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    CPAFix Business Card Case Study +
    Overnight Prints Review.

    As most of you have read i visited ad tech London 2012 last week, so i needed some solid business cards to give out at the exhibition!

    I have previously used ShitstaPrint, oh sorry VistaPrint for my cards. Both times i have ordered from them they have sucked, the quality is awful and last time my cards didn't even turn up! STAY AWAY! So i asked a few people for advice and my man Ian Fernando recommended me to use Overnight Prints. The results were so much better, not only was the quality amazing the price was cheaper and delivery on time!

    My Overnight Prints review would be highly positive. They "rate" very high in quality and cost factors and i would advice anyone to use www.overnightprints.com


    I did some research into what exactly a card should do and include. The main things i gathered was to keep it simple, attractive and clean. I also wanted to include a QR code as i had plans to redirect them back to a landing page i had made. So let's take a look at the cards.

    View attachment 317

    As you can see above i wanted my design to cover all the important aspects a business card should do. For me personally i brand myself as much as my websites and business so the caricature is often used in what i do. I also kept in mind that if the cards were to be exhibited on a table or flat surface it would be good if i could lay them side by side to achieve a unique look. This is why i included the bridge between the front and back design!

    QR Code

    I did some research into including QR codes on the cards and after a big debate i decided to include one! The benefits are great as you can simply include a code that goes to a link and change/redirect that link anytime you wish!

    They are very useful say for example for a design company that wishes to offer a discount to those who have a card. You can simply send the QR code to a landing page and offer your discount!

    What i wanted to do was different, i wanted to direct people to a page that best explained what we offered and also where they could easily contact me!

    I used Delivr's free QR code generator as they allow you to produce high quality codes. I also cloaked the link so i could track clicks.

    Landing Page.

    View attachment 318
    View here: CPAFix Welcome Page.

    The landing page needs to be mobile
    optimised for various reasons. I wanted to create a simple "virtual" business card as such. I included the video i had made that outlines all of CPAFix's key features and is highly professional.

    I also included my contact information once again but using some clever codes auto opened chats on each clients when clicked! This way people could contact me instantly at a touch of a button.

    <a href="skype:-skype-name-?chat">Start chat</a>

    <a href= aim:goIM?screenname=AOLBuddy>Chat with AOLBuddy</a>


    It was amazing, everyone who i handed my card to was highly impressed with the design, quality and execution! I had numerous people ask me where i got the cards printed and also how they could replicate the QR code and lander.

    I have since had several follow up emails saying how much they loved my cards and the landing page is very impressive. The only one thing i regret is not including a tag line as such to explain exactly what we do. However it was very easy and enjoyable saying to people "scan in the QR code and see exactly what we do".

    I would HIGHLY
    recommend using Overnight Prints.

    View attachment 319
  2. adtechlondon.jpg
    Ad Tech London 2012 | Wrap Up!
    So last week me and my mate Andy(Dru) took the train to London to represent CPAFix at At Tech London. It was my first ever show so i was very apprehensive and didn't entirely know what to expect! We left Bristol at 9AM after a swift Coffee to get the morning going!

    After arriving in London at 11AM we grabbed the underground to our destination at Earls Court. We were lucky enough to find an amazing little gem of a hotel only 5 minutes walk from the exhibition called simply rooms and suits! I would recommend it to anyone staying in London as it's great value and the suit was amazing!So after checking in and dropping off our stuff we headed to the pub for a quick pint and bite to eat before attending the show.

    The Show

    After lunch we headed across the road for the show! Andy had been once before but this was my first ever show and i was seriously excited about meeting everyone! I was amazed at how many companies turned out and some of the stalls were awesome! We walked the floor for a good hour and went and introduced ourselves to a lot of people i deal with daily. I had the pleasure to meet people like, JP and Steve from MaxBounty, Scot Ritcher from Affiliate, the CPAWay team, Jason and other from A4D, Matt from WOWtrk, amongst many, many more! I managed to do some great business and line up some exciting new deals.

    We then sat down for some lunch just as my phone started to ring, it was the Birdman! So we walked across the hall to meet Mr Ryan Eagle himself! It was a great pleasure meeting Ryan and his team and we shared a long conversation after going our separate ways! I regret not having a picture done for the blog but i'm sure we will meet again soon! Overall the show was a huge eye opener and success, it's hard to come away from the hall and not want to dive straight int work! Very inspiring and amazing to meet so many good colleagues and friends!

    CPAFix and Group One Media Party

    Onto the first evening and one of the best nights out i've had in a long, long time! CPAFix were extremely proud to be sponsoring the Group One Affiliate Rock Party. So we grabbed the underground and headed over to the Empire Casino in Leicester Square for the exclusive party. We turned up and were greeted by Carl from Group One Media and Matt Lovett CEO of WOWtrk, OH and by a free bar :)!

    I'd invited a lot of the guys out to the party as i knew they were in the UK, but it still seemed surreal when Ian Fernando walked through the doors! I'd spoke to Ian many a time online but never met him so it was really cool to finally get the chance to talk with him in person! Me, Ian and Andy spent a good hour by the bar catching up and drinking Ian's favourite drink, goose + cranberry! Oh and also Ian enjoyed a "massage" from one of the girls at the club.The party was great and a lot of guys were getting pretty wasted lol!

    Some more people kept turning up and the drink was flowing nicely. It was great when another person and now friend that Krissy Hitz had asked me to meet by the name of Jesse turned up. We had a in depth chat about the industry and what we both do and i want to thank him for making the effort to come out! So the party lasted a few hours before we decided to head across town for the Engaged BDR party across town.

    Engage BDR and A4D Party

    So after taking the underground across London we found ourselves at the exclusive Rose club for the Engage BDR party. I have no other word to describe this party but "SICK". Every industry person who was in London that night turned up at the Rose.

    It was a real cool moment when i met Rohail Rizvi and Gabriel Cano as again these are guys i have spoken to before but never met in person! The five of us spent the rest of the party together, drinking, dancing and talking. When you have 3 well known bloggers all sitting together in me, Ian and Rohail it certainly causes a stir! If that wasn't enough all of a sudden Ian stood up and said "Were entrepreneurs, we don't buy drinks, we buy bottles!".With that the staff bought over a large blue bottle of vodka, with ice and mixers with 5 glasses.

