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Creating Killer Landing Pages To Promote CPA Offers

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by williamrs, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. williamrs

    williamrs Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Creating Killer Landing Pages To Promote CPA Offers

    This is the first guide I post here on the Dojo and for this reason I decided to talk about something that's very important for pretty much any type of campaign and that will help you get better results with our CPA ventures regardless of the niches or traffic sources that you use.

    Landing Pages

    Landing pages... many people do whatever they can to avoid using them and some even believe they are a waste of time, something that just makes the process of completing an offer even longer.

    Well, if you are in that group, I have bad news for you: you won't be successful online until you change the way you see landing pages and, most importantly, until you start using them properly.

    So, let's get started...

    Why To Use Landing Pages

    The best way to explain this is by giving you an example...

    Let's say that you want to sell your car. Then, you put up some ads on Craigslist and, eventually, I see one of them and click on it, because I believe it can be a good deal for me.

    After this I go visit you and have a look on the car. But, instead of telling me the good tings about the car and taking me to a test-drive, you just give me the papers to sign and ask me to transfer the money. No information, no details.

    Question: do you think I'll buy the car?

    No, I won't!

    The same happens to the end-user when you send them straight to the offer.

    Most offers have general pages that are designed to be suitable for any type of traffic and many different audiences. If you send your visitors directly to the offer's page, chances are that they won't find anything there that will convince them to fill out the form and perform the action.

    On the other hand, if you send them to a landing page first, you will have the chance to "talk" to them and give them good reason for completing offers. You know (at least you should know) your audience, you know who is on the other side, so you have to expose them to relevant benefits that will get them to complete your offer.

    That's why I use to say that the conversion occurs on the landing page.

    How to create efficient landing pages

    Landing pages are absolutely essential for the success of a campaign. However, it's not just about setting up a lander using any template and putting a link to the offer there. You have to create something that will be efficient and will increase your conversion rate.

    So, here are a few tips that can help you create good landing pages:

    RESEARCH - The first thing you have to do is to understand your audience. You have to know what they like, what they need, what they are looking for, etc... Based on these things you will come up with benefits that you will use to show them that the offer is relevant for them.

    HEADLINE - Use a short and strong headline, give them a good reason to stay on the page and read the rest of the content.

    BULLETS - Use bullets points instead of blocks of text and expose benefits, things that the offer can do for your visitors (and that are truly relevant for them).

    CALL-TO-ACTION - Use a strong call-to-action and put it above the fold so that you can get a better CTR.

    IMAGE - The image is very important, because the process of convincing them to complete the offer also depends a lot on the unconscious processes of their mind, and a good image can give them a different impression of the service.

    DESIGN - Use a simple design, it doesn't have to be fancy. If you can, use the same colors of the offer's page so that the users won't have an "impact" when they go to the other page and everything will flow naturally.

    Common mistakes you should avoid

    Besides doing things right, it's also important that you avoid doing this wrong... if it makes sense. :)

    Here are some common mistakes marketers make when creating landing pages:

    AMATEURISH PAGES - Your pages don't have to use fancy pages, they can be simple. However, they can't be too amateur. There must be an harmony between the elements and the page should look like if it was created by a 5 year old kid. This type of page look suspicious and people will be afraid to go ahead and complete the offer.

    LONG LOADING TIME - Make sure that your server isn't too slow. People don't have patience to wait for pages to load, so if it's happening with your landing ages, considering using a more powerful hosting plan.

    WRONG LANGUAGE / BAD TRANSLATION - This one may sound a bit obvious, but I see many people using landing pages in english for non-english speaking countries. Never do it. Always translate your pages and do it using human translating. I suggest, it's cheap and fast.

    That's it! I hope you like this quick guide and use it to make your landing pages more efficient.

    If you have any questions, just let me know!

    William Souza
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 29, 2014
  2. monetizer
  3. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Thanks for the guide, William! I am just starting to venture into lps other than the ones supplied, so this comes at the perfect time for me.

    By the way, I recognize you now by your profile picture, have seen you on WF. You share lots of great information!
  4. petrijarvinen

    petrijarvinen Affiliate affiliate

    Txs William... Needs to be read more then once :) BR PJ
  5. jims45

    jims45 Affiliate affiliate

    This "" was just what I needed!
    Thanks for the tip:)
  6. mkuteesa

    mkuteesa Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you William. I am trying to understand how to create effective landing pages and this article came in handy.
  7. TheDanmit

    TheDanmit Affiliate affiliate

  8. Carlos Genaro

    Carlos Genaro Affiliate affiliate

    Do you think I can use leadpages for this? Or better I made them with dreamweaver? I have both but don't know which I must use for cpa landing pages. Thanks
    loukait likes this.
  9. Hoogle

    Hoogle Affiliate affiliate

    Practical and helpful advice. BTW your latest course is excellent!
  10. Donald C. Obii

    Donald C. Obii Affiliate affiliate

    Hello William, your post was written two years ago, however its still gold today in 2016.

    Thanks mate!!
    K likes this.

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