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  1. profitkingsmediacover.jpg
    Send me Something | Profit Kings Media + Profit Kings Media Review.

    Profit Kings Media is a network set up by owner and founder, Yousif Yalda. The network was established in 2009, in Chicago. Yousif Yalda is one of the very few network owners who chooses to remain behind the scenes and likes to stay away from all the social hype. He does hover attend most affiliate conferences and is always on the other side of the phone if needed.

    PKM is a very competitive internet advertising agency boasting a wide range of offers and some great rewards to encourage affiliates. So when Yousif hit me up on Skype and said he was sending me a package i was very excited.

    I was so touched by the generosity that i couldn't wait to do my "Profit kings media review"
    lets take a look at what he sent.


    I wasn't aware of what Yousif had sent me as i like to keep the element of surprise alive, i always encourage networks or companies to be original and send something a little different, so when i opened the package on a wet and windy Monday morning it definitely brightened up my day.

    Inside the package was a big box with some crazy cool Sennheister surround sound wireless headphones. Although i would never dream of buying something like this, its something I'm now definitely happy i now have thanks to the PKM team. They will do a great job when i load up the playstation and play COD or FIFA with real crisp, surround sound quality blasting into my eardrums, and the best bit is the Mrs can't hear a thing :)!

    A few days later another package arrived and inside i was shocked to see a brand new, Ralph Lauren robe. This is something i have been wanting for awhile and i now have one thanks to the team at PKM!
    Result! Thanks Yousif!



    The PKM design is very simple, and i think that reflects what they are trying to achieve within their network! Something attractive, simple but most importantly is user friendly and works! Logging into the dashboard is no different, its very attractive, simple and easy to navigate! There isn't any fancy reporting widgets or crazy stat counters but that isn't a bad thing, quite simply put they have everything you need laid out on a plate! Oh and speaking of laid the sexy chick on the toolbar is always a pleasure to look at!


    PKM currently gives you a choice of around 600 offers, ranging from all niches. Although this isn't a massive selection i think this is a more manageable amount, meaning they can make sure the selected are highly performing and with competitive pay outs. As far as i can see the payouts seem as good if not better to most networks and id be interested to call them up on their "we will beat any payout" slogan! I have heard great things about Profit Kings Media's dating offers and having a quick search i wasn't disappointed. My one criticism and i don't know why networks don't capitalise on this, is the lack of creatives, sure most of us create our own but if i had a network id employ a full time designer to deploy some amazing creatives for each offer. It's a massive unique selling point!

    Clicking on the tools tab i am faced with a big list of resources which always help, as far as i can see the resources are very relevant and well recommend by Yousif (although theres one missing) COUGH! The tool section however seems very sparse only offering a tool that calculates your stats on your android or mobile device (always useful). I wouldn't say this was a big tool section more of a resource and go to section but nether the less its a helpful link on the dashboard.


    I signed up with PKM around 6months ago as i was looking for some exclusive dating offers, and the second id hit submit i had one of their excellent representatives Jeff on the line! He was very persistent and over the next month or so really encouraged me to promote with them and offered me help if and when it was needed. He is also regally available on Skype aswell as Yousif himself and a few other team members. I have nothing but good things to say about the support at Profit Kings Media.


    I haven't yet received a payment from PKM as i am yet (this is about to change) to push any traffic to them, however i have a lot of industry friends who use them regularly and take advantage of their weekly payouts! I also want to mention a couple of guys on the blog circuit who have ran traffic with them and taken full advantage of their rewards system which is a quality concept.

    Riley Pool Free Mac Book
    Rohail Rivzi Free iPad


    Overall PKM seems like a great network with some great rewards and loyalty for the high earners. Yousif has been a great guy to chat to and is very business minded. I love his approach to business and we are already striking up more deals for the future. I would recommend you to run some dating traffic via PKM and see what you get in return! This is a network not to be ignored. Thank you very much for the great gift!
  2. iframeaffiliateoffer.jpg
    How to iFrame A CPA Offer.

    In this short guide I'm going to give you a simple piece of code i use on a lot of my campaigns that enables you to iFrame your CPA or Affiliate offers within your own domains.

    If you've ever wondered how to iframe a cpa offer for free without CPAGod then this is your solution! I will walk you through exactly how you can easily iframe an affiliate offer.

    Anyone can simply copy this code and make a few easy edits to achieve this simple but highly effective way of iFraming any offer you may wish.


    Although iFraming is in no way shape or form a substitute for creating a landing page, it can give very quick and decent results when implemented. What it does is allows you to put the CPA offer on your domain within any directory you wish.

    This is a bonus for many reasons, first and foremost you are able to edit SEO tags, so not only can you have the offer on your domain but you can change the title etc, and even optimise it for SEO purposes, especially if you have a highly targeted domain.

    Secondly you don't have to place the offer on the root folder, therefore giving you great freedom to be creative with your campaigns, for example i often create "Vote and Win" landing pages on my root directory and then iFrame the offer on another page, for example,

    The user votes between 2 options for a chance to win an iPad, when an option is clicked they are redirected to,

    The iFramed iPad offer on the directory /WINNER with title tags saying they have won!

    This gives the user a false sense of hope that they have won the chance to get the iPad, they then fill in their email address on a first page submit and BANG the pixel fires and we bank.


    It is highly important to check with your affiliate manager on whichever network you are publishing the offer from that the advertiser has authorised permission to iFrame the offer! Sometimes advertisers will not give permission and therefore if you are found to be iFraming their offer without consent your earnings may be refunded to the advertiser. Just be careful and always check before you test.

    How to.

    Open up a text or code editor like komodo, or simply use notepad.

    Copy and paste the code below into the editor,

        <title>[B][COLOR=#ff0000]OFFER TITLE HERE[/COLOR][/B]</title>
        <meta name="keywords" content="[COLOR=#ff0000][B]OFFER, KEYWORDS, HERE[/B][/COLOR]" />
        <meta name="description" content="[COLOR=#ff0000][B]OFFER DESCRIPTION HERE[/B][/COLOR]" />
        * {
            margin: 0;
            padding: 0;
        body {
            margin: 0;
            padding: 0;
        <iframe src="[B][COLOR=#ff0000]http://OFFERURLHERE[/COLOR][/B]" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">
            <p>Click <a href="[B][COLOR=#ff0000]http://OFFERURLHERE[/COLOR][/B]">here</a>! (Your browser does not support iframes)</p>
    Edit everything in RED, placing your offer URL and SEO tags where necessary.

