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Freshly Imported From Warrior...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MTVida, May 29, 2012.

  1. MTVida

    MTVida Affiliate affiliate

    Hey everyone,

    My name's Sheldon and I've been in IM for about 9 months, mostly in CPA. I'm from the state of Montana but I tend to hop around from place to place a lot, which is why this internet lifestyle is so friggin awesome!

    I glad I came upon CPA fix, and I think it's great that it specializes in CPA specifically. One thing I noticed through a few days of lurking is that people here seem to be fairly serious about CPA marketing. Some of you may be newbies and some may have years of experience, but there seems to be a real willingness to do what needs to be done to see success. I'd also like to add that the case studies are an excellent feature of this forum.

    I look forward to sharing some great knowledge with all of you :cool:
  2. monetizer
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    You've summed it up :) - we are all here for one reason - to help each other make money!
  4. Mark Raven

    Mark Raven Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome Sheldon! Be sure to get some posts going and share your experience's with CPA
  5. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Welcome aboard Sheldon. Great to see you here :)
  6. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    Welcome here mate.
    I am one of those newbies, Did you read my case study? Lol
  7. LukePeerFly

    LukePeerFly Super Moderator Super Mod moderator Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Welcome to the forum! :)
  8. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome! What I like in this forum is that while in the warrior F. the CPA section the threads about SEO, PPC, PPV, etc. are all in 1 and in this not so much, makes a huge difference. ;)
  9. Jay Wessman

    Jay Wessman Affiliate affiliate

    Hey MTVida! Welcome to the forums dude :)

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