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First CPA, now CPS earnings.

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by apalm, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. apalm

    apalm Affiliate affiliate

    First I tried CPA and results in small dollars(still trying for the big amounts) and also tried out CPS with clickbank, the results are not that good. Only small earnings to report.

    Promoted a clickbank product using PPC, after closely to a month only one sale that was in the beginning of the month, I will continue trying both CPA+CPS. Oh well small but improving earnings.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 31, 2015
  2. monetizer
  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    You are jumping around. You need to stay with one and conquer it. Pick one and stay with it until you master it!
    Neo, jonathan vodini and apalm like this.
  4. apalm

    apalm Affiliate affiliate

    Your right, I thought a could manage just 2 forms of marketing but it's actually too much. Overloaded with information and just too much. Back to the basic and will just focus on one till things grow! Thanks
    T J Tutor likes this.
  5. jonathan vodini

    jonathan vodini Affiliate affiliate

    I totally agree with u tjtutor! That's been my first biggest mistake since i started with IM
    T J Tutor likes this.

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