    After the party Gabe was desperate for some vegetables for some reason? So we walked for about 1 hour across London to China Town where CPAFix treated the guys to some much needed food before grabbing a taxi back to our hotels!


    On the second day we woke up and headed into central London for a few meetings. After that we headed to the show to catch up with some people but i think the night before had wiped most of them of the planet as the stalls seemed a little empty!

    We then went back to the Empire Casino and to the sports bar where we enjoyed a good night of chilling, watching the football and drinking good old English beer with Ian and Gabe!Overall it was an amazing few days, some great contacts where made, a lot of positive business moves done and i met some of the coolest people in the industry.

    I came away just literally buzzing with ambition and even more drive to achieve big things online. I'm ready to work my ass off!

    Bring on next year!
  3. Unknown.jpeg
    Interview with Luke Kling + Luke PeerFly Affiliate Manager.

    Im super excited to bring you the latest CPAFix interview with a very good colleague of mine and CPAFix's own moderator Luke Kling. "LukePeerFly" is possibly the most well known affiliate manager in the industry and is a very good person to know. Not only is he the face of Peerfly but he successfully runs and launches many start up projects of his own. If you are still wondering, who is Luke Kling? or what exactly Peerfly offers then this interview will fill in all the gaps of the most successful "affiliate manager at Peerfly" ever!

    Welcome mate why not start by telling the users a little bit about yourself?

    First off, thanks for taking the time to interview me K. I know you’re a busy guy too! That’s one of the great things about this industry, if you’re in it and making an effort to make some money, you’re always busy (if you’re not busy I bet you’re not making much money) :)

    As you mentioned, my name is Luke Kling, but I am becoming widely known simply as LukePeerFly. Next month will be my 3 year anniversary with PeerFly, but as of about a month ago I was the only person to really hold the title Affiliate Manager. PeerFly has grown to be one of the top affiliate networks during my time as Affiliate Manager and because of that I’ve gotten the popular vote among the affiliates in the industry. I’m very proud of our growth at PeerFly and everything it has given me thus far and I am really excited for what the future holds.

    Ok so everyone is by now aware you have pretty much adopted the surname Peerfly lol! However i don't think everyone knows just exactly how being an affiliate manager works. We want to know the ins and outs, how do you get paid? how is the company ran? do you own any of Peerfly yourself?

    Being an Affiliate Manager is a pretty sweet gig. I’ve told Chad (the founder and CEO of PeerFly) many times that even if I start generating $1,000/day through my own campaigns, I’ll probably still stick around and do affiliate management simply because I enjoy working with my publishers. Basically, as an AM, it’s my job to help lead my publishers in the right direction with their affiliate marketing efforts to make the most money possible. I work with hundreds of publishers at pretty much every different experience level, so I really need to be able to adapt and help them grow as an affiliate.

    The cool thing about working at PeerFly over the past 3 years and us being the “newbie friendly” network is that over the years I’ve watched publishers go from making $1/day to $1,000+/day. Affiliate marketing in theory is simple: find something that works, scale it, and find a way to do it again and again. Obviously, that’s just theory, but it’s been proven over and over again that if you find that something the amount of money you can make from it is unfathomable.

    Speaking of an unfathomable amount of money, I get paid in leads. So, each week Chad adds a couple thousand new leads to my publisher account on PeerFly and then we bill our clients for it. JUST KIDDING! I work out of our PeerFly office in Alachau, Florida and I’m paid a salary. Starting in January of next year our entire team at PeerFly will be working out of our office, which should be pretty cool. I'm proud to say I am part owner and a shareholder of PeerFly, Inc.

    I like to ask controversial questions but this has been on my mind and other I'm sure before, why not just start your own network? Lets face it you have the experience and connections?

    There is A LOT of work that goes into building a successful affiliate network. Everyone sees the glitz and glamour on the outside, but it takes a team to build a successful company and a very dedicated team to build a very successful company. I’ve been with PeerFly basically since the beginning so I’ve seen the good days and the bad. I see no reason to go back to the bad and I love our team at PeerFly. We’re a family.

    So whats is like to work at Peerfly, we see you get a lot of leeway to run your own projects and blog etc! Is this something they encourage?

    Working at PeerFly is awesome. I’ve got a nice big office with big ol’ iMac where I can multitask my way through my daily responsibilities. We’re also pet friendly so my dog Hazel gets to come to work and hang out with me all day.

    I actually do not work on my blog or my side projects while I am at the PeerFly office. I keep everything that is not owned by PeerFly separate and work on it at home. Once in awhile if I have something that needs fixed real quick or I have a good idea I’ll work on it during a break, but overall I’m just working on all that stuff from 5:01pm to midnight or whenever my wife tells me I need to stop :)

    What benefits do you get for working with someone like Peerfly?

    Working for a small company has a ton of benefits. I have health insurance, a 401k (just in case I don't find my billion dollar campaign), quite a few personal days, and a great group of people I get to bounce ideas around with all day. Plus, no one gets mad when Hazel and I play fetch in the middle of our office.

    Tell us about the updates going on atm and what we can look forward to in the near and distant future?

    We are constantly working to improve PeerFly. We recently launched a new design on the site’s “outer shell” and should be launching the new Publisher Dashboard in the next few weeks. The new dashboard will have some new features including, of all things, a forum. Watch out CPAFix! (jk)

    I'll also be launching a brand new design on my blog by October 1st! PeerFly Affiliate Manager

    So we here Peerfly are launching there own inceptive network Incent.ly? Another incentive network? Whats gonna set this one out from all the others available?

    Without going into too much detail and giving away all the secrets, Incent.ly will be an incentive based CPA affiliate network. We do not allow incentive traffic at PeerFly and starting a new network to keep the traffic separate seemed like a good idea. There are a lot of good, legitimate ways to promote offers using incentive traffic and we are building a custom platform to make it as easy as possible to use those ways effectively.

    What do you see in your future Luke? Do you see yourself at Peerfly forever or would you like to move on one day and have something of your own?

    I’ll always be a part of PeerFly. As I mentioned earlier, our team has worked VERY hard for us to get this stage in the game and I’m nothing but optimistic about the future. I will always be working on my side projects, but PeerFly is my main focus and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    It seems all you do is work Luke, but outside of work what does mr Peerfly himself enjoy doing?

