that being promoted there.

    Also, don't just copy other peoples banners. You wont be profitable doing that, those people already have data and even higher payouts.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2014
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  6. ljads_jerrold

    ljads_jerrold Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    1.) If you are running the ads through an affiliate network (like LJAds) then you could ask your affiliate manager for banners in the sizes you are looking for. They should be able to get you your banners fairly quickly.

    2.) you can spy on the ads either manually or with a tool like adultadspy and rip banners from other campaigns

    3.) create your own, either by using design services and paying for the banner to be made or... do it yourself using graphics programs like Photoshop, gimp...etc.
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  7. BrandonMA

    BrandonMA Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Another trick is to use google images. You can specify the image size (ad size) then use adult keywords to find banners.
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  8. mike_leadwrench

    mike_leadwrench Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    As others mentioned you can talk to your affiliate manager or view what is working with others. In my experience its best to test a bunch of ads that you see others using and then, after analyzing whatg works best for you, have some custom ads built for you on those specifications.

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