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AdWords API

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by vit, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. vit

    vit Affiliate affiliate

    Does anybody have experience with AdWords API? I need to ask some questions. One of them is if it is possible to get an estimated keyword price.
  2. benacheson

    benacheson Affiliate affiliate

    Adwords prices

    You can easily set your maximum monthly budget, so don't worry about spiralling costs.

    Adwords will suggest when it looks like you need to increase your bid for a keyword. You also get a quality score indicating how relevant your page is. The less relevant, the more it will cost you to rank for that keyword.

    The most certain way is to test the keyword. Enter a low bid and then gradually increase it until you are at number 1.
  3. sherlin cameron

    sherlin cameron Affiliate affiliate

    as far as i know it is one of the way to increase the traffic for one's site but in turn we need to pay some amount to google
  4. iresh

    iresh Affiliate affiliate

    If you want to control the pay amount , why you just set the max amount for your maximum allowable price , i think it works

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