    I really enjoy going out to eat and to the movies. I also like playing basketball and play every night for about an hour after I get home from the office. My wife and I live about 2 hours from the beach so we go there whenever we have a free weekend. I really enjoy training my dog Hazel and if this whole affiliate management thing doesn't work out I might become a full time dog trainer (I'm past my NBA dream days).

    If any of our members wanted to get into the affiliate managing career how would you advice they do this?

    If you’re new to the industry and thirsty to make it work, I suggest learning web development (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc) and learn affiliate marketing from experience. You have to spend money to make money and you’re much better off spending it setting up some campaigns than a million guides on how you can make money. There’s a lot of free advice out there (CPAFix & LukePeerFly.com are two AMAZING examples :)), but really the only way you are going to learn is by going out into the battlefield yourself.

    Ok so you get a new sign up to Peerfly, they contact you and ask for one guide, and one method to make at least $50 a day - where do you send them?

    Making $50/day is a great, but when you’re first getting started you need to focus on
    finding something profitable, not daily profit. If you want to make $50/day, get a job at McDonald’s. Once you find something profitable and learn how you can scale it, then you can start thinking about numbers. If you’re too focused on $50/day then you’ll lose your focus when your first campaign nets you -$50. You are going to lose money, but you are going to gain data and experience. Those are the tools you need to be successful. Where should you get them from? Well, if you’re brand new, I usually suggest 7Search. If you have some experience, I suggest taking POF for a spin or trying out some PPV traffic. Once you build up some capital push towards doing some media buys. SiteScout is a great place to start.

    Thank you so much for sparing us the time to interview you mate, and thanks for your constant hard work on CPAFix. You are a true member of the team!

    No problem K! Happy to contribute :) LukePeerFly.com! <3

    Thank you

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  4. adtechlondonparty.jpg
    CPAFix sponsors the Affiliate Classic Rock Party at Ad Tech London.

    CPAFix is very proud to announce we are media sponsoring the Affiliate Classic Rock Party at Ad Tech London this year.

    Originally me and Scott from Affiliate.com were holding dinner and drinks on the Wednesday. However when approached by Carl from Group One Media about the party, we couldn't refuse. So instead we are now sponsoring one of the biggest parties of the whole event!

    I am so proud of how far CPAFix has come in the last 6months and although we have sponsored the famous affiliate balls in the US, this party has a special feel to it. Not only is this the first internet marketing event i have personally attended but to be sponsoring a party and it to be held in my country's capital is a very exciting moment for me!

    Oh and guess what? You are all invited...........


    Where: Shadow @ The Empire Casino, Leicster Square, London, WC2H 7NA

    When: Wednesday the 19th September, 2012.

    Time: 19:00 PM.

    Capacity: 150

    Bar: FREE bar (All sponsors have kindly donated to the bar, so until the pot runs out the drinks are on them!)

    The doors open at 19:00, and although the capacity is 150 you are only guaranteed to get in if you turn up on time! Also the bar is free until the pot runs out, so if you wish to make the most out of it get here on time!

    Thank You

    I'd like to personally thank Scott from Affiliate.com for putting us forward and Carl from Group One Media for hosting the event and asking us to be apart of it. I look forward to meeting you guys and all our guests and can't wait for a great night!
  5. cpaleadskins.jpg
    Widget Spinner + Best Content Locker + Joint Venture Widget Spinner.

    Here is a simple guide of how you can easily create a widget spinner for multiple purposes and benefits. Having needed and used a "widget spinner script" on many occasions i thought it would be helpful to explain how to easily create one, and what the benefits are.

    A content locker can be used in so many ways to generate CPA income. If you are new to CPA gateways i would suggest reading How to Make Money with Content Locker.

    Some people forget but it is just as important to test different content lockers, just as it is images and copy on other methods. You can double your conversions by making some simple changes and finding the best content locker for your site. Always test multiple designs, copy, images, layouts, colours, call to actions etc until you find what works. By not testing you are simply leaving money on the table!

    I get a lot of people asking me for a BLAM, AdWork Media, "CPALead widget spinner script" etc, so heres the simplest one to use and why it can benefit you.


    Using a widget spinner script allows you to test and track multiple gateways. You can then record your best converting content locker and tweak it to get the best results. Not only that but this script is perfect for a "joint venture widget spinner", meaning you can alternate two or more different gateways from different accounts.

    Say for example you were working on a content locking site with your friend, this script will spin your gateways 50/50 so the revenue is shared exactly down the middle. Not only this but you can also test gateways between different networks and see which ones convert the best. CPA is all about testing and results and sometimes content lockers forget that!

    How to.

    Simply copy and paste the code below just above your </head> line.

    $spin = rand(1,2);
    echo '<script type="text/javascript" src="[COLOR=#ff0000][B]CONTENT LOCKER 1 URL HERE[/B][/COLOR]"></script>';
    echo '<script type="text/javascript" src="[COLOR=#ff0000][B]CONTENT LOCKER 2 URL HERE[/B][/COLOR]"></script>';
    Edit everything in RED,placing your generated content locker URL's where highlighted.

    Save your desired page as a .PHP only file.

    Upload to your root folder using an FTP manager.

    Here is a perfect example of testing two different gateways: Widget Spinner Example


    Start testing different skins, colours, images, copy etc to get the best results. Try testing different networks against each other to see who has the highest EPC. Also use this script for any joint ventures.

    This will definitely improve your conversations if you are not yet doing so.
  6. wearecpafix.jpg
    We are the future, we are CPAFix.com (VIDEO INSIDE)

    I had this video created for multiple purposes. Beyond the obvious ones the main purpose was to link to this from my new business cards from a QR code. I will post up the cards and the linked page in a case study this week so you guys can check it out!

    However i wanted to show you the video and ask you to, like/dislike and comment etc on Youtube!

    Also let me know what you think!

    Welcome to CPA and Affiliate Marketing | CPAFix - YouTube

    Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix
    The number one CPA and Affiliate Marketing Platform.

    "CPAFix is the leading Cost Per Action and CPA Marketing platform with the fastest growing CPA and Affiliate forum online."

    Register: Register at Cost Per Action And CPA Marketing | CPAFix Affiliate Forum
    Contact: [email protected]
    Video by: Steve Robertson [email protected]
    Song: Mt Eden, Sierra Leone.

    Copyright © 2012 CPAFix.com
  7. infinitetrafficcover.jpg
    Send me Something | InfiniteTraffic.com + InfiniteTraffic Review.