    Save with your desired name followed by .HTML

    Upload to your root folder using an FTP manager.


    Like everything in affiliate marketing, it is very important to test! Try multiple extension names, or placing it on the root domain etc.

    Test with different landing pages, SEO tags, titles and record your results.

    This will definitely improve your conversations if you are not yet doing so.
  3. ryaneagle.jpg
    Interview with Ryan Eagle + Eagle Web Assets.

    I'm very pleased and excited to bring you an exclusive interview with my man and industry icon Ryan Eagle of "Eagle Web Assets". If you are one of the very few who have been asleep under a rock the past few years you may not know who Ryan Eagle is and what he does. He is best known for owning two of the most successful affiliate networks, Eagle Web Assets and BLAM Ads.

    So I'd like to start by asking you to give us a brief about yourself and your empire.

    Well, if you haven't heard about me you are either new to the industry or completely broke. I've been in the game since 2004. I started affiliate marketing in 2005, and if you read any of the other interviews about me you probably know my entire story. I live for business and I love creation. My mind is constantly moving 100 miles an hour; picking up new business ideas and ways to quickly implement them. I am the owner of Eagle Web Assets which is the holding company for several entities including the better-known EWA Network and BLAM Ads. My companies have risen to become the most successful in their own right because we work harder and think smarter than any competitor in the industry. We thrive in competitive markets because we bring true innovation to the table, learning from our competitors' weaknesses. We built an all around better solution for our clients. I still work just as hard as I ever have because I always have the superstition that somebody will try to “come up on me.” The only person that has comes close is my business partner. I am the absolute best at what I do and I love to remind people of that. Some people find me intimidating, some cocky, but most people love me – but at the end of the day I'm here to make people rich.

    First and foremost I'd like to say how pleased I am to see you recovering from your lung issue and I speak on behalf of the whole of CPAFix when I say we wish you a speedy and full recovery, can you tell us what you went through and how are you bearing up now?

    We were talking a couple nights ago about how the whole thing was public, what can I say–I'm even a marketer when I'm laying in a hospital bed! To be honest with you, I think the entire incident was caused by stress and surprisingly I let it get to me. Usually I do well under stress but every couple weeks I have that day in which I am just completely overburdened. This happened at the end of a two-month traveling tour right after the adult conference XBIZ. The evening proceeding the collapse I was meeting with both affiliates and merchants, plotting over expensive dinners and glasses of Pellegrino. The rigorous schedule had me overtired, I was staying up for 5 in the morning and waking up at 9. The night before this happened I was at a dinner followed by a meeting that ended at 3 AM. I had to wake up at 730 in the morning to meet with investment bankers in Palm Beach, and to say the least, I am not a morning person. I made it to the appointment on time surprisingly, and then proceeded directly to the conference. At the conference, my phone rang I was alerted of an emergency situation that needed my attention immediately. Within 5 minutes. of arriving at the conference I had to head back to the hotel room, and there my chest buckled. Believe it or not, I kept going and continued that day awaking to a new day. I was progressively getting worse and my girlfriend arrived for a weekend trip that I had planned. My chest felt heavier still. She immediately knew what was going on and forced me to the hospital again. I had been trying to convince myself it was simply a cough that I caught from traveling. Next thing you know, I'm getting surgery and I'm in the hospital bed. It's been a couple weeks since the surgeries but I am still in quite a bit of pain; however, I'm confident it will soon pass.

    If it wasn't your lung, relaunching RyanEagle.com, completion of BLAM4 Technology, and so much more this really has been a busy year for EWA and yourself. Can you enlighten us on some of the points above and expand on the main points of each?

    Like every year, I keep myself very busy. I remember when I first organized my core companies in a way that I could have time off and had that day for only a couple hours work to be done I absolutely lost my mind. For whatever reason I need to be involved with either starting, running, or building new businesses all the time. In early 2011 our company refocused on building up our core assets and reorganizing our companies in a way to improve efficiency. Since then, I've been spending most my time organizing and viewing every single aspect of my businesses to improve them. I was told once that it's better to own a hotel and 3 slum houses on the same property and that's what I've been focused on primarily. Our company has grown in size drastically nearing 175 employees across all my companies (excluding outsourced teams), and with that number we had undergone a huge number of reorganizations. Some divisions within my company got completely outsourced offices that we opened in Bangladesh, Philippines, and India. We took the talent within certain divisions of which are now overseas and replaced them with divisions that require US-based employees. Improving the infrastructure and operations within existing companies can help drastically increase the profit that I make.

    At Blam Ads, we finally completed Blam 4 Technology. This project was almost two years in development and got released last November. I decided to do it the hard way and just throw my affiliates into a program and asked for their advice. We released hundred of updates and hundreds of features all requested by our members. The new technology allowed us to increase our EPCs by upwards of 200% and we were able to accept 20,000 publishers into our network after leaving them waiting. As soon as we did this, our competition began to react in complete despair and that alone has been fun to watch. The only thing left that we plan for our publishers is a fully updated UI that will make it easier to navigate and set up content gateways. From there is the 5 technology, but you will have to wait for that!

    In regards to my website, it was long overdue. The old design was created in 2004 and hasn't been updated since so I figured for a fun side project I would develop something that was a little bit more unique from anything that's been out there. Being a marketer I have to market myself first and if I can successfully market myself, I can successfully market anything. People love following me because ever since I made my splash onto the Internet scene I have kept it real and have never been that same consistent asshole. Apart from my business assets, I also just like to share who I really am. A lot of people get different misconceptions about me but at the end of the day I'm just a normal person with too much money that likes to stunt on pussies and talk a lot of shit.

    The thing I personally admire about yourself more than anyone in the industry is how you have cleverly branded yourself as much as your company, whilst some others choose to sit in the shadows why did you decide to be such an transparent front man?

    Honestly, most of what I did was not planned. I just did myself, and I am a flashy, cocky, arrogant marketer that loves wearing multicolored suits with matching alligator shoes. Nobody does that; people even ask me “Are you real?”, in real life. So the person that you see online is essentially the same person that you see in person. That's primarily why the critics from before are not close friends of mine now, because the same person they criticized for being me, realized that it actually is me. People like having fun while making money, and I showed affiliates that there didn't need to be a faceless brand behind getting rich.

    So that's one side of things, on the other side we know of your partner Harrison Gevirtz at EWA but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say you don't hear much from him, what exactly is his role within your company and how did you become partners?

