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Anyone believe 95% of the trader on forex FAIL?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by game333, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    I'm kinda curious why this statement exist, it kinda tells that only 5% of the trader in this world success.
    And the MAJORITY, means US, failed! on investing.

    Do you agree? Any thought?
  2. hnm

    hnm Affiliate affiliate

    Try it for a month and then you will have some irrefutable proof.
    samthewildone likes this.
  3. Leo

    Leo Affiliate affiliate

    85% of Traders fails, 15% of Traders are earning well. 5% of 15% are earning tons of money. I think that the key of success is: study, study and learn from people who have a lot of experience!
  4. tech12psk

    tech12psk Affiliate affiliate

    Slow and Steady is the key to success , don't greed Always stick to your plan. first learn the Fundamental things that makes huge movement in the market ............ and i believe patience is the key to success

    I personally lost over $2000+ .. and i learned many things ...
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2014
  5. rockstaremperor

    rockstaremperor Affiliate affiliate

    Ya almost 90% fail in forex. If you are an individual trader, it's very difficult that's why I believe remaining 10% that succeed are mostly companies with huge investment.
  6. EndlessROI

    EndlessROI Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I know forex as good as CPA. 80% of them fail - make a huge minus in a long run, when 20% of people keep profiting. It's the game of strategies, patience, skill. I only know a few strategies, because I use to follow news and it's the best way to keep it in profit. Penny stocks are good too. (non forex)
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  7. Segun.dr

    Segun.dr Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I can't put a figure to number of people who fails on forex because many people who starts out on forex eventually fails. The only reason why mnay people fail is because they set out with the wrong mindset. They set out with the mindset of earning from forex instead of being a good trader. Being a good trader, you will eventually make money. But you can't make money without been a good trader, good trader has a lot of composites feature like not been greedy amongst others. I wish you the very best of your adventure. Thanks
  8. samthewildone

    samthewildone Affiliate affiliate


    I've been trading in the markets since 2008 when I was a senior in highschool.
    One thing I can tell you is, do your own thing. There are so many methods out
    there that people follow or subscribe to and yet yields no results. I highly recommend
    you DO NOT use paper trading as it creates a bias for you and you do not get the real results.

    I don't know about that statistic but, I do know small gains equates to larger gains in the future.
    A lot of people who fail are simply trying to go to 100% to 1000% without even considering the
    starting point. Another thing, ROBOTS do NOT work and are based off of past history.

    Read and learn but, never fantasize.
  9. mootonandy

    mootonandy Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, because its extremely difficult, for a number of reasons, especially day trading.
  10. kashish4u

    kashish4u Affiliate affiliate

    i failed :) idk why maybe i tried all my money in beginning to earn much and more in single day !

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