    InfiniteTraffic.com is an "invite only network" founded and ran by Sean Wagner and his team.

    Sean founded his company Internet Marketing Solutions in 2001. Previously working for and owning affiliate marketing companies such as eLeads marketing, Leads2Go and XY7.com, Sean was able to gain some major experience which helped him to start Infinite Traffic.

    InfiniteTraffic are now establishing themselves as "proven leaders in the dynamic marketing solutions" sector. When i was asked to give my InfiniteTraffic review, i was more than happy as Sean has been a great contact for me within the industry and the companies growth over the last few months has been amazing. Appointing some quality new staff positions for example Krissy Hitz as director of affiliate relations among other impressive moves.

    InfiniteTraffic is definitely one of the affiliate networks on the rise and i love the way they are heading. Therefore i was very excited when i received a knock on the door with a package sent from my mate Sean!


    I opened up the box to be attacked by InfiniteTraffic stress toys, but i must say they are very well made. The guys at the network have had their logo converted into a stress item that you can squeeze and play about with. All a bit of fun and great promotional items, but Sean must think I have a stress problem as he sent 6! I was also sent a really smart shirt with the company logo and web address on. I must say all these items seem to be very high quality! Lastly included was a really nice handwritten card addressed to us at CPAFix, from Sean himself. A very nice touch! Thanks for the goodies guys!


    Everything about InfiniteTraffic screams out professionalism and clean! The homepage does exactly what it says on the tin and is very to the point. When you login to the dashboard you are faced with a simple, well laid out user interface. I love the simplicity of the dash and everything is very clear to navigate. The only one criticism i would have is that it seems a touch unfinished. The reason i say this is Sean and his team are very active on social media sites and at events, i would love to see some of this rub of on the interface. I want to follow these guys and what they get up to, so i'd love to see the dash being added to with a few extra features like, a blog, chat, event clock-watch and personnel profiles. Either way the design is great and very user friendly.

    A massive draw to this network is the fact that they DON'T have 1000's of offers! This may sound odd at first but in my experience i much prefer working with a network who have limited but flawless and exclusive offers, than one which has loads of inactive and poor offers. Each offer Seans network provides seems to be quality and 9 out of 10 come with pre made creatives which is brilliant to get the creative juices flowing. It seems like these guys really hand pick the best offers available and don't over stuff those available. It's quality over quantity and thats a great positive!

    I'm pretty sure the dashboard is a new one on InfiniteTraffic, so i think they are still in the process of adding features. As far as i can see at this time there our no tools available apart from the standard tools and an API tab in the navigation. I expect and would love to see them adding some exclusive tools for users to get the most out of the network.

    As i mentioned in my intro Sean is building a team at impressive speeds, with impressive appointments! Each user is assigned an affiliate manager and i can personally vouch for their activeness on instant messengers, phones calls and emails. If i ever have a question for Sean i usually get a response within a few hours no matter what time of the day it is over in the UK or US! Also the appointment of Krissy Hitz as affiliate relations can only boost the network to affiliate interaction and support!

    I have yet to run traffic with InfiniteTraffic.com however i have a few industry friends who work with them in large amounts. I have never heard of mis or late payments and i'm certain they pay on time! They offer a wide range of payment methods including Check, Wire and ACH.

    Overall i think what Sean and the team are doing is brilliant! I haven't seen a network move this quick in some time and the growth is a reflection on the work thats been put in by the staff. If you want a no nonsense network that provides you with exclusive offers and creatives then this is the one for you! I think they will be very competitive in the near future and years to come. The only thing i think they need to do is to build on the new dashboard with some exclusive tools and i'd like to see a bit more about the team within the network! I'd like to personally thank Sean for the gifts and the contacts he has given me in the past. Cheers mate and best of luck.
  8. adworkmedia.jpg
    20 Content Locking Ideas + CPA Gateway + Methods with AdWorkMedia.
    Content locking is a very effective way of earning money via a "CPA gateway". As a publisher you can create multiple types of content locking gateways by signing up for a incentivized affiliate network like "AdworkMedia Network".

    The CPA gateway methods are endless, and new ways to content lock are emerging every month. The idea is that you offer a user some sort of exclusive content, which they can only obtain by filling out an incentive CPA offer on a pop out blocker called a gateway.

    With the best CPA gateways you can fully customise and monetize the look and feel to suit your website or content. By adding custom background images, copy and text you can increase "CPA conversions" easily. You will be blown away by how many people within the internet marketing industry are unaware of content locking. Therefore you can easily pick up websites already receiving traffic on sites like Flippa and monetize them for CPA.

    One of my personal favourite CPA networks to work with for content locking is AdworkMedia network. My AdWorkMedia review is that these guys offer some of the best "content locking solutions" and their team can help you turn into a content locking pro. Sign up to Adwork Media now as CPAFix members get special approvals.

    Content Locking Ideas

    Entertainment and Video Sites

    Everybody wants to see the latest videos and viral clips online. Throw up a nice video hosting website with a unique template and find some exclusive legal content. Gain traffic via social media or SEO and lock the videos with your gateway.

    Instructional Videos

    Play the guitar? Good at computer games? Make some instructional videos on "how to" and post them on YouTube. Only post the first video and then link back to the rest of the video on your site. Content lock the follow up videos.

    Software Downloads

    Either acquire or create some software that user will want to download. Make a site explaining all the benefits etc but lock the download link with a CPA gateway.


    If you can make templates for Wordpress etc then make some nice ones. List them on template sites but lock the download file with a content lock. Also you can include the content lock within the code of the template so when the downloaded installs it, it will have your lock on the page.

    File Conversions

    If you can program or have someone who can, why not make a site that will offer users conversions from file to file. They input the file and click the convert button where they are taken to another screen to fill out a CPA gateway to download their converted file.

    Free Trials

    Say for example you own a gaming website or a product that users will sign up for. Offer them a free trial and then in return for the full version they must fill out some incentive offers. Maybe make them do one a month in return for the full product.

    Help and Advice

    Have an expert field? For example can you program? Make a support ticket system or forum where by you offer free support but they must first complete a gateway to submit the ticket or thread.


    I was the first ever to do this, but if you have a website or forum whereby you can offer an exclusive membership package for example VIP with extra features. You will get far much more activity and earnings if you offer it to them for free in exchange for filling out some offers on a gateway styled like your website/forum.