    Harrison is my equal business partner but a lot more conservative, and that's probably for the better.
    Harrison and I met years and years ago when he was just 13 years old and I wasn't even legal to smoke cigarettes. Throughout the years we kept bouncing into each other in different industries and quickly formed a strong friendship. Harrison was an extremely successful affiliate with more connections with merchants than I could ever imagine, and I was quickly becoming one of the most well-known (or infamous) affiliate marketers in the game. We both shared the same dream of starting a network and we decided to ride my public image and use his deep merchant connection to start EWA Network. Harrison now oversees the entire business development division consisting of twelve account executives and several other employees, our in-house collections which will soon be released for public use in a separate company, some of our internal media buying, and mediates negotiations for some media reselling that we do. He is one of the best negotiators and can be even more ruthless than I can be. I'd expect over the next couple months that you'll be hearing a lot more from him, to say the least. Additionally, he just launched our newest company Gevirtz Receivables.

    I also see that family is everything to you, personally employing your mother, father and brother within the company. Do you argue like any other family or is it all peaceful in paradise?

    Being able to work next my family has been one of the biggest blessings my company has given me. From the beginning of my entire Internet business long before I started EWA my family was involved. My brother was the programmer who helped me develop the coding that powered my websites. My father helped as a liaison to the lawyers and accountants to handle my money. When my affiliate marketing became big enough to require full-time financial help, my father was hired aboard. Overall, I can honestly say that most things between my family is pretty peaceful and we are in a really great period of our lives; although that doesn't mean that we don't have our moments! I Work across from my father every single day so he sometimes has to deal with the verbal outbursts that I can have from time to time, that he truly sets a great example of being able to calm me down and not take it personally. I can only note a couple instances where the fight involved more than just me getting upset, and that in itself is a blessing. Additionally, I get to work with my mother where she gets to fill her role in protecting me once again (lol). She handles and manages our compliance department, and to say the least – she is very diligent and has helped my companies form a flawless reputation.

    We all see the watches, cars, suits and such but no one really understands the pressure you must be under having all this internet fame and wealth. I'm sure people have heard you are now 100% sober but what really happened with the drink and drugs and how hard did it hit you, honestly?

    People assume because I'm wealthy everything is okay, and that life is just dandy. Don't mistake me for being ungrateful, but I'm just like everybody else. I go through my stresses, my highs, my lows, and all the emotions that everybody else goes through. Even though I made myself wealthy and successful I still share some of the same struggles that other people do. Everything in life is a double-edged sword, because of my success I'm under more scrutiny than anybody else. I'm sure even on this interview you'll get a visit from some of my haters in the comments below, and even though it does nothing but motivate me–there is a part of me that hates that aspect of getting success. Additionally, the livelihood of 175 employees sits on my shoulders and I have to deal with that every day. I love knowing that people can live a successful life because they work for me but it also allows me to redouble my efforts to ensure that they can continue doing so.

    Sobriety is a huge part of my life, as many know but not many people know how much time I invest in keeping sober. Staying away from the drink or drugs is the absolute most important thing in my life. Absolutely everybody I know, everything I own, and everything that I work for lies completely upon me maintaining my sobriety today. I don't like to go into the long drunk story of Ryan Eagle, but from the minute that I touched drinking and drugs I absolutely loved it and wanted to it every single day. I used the first time when I was 14 and by the age of 20 I was completely addicted to drugs; spending upwards of $1000 a day maintain my habits. It started out fun and became my worst enemy, it became something that I could not live without and couldn't live with. I used because I loved the feeling, and rationalized it for thousands of reasons. I got sober a couple months before I could legally take a drink. I am closely approaching my 4 years completely clean and sober. I feel like I was given a second chance, and I'm confident that there are none after this so I never take life for granted. I'm completely grateful for everything that I have.

    Talk to me about all these branch outs and foreign sister companies of EWA, why did you think this was necessary and why couldn't it be done under one roof?

    We have scaled EWA Network into several new countries and we just recently began to launch them one by one. This is one of the most exciting projects for me personally because it allows me to meet new people and step out of my comfort zone completely. I have already conquered the English-speaking demographics like United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. I made it look too easy, and to be quite blunt I was getting bored of taking everybody's business. I wanted to build businesses in areas that previously have access to high-quality networks that the English-speaking countries are used to. It has been super exciting for me to meet all the new affiliates, employees, and partners throughout the world. This project is something that will be ongoing throughout the year, it's fun to be several steps ahead of the competition. I am confident that this will be yet another good move for our business, especially considering we are to have such a large focus on international offers.

    You've reached out to me before and always supported what we're doing at CPAFix so for that I am very grateful, and when you reached out to do this interview it reminded me how far CPAFix has come, but what if any other industry resources could you actually say you recommend and maybe one or two words about what we're doing?

    CPAFix, CPAFix, CPAFix and CPAFix. I only suggest the best.
    Thank you.
  4. deals.png
    Special | 7Search Promo Code + 7Search Review + 7Search PPC.

    Ok so this is the first of many "special" offers i am acquiring and working hard for you guys on CPAFix. I decided to collaborate with "7Search", to get you guys the best 7Search Promo Code online to date. After using 7Search.com for over a year now i can highly recommend 7Search PPC. Although the traffic isn't as great as higher tier PPC platforms, it is still very possible using the 7Search keyword tool to gain and build positive campaigns with ridiculously cheap clicks. It is a great place to learn the fundamentals of PPC and with this 7Search Coupon you can see why my "7Search review" is so positive.

    This 7Search promo offer is by far the best one available online as it gives you the maximum in free credit returns. Meaning if you deposit the $100 you are going to get a massive $50 absolutely FREE from them. There really isn't another 7Search coupon code better than this one so get it whilst it lasts!

    What is 7Search?

    7Search.com is a Pay Per Click search engine which has been around since 1998. They are the oldest and largest privately owned engine around. Their advertisers are bidding on keywords that are relevant to their sites. The bidding structure for keywords is very easy to use. You will bid for keywords that you would like to have in your campaign and you will change the bids to be positioned where you want to be. They are a transparent bid auction so you can see just how much other advertisers are bidding. They have a tracking conversion code which you can place onto your thank you pages.

    7Search.com receives on average 2.5 to 4 billion searches per month with more than 1.5 million searched terms. They are one of the leading pay-per-ranking search engines on the entire web. They are partnered with a network of over 39,000 Advertisers as well as 35% of the search engines that are currently active today.

