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A 6 Day trial run of High Paying Offer

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by shreedharcva, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    Guys here back again, with another feast for you guys.

    What I DO ?

    I take a highly paying exclusive offer from my network, create a tracking in the tracker, upload the network given creatives onto my traffic source, and start campaign.

    How do I Pick an Offer ?
    I have already mentioned this so many times.

    Again to mention :

    1. The game/app must not be saturated
    2. It should be low epc in the network
    3. It should be having high payout.
    4. Do you analysis on Appannie for ratings.

    Which traffic I choose ?

    StartApp, AvazuDSP , Cappturre(DSP), Merchenta (DSP) --
    See that most are on DSP (CPM).

    How much I invest on each campaign ?

    Not less than $500 per campaign.

    Ok Now coming to the offer I'm choosing on my Affnet, its a high paying offer as usual, and not saturated.

    I started this campaign on StartApp with settings of $100 Max per day, and here are the results.

  2. monetizer
  3. jososcar

    jososcar Affiliate affiliate

    StartApp ecpc ? vs compare to the dsp ecpc? any conclusion?
  4. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome to the world of uncertainities!!

    StartApp ecpc varies for geo's, and its better if you are running app campaigns.
    Note: You can run wap offers on startapp also (provided that you have banner creatives to setup).

    DSP's are best when it comes to getting access to wide inventory of traffic from multiple adnetworks and exchanges. DSP's always run on cpm (so no cpc). but the click costs will even go down to $0.001 with optimized campaigns.

    Beware : Do not listen to somebody's words, spend on the DSP, use wisdom and optimize a campaign and then see the results.
  5. yafee

    yafee Affiliate affiliate

    Avazu ask a huge initial deposit, $5000! So scary for a newbie.
  6. magician

    magician Affiliate affiliate

    I'm looking forward to this!

    What are you classing as a high paying offer? $5? $10? $20?

    How many creatives are you running?
  7. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    LOL show me any App Install having more than $10.
    Its all less than that only.

    And Avazu I got a good offer to deposit just $500 through STM.
  8. gci1987

    gci1987 Affiliate affiliate

    If you are a member of a chinese aff forum then the minimum is 500 to get started.Also if you can be one of Avazu's members you can also start with 500

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