    URL Shortener

    If you can acquire a URL shortener or a similar script, offer it for free but on the point of the user getting the result they want, lock it with a gateway.

    Write an eBook

    It doesn't matter what the niche is but you can also build a list of it. Write a book about something you enjoy for example gaming. Post it on a website with a opt in page and then set a password for the book that a user will have to complete a content locking gateway to see. You can choose which offers to show depending on your books niche.

    Hot Trends

    Find out whats trending and write your own variation of the news or get the video etc everyone wants to see. Place it on a unique website and lock the "View Video" link.

    Cheats and Codes

    There is a huge audience and big traffic in gaming online. Make a site dedicated to game cheats and codes and describe them as much as possible. Make the user want the cheat that bad that they will be willing to convert an offer on your gateway.

    Guides and Tutorials

    Write some guides or tutorials and place them on a website. Place each chapter on a separate page. Now give the user a few chapters free until they are hooked in and then lock the next chapters with your gateway.


    People search for EVERYTHING on YouTube, so if it's something that people want, it's something you can lock. Create a video with keywords related to the search subject and then place a link in the footer to the answer, locked!


    Get Paid To sites are great for earning with content locking. Users are rewarded with points/prizes in exchange for filling out incentive gateways.


    Download the latest videos and music and convert them into torrents. Then zip them but add a password to the file. Then zip the two files with another file explaining you can get the password at this URL. Place the password on the URL but with a content locker on top.


    If you have a site with regular members, offer free support to them via your support tab. In order for them to see the support reply they must first fill out a CPA gateway.

    Graphics and Stock images

    Do you graphic design? Offer free graphics on forums in exchange for customers filling out incentive CPA offers on your gateway. Alternatively throw up a site with some icon sets or free stock graphics etc, give them a few free but content lock the download button for the full sets on your site.


    Always check that the offers can be used for adult traffic. Build or buy a porn site with traffic and lock some of the more exclusive videos with a gateway. Also you can offer full membership in return for them filling out offers.


    A lot of sites have donation tabs on their pages to ask users to donate for their work. Although i think its tacky, instead why not have a donations tab where by a user can donate by filling out and incentive offer. This way they don't even need to spend money!

    Buy Websites

    One of the best ways to get started in content locking is to buy bargain websites that aren't being monetized for content locking. You can easily find sites on Flippa and other popular forums etc that are already receiving traffic and haven't been using CPA gateways. Just because another person is selling a site it doesn't mean you can't earn from it. Most people don't even think about gateways. Be on the look out for sites you can add a gateway to at some point in the users transactions and bank!

    Optimise and Test everything!
    Like i explained in the intro the beauty of AdWorkMedia is that they have various tools to optimise and test your gateway. Make the gateway really fit in with your site as if it was a part of it. Test different copies, skins and offers. Do not forget to sign up to AdWorkMedia here. These guys will support you and tell you how to get your first gateway set up.

    Also don't forget to test gateways, you can see the guide on Best content locker here.

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  9. adtechdinner.jpg
    ad:tech London + September 19 - 20 + Affiliate.com and CPAFix Dinner.
    Affiliate.com and CPAFix.com are inviting you to come dine with us at ad tech London.
    The "event for digital marketing" is being held on September 19-20 and we want to get a group of CPAFix members new and old together.

    If you are unaware with exactly what ad:tech London is you can check out full details here: ad:tech London | The event for modern marketing & media

    This will be my first conference i have attended and i will be hanging out with the guys on the Affiliate.com booth, you can find them on booth 275.

    We basically want to get a small group of affiliates and industry folk together on the first night which will be Wednesday the 19th of September. We have found some great local restaurants near to the venue and will meet for pre drinks and dinner courtesy of the good people from Affiliate.com.

    I myself will be attending the dinner with Scott Richter (Affiliate.com CEO), and we want to invite you to join us.

    We are looking for the more experienced affiliates and industry people.

    The conference is now only 3 weeks or so away so i am putting out the feelers and seeing who would be interested, as i know most of you only attend the US shows.

    However if we get enough replies and interest we will book the venue and let everyone who RSVP's know within the next few weeks! This could be a great dinner and a chance for me to meet you all in person! I personally am really looking forward to ad:tech London and would love to see you there!


    ad:tech: ad:tech London | The event for modern marketing & media
    Location: To be announced but close to the venue
    Date: September the 19th 2012
    Time: To be announced
  10. newbie411download.jpg
    Newbie 411 + CPA Guide + Affiliate Marketing Book.

    The Newbie 411 is the most famous "CPA beginners guide" ever written.

    The book was originally written back in late 2011. The site and book received so much initial success that author and CPAFix owner Oliver Kenyon decided to take some quality time and effort to rewrite the book. Now releasing the second and proper edition jam packed with more content, information and special offers.

    Ever wondered what CPA Marketing is? Or wanted to find an "affiliate marketing course"? Well here is the complete guide for "CPA marketing beginners". This book includes all the basics on how to affiliate marketing and affiliate training for beginners.

    The book features over 70 pages of unique content and information. Along side guides, info graphics, blueprints and special industry offers. Forget spending large money for "affiliate marketing training". This book is 100% FREE and all you need to start your CPA career. The book walks your through step by step how to set up your first ever CPA campaigns.

    Oliver has worked closely along side some of the biggest companies in the industry. Bringing you some unique special and exclusive offers making this one of the best affiliate marketing ebooks online. The Newbie 411 has been completely re written and formatted to compile the must have knowledge and information you need to start marketing. This truly is the "CPA beginners guide" you MUST HAVE!


    Over 70 Pages of Content

    No Stone Left Unturned (Everything Is Covered!)

    Over 10 CPA Marketing Guides and Methods

    Infograph Blueprints

    Step By Step Walk-Throughs

    Over 10 Special Saving Opportunities

    Save Over $500 With Special Exclusive Discounts!

    Learn Effective Methods & Strategies That Have Been Tested & Proven

    Learn How To Properly Setup CPA Marketing Campaigns Correctly

    Free Support At The CPAFix.com Forum
  11. cpaalphacover.jpg

    Send me Something | CPAAlpha + CPAAlpha Review.

    CPAAlpha is an "affiliate marketing" network based out of Texas run by Tony and John. These two guys have been in the affiliate marketing circle for double figures now and started the network some years ago before opening it to the public.