    About the offer

    This is by far the best 7Search coupon available, you simply click here and sign up via this link and deposit $100 or more and you receive $50 FREE!

    Quite simply put if you deposit $100 you get a MASSIVE 50% FREE - No other coupon will offer you 50%

    We personally asked for $100 minimum deposit, purely because if you are new to CPA marketing and are serious about learning and making money online then you will need to play around and test with at least $100 before you get the hang of things. So this way you get an additional $50 just for the hell of it!

    Keywords and clicks are VERY cheap on 7Search so you can easily get clicks for as little as $0.01 - $0.05, meaning we are literally giving you THOUSANDS of free clicks in advertising!

    Offer Details

    Promotion is good for new advertiser accounts only. Initial deposit must be $100 or more in order to receive the $50 credit. Offer may not be combined with any other offers or discounts, separated, redeemed for cash, transferred, sold, or bartered. One time use only.

    Case Studies

    If you are new to PPC or 7Search be sure to start a case study by clicking here. Try to explain exactly what your methods are, so we can all try and help you reach that positive ROI as soon as possible! Good luck and take full advantage of this offer today!

    You can also view some great tips and 7Search case studies here!

    Also be on the look out for a 7Search Case Study by myself on the CPAFix Blog within the next few weeks.

  5. inspirationalmusic.jpg
    Affiliate Marketers Inspirational Music | Part 1

    So, I've been wanting to do this for ages because i'm sure i'm not alone when i say music has a MASSIVE influence on my life, mood and drive. It's amazing how much a single song or some amazing lyrics can trigger me from a bad and lethargic mood to a power driven work horse. I personally struggle to work with music on but when I'm looking for a boost and inspiration to work music and running are my drugs.

    I want to make a massive collection of inspirational and motivational songs that we can all refer to and get a boost from. These first 10 songs are probably a little biased towards my own taste but i hope you find some gems that you haven't heard before below that may inspire you to do great things. Like i said above whenever I'm having an off day (even i get them don't worry) i love to put these following songs on full blast and get into the zone!

    Eminem | Lose Yourself

    This song is timeless, whenever i listen i think of the film and how he has nothing but through determination and not giving up through everything that is thrown at him, he finally snaps back and makes it.

    Kanye West | Power

    Possibly my favourite on this list, this song is crazy and has one of the nicest intro's ever. It helps that the song was used for the film social network but whenever i put this on i turn the intro up full blast and get pretty hyped, i love visualising my competition weather it's another affiliate marketing site or someone running a similar campaign - this song is incredible.

    Kanye West | Stronger

    Another from Kanye, but the cockiness of this song is why it made it in my first list. Putting this on when a campaign fails or isn't doing well should give you the drive to not accept defeat at the first hurdle, its saying whatever you do even if you fail it will make you stronger.

    All Tiny Creatures | Glass Bubbles

    When Vito Glazers (CPATank CEO) hit me up about a year ago showing me this stop motion film he had been asked to feature in i was a little weary, but let me tell you this - this song and video has been played over 1000 times by me alone and I'm not joking. I fell in love with the video and song as soon as Vito showed me and its got an even more personal touch knowing the video is based around one of my peers. This song is perfect for when i want a lift and get my ass into work mode without fail!

    Fort Minor | Remember The Name

    Doesn't that opening bar just make you want to smash it? If it doesn't then you probably haven't got the drive you need to achieve within the industry. This song is simply about the struggle to success which i believe is very relevant to the affiliate marketing industry. Great song and great album.

    Alex Clair | Too Close

    Sound like something you'd say to an old campaign you've squeezed the money out of? Ok maybe I'm getting silly but this song is no doubt ridiculously cool! I hate the fact that most people associate it with a shity web browser but the whole concept of this and the video is a winner. This is definitely one to put on full blast first thing in the morning to get you ready for a days work.

    Little Brother | Dreams

    Little Brother are probably my favourite group of all time, if you haven't heard of them listen above and go and get their first two albums. They are amazing and i was lucky enough to see them live in London a few years ago and it was one of the best nights ever. This song is so inspirational, pretty much saying get money anyway possible! If you're a blackhat publisher then this ones for you guys! Dedicated to everyone at Internet Hustlers Society! "EH!"

    Royce Da 5'9 | Shake This

    Royce is a sick rapper, one that i loved years before he blew up. This song is a great lift, basically saying you have to get rid of anything tying you down and holding you back and get on that grind. Chuck those WSO's out of the window and get testing. Failure is your key to success!

    Drake | Successul

    Drake is probably one of my favourite modern day lyricist, although he's gone commercial now he has some sick bars! This song was dropped on his first mix tape and is great track. Ever need any inspiration on why you still want to affiliate? listen to this, cause I've seen first hand when you make it you get all of the above.

    Have your say!

    So theres my first list, i will be making these every few months if you like them, be sure to drop your suggestion in the thread below,

    Affiliate Marketers Inspirational Music

    Happy listening and i hope it helps!
  6. clickboothcover.jpg
    Send me Something | Clickbooth.com + Clickbooth Review.

    Clickbooth was formed in 2004 by "CEO John Lemp", and is a part of IntegraClick the company started and ran by John.

    Clickbooth CPA networks aim was to become the best media buying platform for CPA marketing online. After more than six years in the industry John Lemp has built up a successful team, who have in return cemented "Clickbooths affiliate marketings" position as one of the most established and well grounded CPA networks today.

    Clickbooth offer a wide range of services, from a CPC platform to a CPA network. They are always evolving with the times and trends and are a highly proven and tested network. They boast some of the best offers to date and have an amazing team and offices!

    I haven't personally dealt with John, but i am overly impressed with the way his director of PR, Lyndsie Ezell deals with his day to day relations. Lyndsie has become a great contact of mine online and has put a lot of effort into sending us at CPAFix a great package and has asked me to give an honest Clickbooth review. Lets take a look at what she included.


    Lynz decided to keep me in the dark about what she had sent to me, so when i got a knock on my door i was pleasantly surprised to see the courier holding a large package with my name on it. Not only had Clickbooth sent me one of their cool t-shirts but they also included some great summer promotional gifts, custom sunglasses, drinks cooler, straws and some awesome stationary that always comes in handy. Not only this but Lynz took it upon herself to send over some American goodies and even included a novelty baseball from her favourite club, the cubs (whatever baseball is?) ;)!



