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5 Best Tips For Email Marketing 2016

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Make Money Online, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Make Money Online

    Make Money Online Affiliate affiliate

    You know what, there is always money on the list. Forget everything other people are telling you so much negative gossip on email marketing. So if you are a newbie here are some vital info about email marketing.

    1. Subject line.
    Create a subject line which tells honest review in the body text. Yes, some ordinary vital subject line e.g: "Alert: Your Account is waiting for activation." will increase the open rates as well as it'll increase the spam rates. So make your subject line clear and be honest.

    2. Don't promote crap products.
    First thing remembers you have collected your leads by using your time and money. So this don't spoil it to promote some crap products. Think on the user end to choose the right product. Do you really buy those product/service for yourself? If not, then don't promote anything like that.

    3. Relation
    Keep a good relation with your subscribers. Often asked their problems or even share your problem too. Make community. Try to make a facebook group/ skype group. This will definitely work for long time business.

    4. Branding / Webinar

    Rather than sending your traffic directly sales page you should drive your visitors to your blog page to show 'em your brand, your online recognization. Ask them to join your live broadcasting. This will make authentication.

    5. Test, 1.1 test.....nTest

    Test your email as much as you can. But don't test it spamming way. Find out which emails have more CTR then find out why they have much CTR then others. By this way, you can pick up the win emails.

    If you have any question regarding email marketing in make money niche, feel free to ask here. Good luck.
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  2. roydehart

    roydehart Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing !!
  3. Akintunde Felix

    Akintunde Felix Affiliate affiliate

    Brilliant share...

    I also feel this should also be included..

    Never exaggerate a product to your list, it can get them pissed off

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