    As well as both being account managers for CPAAlpha.com they are heavily involved with the traffic side of things and boast vast experience in multiple marketing methods but specialising in the email source. They have both built the network up to being one of the "leaders in lead generation" and have now officially re opened the application door to the affiliate marketing world.

    I have known John for a little over a year and Tony just under that. He has always supported everything i do and has been a great go to mentor in the industry. His friendly approach sees him being very easy to talk to and work with. They are highly skilled in their niche so when i was asked to do my CPAAlpha review i was more than happy. John got in contact and said he was sending me something a little different and he didn't disappoint, lets take a look!


    WOW, thats all i can say right now. When i woke up to a knock on the door to see two first class packages waiting for me i had no doubt this was John. The first package i opened was a small blue box and inside was an amazing crystal cut glass tumbler with the words engraved " CPAAlpha.com, partners with CPAFix.com" - that to me is a touch of class and also thinking outside the box. This sort of quality glassware isn't cheap so i was even more amazed when i opened up the second box to reveal a large bottle of imported Goldshlager schnapps. John had previously asked me if we had the drink in the UK and id stated that I've seen it on the TV and in films but never tried or seen it over here! It happens to be his favourite drink so I'm really excited about treating myself one night to some of Goldchlagers finest in my crystal cut glass! These guys really have put together a nice gift and with a touch of class also, thank you!



    The design of CPAAlpha is just fine, and i say that in a good way! Its nothing fancy but it does the job. I think whats more important to these guys is the relationship between them and the publishers. Its a very clean design and although i feel it could do with bait of a makeover theres nothing wrong with what it does. On the inside you get a simple has offers platform customised to their needs, again it does the job but may need a little more attention.


    If your emailing then you MUST get with these guys. They have a large number of offers and work directly with a lot of advertisers along side their own offers. The list of exclusive offers are great, ranging from a high paying short form LoveFilm offer to some amazing email only offers with the best payouts I've ever seen! They boast over 300 offers and they will be able to point you in the right direction for what you need.


    Unfortunately i don't see any tools on the dashboard, however i know these guys have some great stuff to hand and in their arsenal. I have spoken to them on numerous occasions and i know they provide some great tools/services for affiliates, including some amazingly priced email servers and quality coaching. Again it may be nice to see them add some tools in at a later date.


    This is where CPAAlpha take the biscuit, their support is second to none with the two guys being on the line 24/7! They are very very keen to form relationships with their publishers even ringing them to say happy birthday and congratulations for different occasions. This is where these guys are so strong, they are eager to help beginners along side assisting others. Johns knowledge of affiliate marketing and email marketing is great and i advice you to jump on a call with him if you need help!


    Payment is always on time and they make sure the affiliates get paid before anyone else! Offering a net 30 to start which i believe is the safest way to do things so no one gets burnt! They offer payment via all major ways possible and i have heard nothing but great things about the payouts.


    Overall CPAAlpha is one of the most friendly and awesome networks about simply due to the team. These guys are always up for a laugh but know when to get serious and definitely know there stuff. The two veterans have mentored many of the young and up coming network owners about these days. If your pushing email traffic they are a must to run with, i just hope that now they have the network open to everyone they make some new additions to make it more of a whole project, some simple tools and a few nice design additions would do it! Thanks so much to John and Tony for their amazing package and i can't wait to toast to the guys when i crack the bottle open!
  12. cpagraphics.jpg
    How to find free Ad Creatives + Campaign Creatives + CPA Graphics.

    Finding Ad Creatives or "creating Ad ideas" can be one of the silly little things that holds some of us back from making our campaigns. Some of us struggle searching for or acquiring campaign creatives but I'm going to show you 5 ways to easily grab some amazing CPA graphics ready for promotion.

    If you work with a wide range of "CPA Networks" then you may be lucky enough to run with one of the dying few companies who still provide creative services. However although i will suggest a few who do, not many provide graphics anymore and i think its a shame.

    Fear not tho as i will now guide you through 5 awesome ways i use weekly to gather graphics and CPA display images. 4 of the methods are 100% FREE and just one is paid, i would advice using the paid method if you want something a little extra ordinary. I will be using a Victoria Secret offer in my example.


    Moat.com is my favourite tool by far, an amazing search engine for Ads. This unique and high quality tool is designed for users to find multiple creatives for "online display Ads". Simply use it like you use google and enter in the title of the company you wish to promote, for example searching "Victoria's Secret" pulls up pages of amazing, unique and high quality Ad Creatives for me to use in my CPA campaign. This is a must for marketers and i advice you to search here first. Oh and it's 100% FREE!

    Google Images.

    Google Images is another great way to find creatives. Although it may take a little longer to sift through the rubbish you can easily pull some amazing images to use if not the complete creatives. A tip is to use banner sizes in your search for example "Victoria's secret 300x250" will pull up some nice creatives for that size range. Alternatively hard some nice images and throw them together using our free banner making tool. Always make sure you gain permission before using images from google. I've personally been stung before.

    CPA Networks.

    Like i explained above SOME networks still provide some high quality creatives and i think it puts them miles ahead of the quite frankly lazy ones that don't! I know people can steal creatives or copy them, and the myth that network creatives don't convert as well as unique ones but i still believe strongly that networks who provide the creatives are working harder for us. With that being said login to your network dashboard and find the offer you wish to promote, there should be a creatives tab or you can check with your AM if the network has some available. Sometimes they can go direct to the advertiser and pull some high converting ones for you. The best creatives i have seen in established networks are with
    Neverblue and Affiliate.com so make sure you guys put your applications in now.

    Freelance Sites.

    This is the paid option however this can sometimes bring in the best results, simple sign up to a freelance website which i STRONGLY suggest
    oDesk. I have been using oDesk for 3 years now and have spent over $3000 with them. The whole site is amazing and you can screen applicants before you hire them. Set up a job posting saying you want a nice set of creatives made for a campaign. You can EASILY get graphic designers to make you a full set for under $20, an amazing investment really. Try to pick those with high ratings but not many hours worked as they are always looking to impress to build up their hours. They are often the cheapest also.
  13. affiliateball.jpg
    Affiliate Ball + Affiliate Summit 2012 + Affiliate Summit East.

    Affiliate Ball is back and scheduled for an amazing show this time around at "Affiliate Summit East", New York! For those of you who aren't familiar with the ball, founder Darren Blatt has ran some of the most wild and legendary "Affiliate Summit parties" all across the circuit.