    Clickbooth can boast that they have the best logo and mascot within the industry in Clicky, and to be honest i would agree with them. This may be because i personally think 90% of this game is branding and they certainly have the upper hand. However when you login to the dashboard does the class continue? Well i would say yes, kind of. What i mean by that is the design and layout is very nice and attractive but my one criticism is its a little to "bitty" and unorganised. I have been told they are working on a new dashboard and although this one is more than adequate i would like to see a more simple and user friendly platform.


    This is certainly where Clickbooth have their A game on track. The offers they have are excellent with a wide range of verticals. Although they focus on media you can run most offers on any traffic source and they boast some of the best EXCLUSIVE offers within the industry. Not only this but the payouts will beat their competition 8 times out of 10, very impressive! They also have a GREAT selection of creatives for most offers, especially the dating niche. Again my only slight criticism is the ease of finding the offer that suits you and also the need for them to approve every single offer you need.

    After clicking the tools tab i was not disappointed, they boast a wide range of tracking and statistical tools including, Global pop tool, third party pixel and many more. Although my favourite of all is the Clickbooth mobile stats modification which easily allows you to view and control your stats on the go, on your mobile or tablet device.


    Having ran some dating offers already with Clickbooth i can say the support is first class. My personal affiliate manager Mike Storey is regularly available on AIM/Skype and always willing to approve new offers and suggest ways in which to capitalise on them. He has also given me some great advice in the past as he is a publisher himself and very big in the media buying game.


    They offer payment via check, Wire, ACH and PayPal on a weekly or Net - 15 timescale. I can vouch for on time payments and they always deliver when promised. A large majority of the super affiliates bank with Clickbooth everyday and i never hear a bad word about their payments.


    Overall i would highly recommend Clickbooth to anyone within the media buying or dating verticals. I think they have well established themselves as a top network and have won numerous awards. Their team seems very solid, young and fresh. They are also one of a very few networks who provide an applicant with a in-depth test to achieve approval to the network, which i personally think is a great idea if you wish to separate the newcomers to the established publishers. A massive shout out to Lynz and the team for sending me over such a nice thought out package. I wish you and your company all the best.
  7. View attachment 117
    How to buy Facebook pages + making money from Facebook pages.

    Facebook pages have become one of the most profitable ways to earn from Cost Per Action marketing. Not only are they hugely viral but they are very easy to grow and manage. You can find sites to buy Facebook fans, but I'm going to show you easily how to buy a Facebook fan page and "how to make money from Facebook fan pages".

    If done correctly pages can easily be picked up for reasonable prices and used to capture leads and make money from your Facebook page. I am not only going to show you the best ways on how to buy Facebook pages but i am going to tell you how to monetize and make a profit from them. Of course you don't have to buy pages, you can also grow your own but this is a much quicker way to get started.

    You can easily earn $1000+ a week alone purely by following this guide. So don't hesitate and get to work.

    Best Pages to buy

    When it comes to buying pages the key things to look out for are

    A good indication that a page is active is to ask the owner to make a simple update and see what kind of response they get, likes, shares, comments etc - some pages may have a million fans but if they are inactive it's pointless buying them

    Although any amount of fans can be scaled to bigger pages i would advice sticking to larger pages if you want to see big results fast. Anything below 30000 in my opinion isn't worth your time unless you plan to grow them and then earn in the long run.

    Again although there is a CPA offer to cater for most niches and demographics it would be best to purchase pages with mainly European or American traffic, purely because these countries pay the most and are easy to scale. Other pages may come at a less price tho so bare that in mind when contacting the page owners.

    You have to think about the long hall along side the short, for instance if a page has 2 million fans but the page is about a plot to kill president Obama then the page will be taken down pretty quickly, make sure the page is about a decent topic and hasn't got offensive or silly language within the title.

    If all the above adds up the chances are your onto a winner.

    Buying Pages

    Im going to share with you one of the best tips i have used in the past for picking up pages from people who to be quite honest, don't know how much they are worth. This can easily assist you in picking up pages for a 10th of what they are worth.

    Simply go to google and search,

    What this clever little bit of code does is pulls up pages on Facebook within your keyword niche that have owners who choose display that they own the page, therefore meaning you can contact them and negotiate a sale.

    Simply replace the word "keyword here" with a keyword of your choice and it will turn up multiple pages of results.

    Change your keyword based on an offers niche or simply search generic terms and match a page to a niche.

    Contacting the Admin/Owner

    Ok so you've found a few pages that you think you may like to buy, the best way to contact the admin is via Facebook inbox message. I would strongly advice using a fake account or PVA just incase anything got removed or your account banned.

    Send them an inbox message along the lines of the following,

    I would advice contacting multiple admins at a time because not all will sell and or reply.

    If they contact you bak negotiate a reasonable price and arrange the swap.

    They simply need to add you as a friend and go to,

    Edit page > admin roles > add your name.

    As soon as you are admin i would strongly advice removing the seller from admiring the page ASAP.

    How much should a page cost?

    It is all down to personal preference on how much you feel the page is worth, on a general rule for this method i don't like to pay anything more than $100 for <50k fans and i try and stick with that rule onwards. Meaning 100k - $200 etc.

    If you buy pages from CPA and viral marketing affiliates you can expect to pay a lot more so these really are cheap pages.

    How to Monetize your pages | General

    Ok lets say for instance i search for a general term in google like,

    i then find a nice looking page from the results, for example this one

    View attachment 115
    What automatically springs to mind is this page will be majority girls/women who are interested in fashion and retail.

    So lets just say i purchase the page the best thing you can do is keep the page active with decent content amongst pushing your offers. For example for this page i would post up comments like,

    "Click Like if you love shoes"
    "Share this if your wearing make up"
    "Click like if your an independent women"

    You get the idea, we want them to interact so that more people like the page and the activity increases.

    Now amongst these regular updates you can easily slip in some recommended offers, for example a lot of networks provide some great submit or short form health and beauty offers that will really cater to my demographics.

    Lets say we select a nice skin care offer, upload a status with a picture of an attractive women with fresh looking skin and place some text like,

    Now knowing that a short form skin care offer can payout $20+ - all i need is 4 or more people to sign up for the product and I'm already in the positive.

    How to Monetize your pages | Niche

    This method is matching an offer we want to work with, with a page we will try to buy.

    So for example i have a nice "Call of Duty" offer that converts on the first page submit for $3.

