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Comcast High Speed 45 per sale - Plus other Revenue Allies News

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Linda Buquet, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Revenue Allies has lots of exciting news for affiliates this month.

    (1) Revenue Allies now offers weekly commission payments via Paypal.

    (2) Revenue Allies now offers COMCAST High Speed Internet Service @ $45.00 per approved activation.

    We will be adding COMCAST Cable Television ($30.00 commission) and Phone ($30.00 commission) service shortly through our site As with all our programs we offer Phone and Web tracking.

    (3) Holiday Incentive Bonus for Affiliates (new and old)

    a. Current affiliates that show an increase in total sales volume in November or December compared to October will receive an additional bonus per approved sale:
    i. Above 10% = $5.00
    ii. Above 20% = $10.00
    iii. Above 30% = $15.00 (making it possible to earn up to $160.00 per sale!)
    b. New Affiliates that generate at least 10 approved sales in November or December will receive an additional $15.00 bonus per sale ? meaning a total commission of $135.00 per approved sale.

    (4) We're pleased to announce the addition of Philippa Chin-Sang to the Revenue Allies team! Prior to joining us, Philippa was the E-Commerce liaison for AutoNation, Inc., the largest automotive retailer in the U.S. Philippa's responsibilities included ensuring compliance of all online and offline promotions; developing marketing strategies and related marketing collateral while managing a portfolio of 1,200 domains and associated websites for over 270 AutoNation, Inc. dealerships. She is a valuable addition to the Revenue Allies team and will be instrumental in our continued growth.
  2. StephenR

    StephenR Affiliate affiliate

    Very nice, just signed up. Weekly commission payment via PayPal is a major plus. =)

    GSANTORE Affiliate affiliate

    Additional Bonus Opportunity

    In addition to the incentive bonus, we're also adding the following earning opportunity for all affiliates from now through January 31st, 2007 on DISH sales:

    *NEW* Affiliates
    over 10 approved sales/month: $150.00 per sale
    over 50 approved sales/month: $175.00 per sale

    *CURRENT* Affiliates
    >> Under 50 sales, $25 extra for every sale over November numbers
    >> Over 50 sales, $50 extra for every sale over November numbers
  4. Lovely66

    Lovely66 Affiliate affiliate

    Another great way for affiliates to make money...keep them coming :)

    GSANTORE Affiliate affiliate

    Full Monty: COMCAST Internet, Phone & Video Service

    We're live with all of COMCAST'S services through our site, ... COMCAST Internet, Phone & Video service is now available through Revenue Allies.

    Commission is as follows:

    Internet Service: $45.00
    Phone Service: $30.00
    Video Service: $30.00

    Just released a new landing page design and will be adding banners and flyers later this week.
  6. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Gregory has been busy! Good work!
    Hope lots of affiliates jump on board!

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