    The Affiliate Submit New York will be no exception with a star studied guest list including, Ice T and Coco, Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys and some other quality artists set to perform at the Affiliate Summit 2012.

    CPAFix was honoured enough to sponsor the last Affiliate Ball and when Darren asked us to be a media sponsor again for New York city we jumped at the chance.

    You can see some footage of the CPAFix logo doing the rounds on the big screens Darren sets up for his sponsors. It was a very proud moment for all our team as will be this year "Affiliate Summit East".

    Ice & Coco say the Affiliate Ball will be CRAZY! If you are attending the Affiliate Summit East in NYC then you definitely want to RSVP for the Affiliate Ball. Hosting the night and the first annual AFFY Awards will be Ice-T and Coco with Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys performing. Last year this party was featured on TMZ when the Ball had a bunch of hip hop legends jump up on stage to perform with Doug E Fresh, most notably Kurtis Blow, members of Whodini, UTFO and more. Affiliate Ball creator and promoter Darren Blatt says this year's “Legends” performance will not disappoint as they have something special planned.

    Here's a video of Ice & Coco promoting this star studded event

    Darren says,
  14. 7searchinterview.jpg
    Interview with Cleofe Betancourt + 7Search Pay Per Click.

    So CPAFix i am very excited to be interviewing Cleofe Betancourt, Business Development Strategist for the "7Search Pay Per Click search engine advertising" platform. Be sure to check out my 7Search review and the 7Search promo codeyou can redeem on 7Search PPC. Cleo has agreed to answer any questions we have for him and also offers support on the forum.

    Welcome Cleo, how are you? For those who aren't familiar with 7Search let us know exactly what they offer and what your role is within the company?

    I’m doing great, thanks! I appreciate you reaching out to learn more about who we are and what we do. 7Search is one of the oldest privately owned search networks in the world. Established in 1999, we offer affordable traffic to marketers at a fraction of the cost of the larger engines. Although we position ourselves more as a compliment to the bigger engines, we are, in many cases, a viable alternative to them. 7Search represents an incredible value in search marketing, and is, I feel, the best kept secret in PPC.

    While my primary function with 7Search is as a Business Development Strategist, I also engage customers through social media & online forums, handle some of the online marketing of our company, actively blog,and admin an independent PPC website, AskPPCBlog.com. In short, I do stuff. 

    So how long have you been working for 7Search and how did you get started in the industry?

    I joined the 7Search team right out of school in 2005. I originally came on board in a support role but my position has morphed into many different departments within the company. 7Search has given me a unique opportunity to continue to grow within the organization as my skills have increased.

    Are they a good company to work for? Do you have an office etc or just work from home?

    We have been around more than 12 years, and many members have been with the company more than 5 years. Being a part of the "7search" team is like being part of a family. Except that you have to swipe in and out. 

    Why do so many affiliates choose 7Search as a platform when starting out in PPC?

    I think affiliates choose to work with 7Search because of the ease of use, excellent bid prices, good traffic quality, and our super responsive support team. Our platform is a cut above other “2nd Tier” networks. Affiliate marketing is a tough gig, and it helps to know that the platform you are looking to advertise on has people in place that can really help you to succeed. We are one of the few affiliate friendly search platforms out there, allowing our users to direct link offers, as well as see what their competition is bidding. That level of transparency is invaluable.

    Ill be honest 7Search is abit like marmite you either love it or you hate it, why do you think this is?

    We live in a Google world, and many marketers, for whatever reason look to 7Search as a sort of “dump in $25, set it and forget it” marketing platform. Then, in the event that the offers don’t work, rather than optimize, they leave and blame the traffic. This trend is changing though, as more affiliate marketers are coming in understanding that in order to succeed they need to test, optimize, and then test some more! As the saying goes “You get out what you put in”.

    How many publishers do you have on 7Search to date and how many are active daily?

    7Search currently features more than 600 active traffic partners, and has a dedicated team always looking to add more. Many of these partners also bring along some of the better traffic from their sub partners, so our network’s reach is constantly growing. We deliver just over 3 Billion monthly searches and working to grow even more.

    What are you doing as a company to keep up with trends and what plans do you have for the future?

    In the recent years we have worked to ad competitive features customers expect from their experiences with the larger platforms(negative keywords, traffic match options, ad scheduling), as well as some they don’t, like our Referrer ID Blocking, in order to deliver a quality product users can grow with.

    We’ve also taken customer service to a new level with our New Advertiser Training team. Every new account with 7Search is a assigned a dedicated rep to reach out and help address any questions or concerns they might have, as well as provide help tips on how to succeed on our platform. If any of your readers would like to reconnect with their rep, they can email me at [email protected]. I’ll be glad to help.

    Our team also maintains an active presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. These, along with our integrated chat tool, provide our customers with numerous ways to get in touch with the 7Search team.

    We are looking to expand into the display advertising market by the end of 2012! I’ll keep you posted on this as more news becomes available.

    A lot of our members would like to know what niches you advise using on 7Search?

    That is an interesting question! To be honest, it is hard to give you a straight answer because a) not all campaigns are created equal and b) you cannot account for a marketer’s motivation. I could give you a generic “Try dating, diet, loans, etc.,” but the truth is that many of these niches are overpopulated and might not present the opportunity your readers need.

    On the flip side, we have many niches that are under-populated with incredible bid prices your readers might want to take a look at. Greeting cards, time shares, calling card offers, internet service (ISPs), ringtones (yes, they still exist), domains…there are many niches that could prove beneficial to a savvy marketer.

    I have access to a Category Population and a Top Verticals Report that I will be happy to share with anyone. Simply shoot me an email if you are interested.

    Likewise what type of CPA offers do you guys see converting the best on 7Search PPC?

    I couldn’t answer that fairly. Considering that many offers have a short profit cycle, by the time I’d come to say “Hey, these offers are really working!”, it is already too late in the game. I can tell you that, in general, email/zip submits work well, dietary ads can be a tough go, and marketers looking to push Viagra/Cialis/Levitra offers face an uphill battle.

    Do you have a vertical breakdown of what traffic you can expect from each niche etc?

    Traffic fluctuates month to month, and can be affected by everything from current events to 7search adding or removing traffic partners. The data in our keyword tool provides search volume from the previous month and is an excellent resource. This same time frame is used to populate our Top Verticals Report. However, our core partnerships have been remarkably stable through the years and the data we provide gives a good estimation on the potential for a given keyword.