    No i want to find a page to promote it on, i head over to google and search,

    On page 4 i found a very nice page,

    View attachment 116
    I contact the admin as above and BINGO, the page is mine. Now all i have to do is amongst some bashful and useful updates drop in a comment like,

    You can also look into monetizing with a content locking method.

    You see how easily money can be made with this method.

    Rinse and Repeat

    That famous saying, but its so true - i promise you now this method can make you $1000's a week and pretty easily. People are creating pages by the minute and if you search around for them on the in-depth pages on google results using the methods above you can get some real bargains. Remember to use serrate accounts and proxies just incase Facebook get funny and ban your pages etc, but if you market to the masses tastefully and don't shove it down their throats - your good to go.

    Good luck and don't hesitate to ask any questions here, also make sure if your trying this method you create a case study so we can assist your progress and help you improve your earnings. Please comment and share this guide on Facebook if your appreciate it.

  8. ansl.jpg
    Affiliate Network Staff Lounge Opens | An industry first.

    I am happy to announce the opening of the Affiliate Network Staff Lounge (ANSL).

    The ANSL is a groundbreaking move within the industry providing network staff from across the globe with a solid middle ground, thats 100% secure, unbiased and moderated daily.

    This is a first within the industry as CPAFix continues to plough forward, ahead of the competition proving to be the ultimate online CPA platform and Affiliate forum.


    The ANSL has multiple benefits that other similar groups and websites don't, to start with it is 100% private and closed from all outside viewers meaning business is done with a full sense of security and under full lockdown. Users have to prove they are network staff and a referral is needed.

    It boasts some great features including some industry related prefix's allowing day to day business to become much easier, for example,

    Hiring: Use this for when you are hiring or looking to hire staff members etc.

    WARNING: Use this when you wish to warn fellow industry people about bad experiences with companies and clients etc.

    Offer: Use this when you are looking for a specific type of offer/offers, or want to broker an offer from another network.

    Traffic: Use this when you have an offer and want to get some traffic to it.


    This is also a massive boost for CPAFix members who are not Affiliate Staff members, as the activeness of those who are will increase ten fold, this resulting in them being active across the boards providing more support, help and general discussion.

    This is yet another major step forward for CPAFix, and another industry first. There is so much more to come within this sector of the site and across the whole platform. Thanks for your continued support.
  9. juicyads.jpg
    JuicyAds.com Case study + Juicy Ads Review.

    Im going to explain to you how you can very easily create a profitable adult media buying campaign, using the sexiest advertising network on the planet JuicyAds.com.

    Juicy Ads is arguably the top advertising marketplace for adult campaigns online and "adult advertising". Specialising in the direct buying and selling of media space within the adult industry. They also offer a RON (run of the network) options for those with bigger budgets and who are more experienced media buyers with adult traffic. They have won numerous awards and boast a very easy to use interface providing their services to over 41000 websites pushing in excess of one billion impressions daily!

    If you are new to the adult scene or to media buying i strongly advice starting on JuicyAds before you attempt some of the more aggressive platforms such as ExoClick. It really is very simple to use and you can start a campaign almost instantly and receive clicks within minutes. I am going to run through with you exactly how you can easily stack that money with little investment or knowledge.

    I am providing you with my creatives, bids, strategies and more, but i strongly advice you not to copy this campaign as it is no longer eligible. Although i am definitely encouraging you to take my methods and flip them in your own way to create new profitable campaigns. My Juicy Ads review is very positive and i advice you to jump in and start earning.


    This was a profitable campaign i ran for 3 weeks on JuicyAds, i used the RussianBrides.com dating offer from Peerfly and MaxBounty. However although profitable the advertisers alerted me that they didn't accept this kind of adult traffic so i could no longer run the offer. This is why i am using it as an example of how you can easily profit in the adult media buying space.


    The first thing you need to do is pick and offer, now i would strongly advice using an adult dating offer or something of the same kind. I would suggest that 90% of the sites on JuicyAds are porn related so you want something thats going to take the users attention away from their "viewing". Again i would suggest checking the offers landing page and making sure it has some nudity and sex appeal.Lovey dovey dating offers with picture of old couples holding hands in the park just wont convert on here.

    If your budget is small i would also suggest picking an offer that converts in multiple countries including the big boys, UK, US, CA and AU, this is because generally sites with high traffic in the golden countries will charge you a lot more than those with mixed traffic.
    Another point is to pick a short form or first page submit offer, people who are browsing porn sites don't want to sit through pages of questions before they hit gold. Niche related offers work great on JuicyAds if you can pair them off with a targeted traffic.

    Your best idea would be to contact your affiliate manager and tell them you are advertising on juicy ads, suggesting they pick out a few top converting offers for this traffic. Something like JustHookUp or BeNaughty always work well but i try to stick to niche related offers and pair them to similar sites.

    To sum up: Adult dating, nudity, multiple countries, short form, niche.

    My offer: RussianBrides.com - $5.50 < NSFW


    Now you have found a decent offer you need to find some nice available space to buy.

    Simply go to Buy Ads in the navigation and use the search function on the left.
    To get the best results for your offer input the targeted keywords AND countries initials in the search field separated by commas. A pro tip is to include the countries initials in the search bar along with selecting it on the "by Country" field. This will bring up better results and find traffic within your selected countries and niche. I simply searched for the keyword "russian" and selected US in the country field, this is because i know my target audience will be interested in russian women and my offer converts in US among other countries. The results showed multiple suggested sites to advertise on but i found a highly targeted site for russian girls with traffic mainly from US, UK and Germany, so i knew my offer would convert if i could get clicks.

    Prices are generally pretty fair on Juicy Ads but always try to get the best deal for the ad placement. My banner spot would cost me $14.61 a week with an average of 96/clicks daily, this worked out at an average CPC of 0.015. So all i needed was 3 conversions and i would already be in profit.

    To sum up: Target Niche, country, placement, low CPC.

    My Traffic: Russian-nude-girls.com < NSFW


    Now you have your selected offer and traffic source, you need to think about creatives. When it comes to creatives i always use a simple landing page and build from the offer page back.

    To explain this point, i take a look at the offer page and the type of women, images, colours and calls to action used and try to somehow imitate them on my landing page and banner. I've tested this and it personally brings me higher conversions as i believe it keeps the user interested in the end result. Think about it if you click a banner your interested in the banner, you want the lander to hold the same interest, if you click through the landing page your interested in the offer hence your more likely to fill out the offer. I always tend to use small animation and not go over the top. It is highly important to test all your creatives and try multiple options.


