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    Welcome Home!

    I use the term "welcome home" a lot in the relaunch, this is simply because i have been astonished and overwhelmed with the emails, messages, phone calls and all other forms of contact. SO many people have been in touch to tell me how much they miss the site and can't wait to have it back. This site truly has come a long way from a small idea to a massive project and platform. The way everyone refers to this site already seems like we have made so many friends and i consider you all family, so let me thank you all for your patience, promise you i will do my all for you and this project and welcome you all home to CPAFix.

    What's New?

    To list every single update and feature would take me hours as we have literally stripped the core of the site back to the bare bones, and updated every single aspect of the site.I want to start of with the things that aren't so obvious to everyone, it may look blatant to whats new but there's so much more been done than to what meets the eye, these are the key factors to why i wanted to relaunch and expand.

    We have completely stripped the whole platform and re programmed and developed every aspect of it, updating to the latest software and getting rid of any old modifications, bugs and rubbish. The forum is now running on the latest suite and is fully interrogated with all the latest modifications.

    Stripping all the rubbish and recoding enabled us to increase the load time and speed by more than double, you should now experience a much smoother and quicker browsing experience.

    My goal of the relaunch was to enable this site to be so much more than a forum, i wanted to give the site the correct tools in which to grow into a platform rather than a forum. Thus fore with the implements of many features we can now grow into so much more!

    I wanted to give the site a complete new up to date and modern look, feel and design. I felt the old look was great but very patchy, our designers have worked miracles creating this clean, sleek and timeless design creating an all round better experience.

    Among these points above there are some VERY exciting and obvious updates, this blog in itself is getting my heart racing, I'm so excited to be able to use this as my main form of communicating along side being active in the forums and elsewhere. We have also redesigned and programmed every feature on the site leaving no stone unturned from the Network Rankings list to the small intricate user ranking images. Like i said above it would be silly to list every update but why not take a look at some of the key aspects,

    This is simply the beginning of our plans to take over the affiliate world and create the biggest and best resource online for every affiliate out there. Lets take a quick look at the exciting new, unique and original tools exclusively for CPAFix.


    These tools were made for you exclusively by are team, i asked for you ideas and acted on them, they are currently in beta mode and i would like you to test them over the next week before we interrogate them into the new platform. I have never been so excited about anything in my life, they are truly genius and i can invasion them helping 1000's of people over the coming years. This is not the end either we will add more tools as we grow!

    Landing Page Generator
    This is a one of a kind tool that allows you to pick from our amazing highly optimised landing page templates and completely personalise and customise them. Not only can you change colours, images and layouts but you can also edit the "source" to get the exact finish you need. Once happy with your unique and high quality landing page you can extract the code and simply place it on your host, and your ready to go! Landing pages can cost into their high thousands and this is your chance to get them free.

    Banner Generator
    Another incredible unique and original tool made for CPAFix, the banner generator allows you to pick from various default banner sizes and create stunning, eye catching media banners. Whether these are used for your affiliate campaigns or for personal websites this is an incredible substitute for photoshop or any other "paid" graphics program! Highly customisable and 100|% free.

    Google Exact Results Tool
    Possibly our most unique and profound tool, the google exact result tool does exactly that! It for the first time ever pulls the EXACT google results shown for a search query! A groundbreaking resource that eases the nightmare of keyword research and seriously highlights the competition. This tool will change your SEO lives and promises to be a big hit.

    Link Cloaker
    This nifty little tool will take your long tail affiliate links and spit back out a short, sweet and crisp alternative. This not only masks your referral but also gives you an alternative to buying multiple domains per offer, saving publisher thousands of pounds in the future.

    I will be breaking down the tools and giving video and audio instructions on how to get the best results after beta testing and on site interrogation takes place.


    I have created a thread for feedback and reports, kindly if you notice any bugs, fixes, improvements etc report them all here.

    Last Thoughts.

    Id like to personally thank my WHOLE team (this includes you) for all the support, hard work and determination through the whole relaunch. I had a vision in my head for ages and its amazing how i can now share it with 1000's of people who visit this site everyday. You guys have seriously changed my life and id like to think I've touched on your also. Id like to stress the point this is only the beginning and i have so much planned for CPAFix and its bright future, if your not involved now your simply missing out. Thanks again for you patience and enjoy!