    Why don't you make the "blacklist sub id" feature default to all accounts?

    Good question. As many of your readers can confirm, this a very powerful tool to streamline the traffic delivered to a campaign. It also increases the likelihood, in the wrong hands, of over-managing the traffic sources and choking out traffic to an offer. We prefer to enable it upon request for those who know how to best make use of it.

    What is the best current coupon you offer for discounts on 7Search?

    I have to say, the CPAFix bonus you have running here is a great option for someone looking to get started with. An extra $50 on a new deposit of $100 or more is an incredible way to maximize your ad dollars. We also run quarterly promotions for new and existing advertisers, which I send to all of my clients.

    What is the best way to get in contact with support or if anyone has any questions?

    Our staff is available Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm (CT)(GMT-6) and is an excellent resource for any questions your members might have. We can be reached toll free at 1-800-577-1165 (international 1-773-283-0086) during office hours. Additionally, we offer live chat support and can also be emailed at [email protected] during non-office hours. A member of our team will always get back to you within 24 business hours.

    Thanks so much for your time man, we really appreciate it. I hope you will be active on the forum and if there was anything you wanted to leave us with what would it be?

    Affiliate marketing can be tough to master, and we appreciate the influx of new CPAFix members using our platform as a part of their marketing mix. It’s why we strive to deliver a different level of optimisation and dedicated customer support. The bottom line is, we know that the best way for us to grow our business is to help you grow yours. If you haven’t already, be sure to reach out to your new advertiser training representative and work with them to make sure you aren’t missing anything. We are here to help.

    Thank you.

  15. cpalandingpage.jpg
    CPA Money making method + Free CPA Landing Page + CPA Techniques

    Within this CPA money making method I'm going to show you how you can get "CPA landing pages" and use CPA techniques to make money. I will show you my custom built CPA Landing page but also provide you with CPAFix's very own free CPA landing page.

    It isn't hard to make money with CPA and if you use the "free CPA landing page" all you need to do is customise it and drive traffic.


    This method is very simple and is what i like to call the "Vs" method. The idea behind it is that you use a landing page to provide a simple "this or that" question to the user and by selecting one or the other they may have a chance to win something. You can then run highly targeted traffic to it. For example,

    Superman Vs Batman
    Liverpool Vs Manchester United
    Gucci Vs Prada
    Facebook Vs Twitter

    The idea is you lure your consumer into the false sense that by voting for one or the other they are helping, and they may also win something!

    Once they have voted you redirect them to an framed offer on the same domain and hope that they fill it it thinking they will be entered into the winners prize draw. This is why typically email and zip submits work best as a user is 10x more likely to input a simple email address.

    Landing Page

    I would always recommend starting off by purchasing a new targeted and relative domain to your "question". For example if you were using our free landing page and sticking with the "bond" niche then something relevant like "whoisthebestbond.com" would be great.

    You then want to build your landing page, it must be very simple and to the point. Sure you can spend hours coming up with fancy pages but all your work will be lost in the CTR you will see with overcomplicating things.

    I would advice starting with our free landing page generator tool here and customising the niche etc. Then once you start seeing income testing some pre made or new landing page designs.

    The lander should include the following and no more or less,

    A nice image that is relevant
    A simple question "A or B"
    2 Options to vote (linking to offer page)
    An image and text about what you could win

    Make sure the voting options are very bold and easy to select as this is your call to action.


    Picking a niche is easy, you just have to make sure it has the volume you need to get clicks and conversations. Simply being said there is no point you selecting a niche like "Whats your favourite fly fishing jumper" as you just won't get the volume.

    I have seen the best results with picking up trending topics and acting quickly on them, for example if a new film is coming out i will play one against the other and quickly see results.

    You can find trending topics easily by going to the following sites,


    So its easy to pick up some in trend topics and create a niche for your landing page and domain.



    I always stick with first page submits here quite simply because i am a great believer in the longer the user has to fire that pixel the longer they have to get fed up and leave. Long tail or even short form offers just simply don't work on this method. Ask your affiliate manager for a nice simple one page submit and rock it. I always tend to go with "apple" products BUT you can also target the offer for your niche, for example if you were doing a "Gucci Vs Prada" campaign and targeting females, then why not give them the chance to win a Gucci gift voucher, by using a relevant offer. Or if targeting a recent film, offer them a cinema gift card offer.

    You can find offers to cater most niches over on our CPA Offer search page.

    Traffic is such a broad scope with this method as it really does work with any traffic possible. If you wish to get quick results why not hop onto 7Search PPC platform and grab our 7Search promo code. Simply bid on keywords related to your niche for example if using the new batman film bid on the keywords like,

    The dark night rises
    Dark night rises promo
    Dark night rises trailer
    Dark night rises tickets
    new batman film
    You get the idea. There are so many other methods, for those of you who like youtube marketing why not create videos saying "dark night rises trailer" and then redirect them via the description to your landing page etc.

    SEO also works if you have methods of ranking quickly then hit up trending topics as the competition is usually new for new trends.

    Facebook pages about the niche always work, why not try creating or buying a Facebook page within your niche and posting the landing page link to your users. Say you had 100thousand fans and over 3000 converted on a $2.10 email submit thats $6300 clean of the bat!

    Again i will stress there is no one method to this, you can pay for traffic or get it via free methods - it all works if done correct!


    iFraming the offer page is another great way to increase your conversions as it again lures the consumer into a false sense of hope. I always send my user to another extension within my domain once they have clicked the vote button, usually something like /winner.html or /congratulations.html with my offer on the page. This makes them think like they have one the chance to enter thus more likely to enter their email address and fire the all important pixel!

    For a simple guide on how to iFrame CPA offer click here.

    Always get permission from the advertiser first.


    Once again I'm outing another successful campaign to you guys and giving you my landing page and methods, this method has personally earned me $1000's in commission in the past.

    Here is just one example of a page i created when Fifa 2012 and PES 2012 first came out.

    Compare football games

    at first i ran this via SEO as i had a small content page and blog on it, i saw some good results but not enough volume.

    Later i tested with 7Search and other PPC platforms and made quite a lot of profit from this page alone with some simple email submits for iPhones. It went pretty well especially when the new iPhone was released.

    I have found that the EPC is so much greater if you use one of these landing pages rather than direct linking.

    Don't forget to set up a case study so we can help you out.