    Visit the site you are advertising on and view your competition, you want to create a banner that will "be keeping" but "stand out" with the site. Now i know that sounds contradicting but what i mean is its sometimes good to use the same colours the site has but with a strong call to action. This creates a more trusted feel to users on the site rather than a none related. blatant outside advertiser.

    If you don't design yourself try using our free banner generator tool to create some nice banners. I always use small animation to grab the users attention and minimal text apart from the call to action. Always use sexy females with big attributes, studies have shown women with large breasts will get considerably more clicks than those without.

    To sum up: Minimal text, small animation, sexy female with large attributes.

    My Banner: RussianBrides.com Banner < NSFW

    Landing Page

    Weather you use a landing page or not is up to you, but i strongly recommend it. It gives the user a chance to come to terms with what they are being offered rather than shoving data fields straight in their face. I also strongly advice buying a decent domain for your landing page and framing(if allowed) the offer page on your domain under another extension. Create a simple but effective landing page again using images and girls similar to the offer page but here is your chance to get really raunchy and sell them the product before they need to sign up. Again use small animation and a strong call to action. The idea is to make the user want to click on to complete the sign up. Using girls names and accounts that are on the offer page is another nice tip. If you need landing pages designed why not try our free landing page generator tool.

    To sum up: Decent domain, simple, small animation, strong call to action.

    My Landing Page: RussianBrides.com Landing Page < NSFW


    If you know what you are doing you can set up things like prosper202 etc, but its not overly necessary for this as JuicyAds have some nice inbuilt statistics along with your networks. You will need to test multiple creatives and record which have the best results, an easy way of doing this is to set one banner per day and at the end of the day record the amount of clicks, conversions and impressions that banner has. All this information is accessible within the JuicyAds "managemyads" section. You are trying to achieve the highest CTR meaning for every time your banner is viewed how often is it clicked through to the landing page. I would suggest running your ad for at least a week and trying out multiple creatives until you find your best combination.


    For this campaign i tested 6 different banners and 2 landing pages, after the first week i found i could achieve on an average day with my best combination a CTR of 0.35%. I ran the offer for another 2 weeks before it was pulled.I was averaging 80-90 clicks a day with at least one conversion. In my final week of the campaign i made 12 conversions on MaxBounty which netted me $66 at $5.50 per conversion. So considering i was paying $14.61 a week you can see how easily these media buys can become profitable. My next step would be to scale this up onto higher traffic platforms and to see if it worked on other sources aswel.

    My Results: Spent - $43.83, Earned - $121

    Do not hesitate to ask any questions or advice here, like i said it can be so easy to create profitable campaigns on JuicyAds but it does take some initial research and testing. Sign up below and don't forget to create a case study so we can follow along and help.
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  10. affiliatecover.jpg
    Send me Something | Affiliate.com + Affiliate.com Review.

    Affiliate.com formally known as CPAEmpire.com is a fully established and highly recommended affiliate and cost per action network. The company behind "affiliate.com CPA Network" is Media Breakaway ran by the internet guru Scott Richter CEO of Media Breakaway. Scott is also responsible for brining us other online projects such as The Parking Place and Data Overdrive. I was thrilled when they got in touch and asked me to do an "affiliate.com review".

    I have personally dealt with Scott and his team(Jaclyn) for just under a year and only have positive things to say about his professional approach and all round business manners.
    Scott kindly sent me through a package this week with some complimentary gifts, lets take a look what was inside the box.


    I was pleasantly surprised when i opened up my package from Affiliate.com and the team.
    Inside i found four males t-shirts, each one representing each of Scott affiliate marketing companies along with some nice pens and notepads customised for affiliate.com publishers. Not only that but they also included two beautifully designed female t-shirts which my girlfriend loved. So lets take a look at the affiliate.com network.



    Affiliate.com have only recently relaunched their homepage and dashboard with a timeless new design. I personally think the changes have improved the overall experience no end. The new design boasts a cleaner, more user friendly and compact dashboard, along with a clearer and more functional way to search for offers and contact your affiliate manager.


    Taking a quick look at the offers page i can see one of the biggest list of offers within a network i have ever seen. This isn't always a good thing but checking through the pages all i can say is they were all working, all had competitive payouts but the best things about them is the creatives. I was amazed to see every offer i clicked on had at least 5+ different creatives ready for you to employ. This is very rare of a network and is a massive +1.

    Another great factor to affiliate.com is the inbuilt tools it provides which is again a nice little extra most networks don't include, the tools are very simple but all handy including a nice banner rotator to test creatives, a pop up and under tool allowing you to display these on your website whilst tracking real time stats and results, and nice SubID tool among others.


    As i am yet to run any campaigns with affiliate.com it would be unfair for me to comment on their support all i can say is i have dealt with Jaclyn and Scott and both are very quick to respond to any questions i have regarding their company. Also my affiliate manager has provided his telephone number, email address and IM information upon approval.


    Having not earn yet with Affiliate.com i cannot comment on proof of payment, all i can say is i know from reliable resources and industry friends they payout every time, on time! They offer Net - 15 and weekly payouts via check, wire, ACH or Paypal.


    Overall id say affiliate.com should be and are one of the biggest competitors in this network space and rightly so. Lets face it the domain alone is a goldmine and demands respect, from what i have seen they have the best domain, competitive payouts, excellent support and all round user friendly experience. Not to mention they travel to most international shows and conferences on the circuit where you can personally meet with Scott and his team. I hope they come to London this year so we can grab some food and have a few drinks. Id like to thank Scott and Jaclyn personally for sending me out a package and look forward to meeting them in the not so distant future. If you have any questions regarding Affiliate.com feel free to contact them below OR ask here an i will get a representative in to answer.
  11. reviews.jpg

    I can personally review any service, company or online project. I will be 100% honest so please don't expect me not to be. My reviews will be fully truthful and very in-depth.

    What will you recieve?

    You will receive a full page blog post review of your company including images, screenshots and dialog. The post will also feature on our news slider, social pages and email newsletters.

    How much does it cost?

    This is a paid service but prices are negotiable and may vary depending the product.

    How do i get a review?

    Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, queries or to get a quote.

    Skype/AIM - startthat
  12. sendmesomethingcover.jpg
    Send me Something.

    Send me something is an original concept i came up with to gain a fun and interactive way to promote your company on CPAFix.

    Simply send me some merchandise or items with or without your company logo on, and i will promote and review your business.

    Try and be as unique as possible but some great ideas include,

    • T shirts
    • Hats
    • Hoodies
    • Mugs
    • Pens
    • Stationary
    • iPhone covers
    • Office tools

    I have even received iPads, other apple products, bottles of champaign and much more from networks. The more unique the better.

    What will you recieve?

    In return you will receive a full and honest write up about your company including images of me photographing the package you sent and showing of the content! The post will also feature on our news slider, social pages and email newsletters.

    How much does it cost?

    This service is 100% FREE, so bare that in mind when you send the package and put abit of effort into it. A bottle of something nice never goes a miss also :)!

    How do i send you something?

    Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, queries or to obtain my current postage address.

    [email protected]
    Skype/AIM - startthat

  13. stackthatmoney.jpg
    Stack That Money!

    When it comes to the world of affiliate marketing there are two kinds of affiliates.

    The first kind will earn their first $1000 and without even thinking about the consequences go out and blow it on something materialistic, this guy is probably the same guy you see on Facebook posing next to cars, girls, and ridiculous pieces of jewellery. The watch on his wrist is probably worth more than his Mum and Dads house where he's happily living, paying no rent and claiming he's "a boss"!

    On review the second guy is someone who remains unspoilt, he earns his first $1000 and simply thinks to himself, "what can i do to repeat this". He gets paid and puts the majority of it back into furthering his education of affiliate marketing and invests his time and money into an "affiliate forum membership". This guy doesn't gloat about his earnings, neither does he waste it on something materialistic, he instead thinks "how can i use this to push myself forward in business". This is the guy you will see owning business and depending on himself in the near future, this guy will stack that money!


    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to tell you not to enjoy your money, I'm just warning you that money won't last forever so if you're deadly serious about making a living online you have to watch the pennies.

    Stack that money has always been a motto I've stood by, over a year ago now i had one of my best weeks ever in CPA marketing earning over $13000 in little over a week. Now i could have easily gone and purchased the latest car, watch or something flashy and bragged about it on Facebook. However what i did turned out to be the best decision i have ever made and changed my life for the better.

    I stacked my money straight into a savings account and started to add my earnings each month. I worked my ass off 24/7 maintaining my full time job (back then a chef), whilst every spare minute i had was ploughed into improving my CPA methods, learning and networking with some of the best. It was hard not to spend the money but i knew that this was my ONE CHANCE to make a decent go at changing my life because this sort of money big or small may never come to me again.

    After months of working through the night along side my full time chef job i was able to build several successful online projects, investing bit by bit of my money. This in return lead me to be able to start my own company Okenyon Webs and also start this amazing website.

    A year has now passed and because i was sensible with my money i have not only built up a respectable business and name for myself, i have also purchased my first property fully kitted with an office to further my company.

    Now lets rewind one year, i had two payments for $7000 and $6000! I could have so easily blown that on a new car, fancy watch, a few nights out with some strippers sipping champaign and posted the pictures on Facebook "Likeaboss". You know what i would have had a great few months, but after the smoke settled and the enjoyment stopped id have nothing to show, a car i didn't need and a hole in my pocket with $13000 missing.

    Instead i resisted temptations and decided to grow up and have a long hard look at myself, i worked hard reading everything i could, talking to all the top guys and put a business plan into play, one that I'm determined to turn into a million dollar earning company. Even now I'm earning a steady income online, after paying all my bills and mortgage I'm still ploughing the majority of my money back into my company, projects and internet marketing education because I'm 100% sure that in the future all this hard work and investment will pay off.

    What's cool?

    Theres a famous quote in the Social Network film,

    and although its on a completely different scale i can relate to this so much, $13000 isn't cool, you know what's cool? $13000 a month for the rest of my life!

    This read may not be liked by everybody because for some it will hit home and make them realise how foolish they have been, but for others i hope it will turn you into business entrepreneurs and ensure that when you do make that first $1000 or however much you earn (and i promise you if you keep working you will), you use the money to your best abilities and stack some for the future.
  14. 100cpanetworks.jpg
    100 CPA Networks.

    CPAFix is starting to gain some amazing milestones already and today is no exception. We have officially reached 100 active CPA Networks on our CPA Network list.

    Our list is the most unique and personalised list in the industry and not only do we provide it to networks 100% free, we also automatically create them their very own thread for feedback, questions, update and much more.

    The dream/goal is for any user to be able to get exactly what information they need from CPAFix about any reputable network and also a smooth and quick answer to any issue or question they may have. I will be pushing more and more networks to being active on CPAFix and will try and get at least one member of their teams online everyday.

    We have many new features in the works including our very own offer search section where by each network on CPAFix will be able to display exactly what offers they have for users to promote.

    This is a large achievement in a small time, but we are now looking forward to the next 100 networks becoming apart of our beautiful community.

  15. Cheers!

    So a few hours after we relaunched and after a 72hour stint on the beast i decided it was time to close the office door, pop open some champaign and celebrate. For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook you shared the moment with me and i appreciate every little bit of support you guys have given us!

    View attachment 52
    After a nice evening spent with my lovely girlfriend celebrating the launch i was able to enjoy the first good night sleep in weeks. The good vibes kept getting better when i logged onto my computer this morning to find 100's of emails, messages and texts all complimenting and supporting the job we have done here at CPAFix.

    Not only that but i was filled with joy to find pages full of new posts on the affiliate forum to stir over and read with my morning coffee and breakfast. For that i thank you all.

    The hard work starts here.

    So with that being said the hard work officially starts here. I now have the perfect platform to provide you guys with exactly what i planned to. I envisioned CPAFix as so much more than a forum and now i have opened the possibilities up.

    Me and my team will only keep adding and adding to the new features and will expand as the time goes on even further.

    I want CPAFix to be the one stop affiliate hub for everything thing you need and i believe we now have the foundations in place to achieve this. So as the heading states yes its a time for celebration but this is where the hard work truly starts!

    The Blog.

    A lot of people have already asked me what i plan to do with the blog, well if I'm being honest i plan to make this my home where i am going to be sharing everything from personal things, to reviews, news, special offers, case studies, guides and so much more.

    This will become a book of my thoughts, ramblings and finds and i hope each individual post will help you in some way. I have always wanted to attach myself with my members and i think that reflects in my attitude to listen to you, so this is my chance to get even more attached and help everyone progress as you help me.

    With that being said id like to personally thanks Wale and Llyod for sponsoring the official song of the relaunch as this has been on repeat for 3 days straight now! Enjoy!