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  1. thedojowinners.jpg
    The Dojo Competition Winners and Final Announcement!

    Ok guys so firstly I want to offer you a big apology about the way in which The Dojo has been launched. To break it down as simply as possible I listened to others and didn't go with my guy instinct. I want to make it clear I am not blaming or disrespecting anyone, it was my fault and now I am correcting it!

    From now on The Dojo will be released the way I want it to be, and the way I always intended it to be. I wanted to give you The Dojo as cheap as possible and now I can!


    So for all of those wondering how much The Dojo will cost, it WAS going to be $47 on a monthly recurring bill......but I don't want to make money from you guys I want to make money with you! So with that being said, I have officially scrapped the recurring model and I will be charging a one of payment for Lifetime access to The Dojo.

    Bare in mind we will be updating the content and guides weekly this is an amazing opportunity for those of you who really want to earn some decent money online.

    The cost will be $97 One time payment.


    Now we have a very clear vision of price and payment model we will launch as soon as ClickBank approve our product which i'm hoping will be this week! There will also be an early launch next week via WSO which will offer you loyal members a very cheap option.

    The Dojo will be launching next week!

    WSO and ClickBank

    The new model has been sent to ClickBank applications and should be approved we hope this week.

    As far as the WSO it is in the works currently and should be launched early next week!

    Affiliate Program

    Inside The Dojo will be a very lucrative affiliate program and support forum set up to assist you in promoting your own Dojo links to earn up to 50% per sign up.

    We will encourage each member to try and earn monthly commissions with us and will be holding competitions for iPads etc for the best affiliate monthly.


    Feel free to PM me with any questions or suggestions about The Dojo or ask here.

    Competition Winners

    View attachment 845
    Firstly, thank you everyone who entered. The response was amazing! The competition post had over 3000 views in 24hours, and almost 100share/entries! Thank you.

    Now to the lucky 10 who win a weeks free membership before anyone else!


    Congratulations to all the winners, please check your email and CPAFix inbox for further information.
  2. View attachment 829

    The Dojo Announcement (10 FREE Membership Giveaway).

    Ok, so finally the wait is almost over! I'd like to personally thank all of you for your patience and support throughout the last few months. The Dojo has grown ten fold due to a few added personnel and a huge amount of evolving and growing.

    What started as an eBook has turned into one of the most anticipated and revolutionary affiliate marketing products online. Everything should become more clear as I share all the details with you in this announcement. Once again thanks for being so patient and make sure you check out how you can win a free membership at the end of this post.

    The Dojo

    So it's time to break down exactly what The Dojo is, and what you can expect.

    The Dojo is CPAFix's affiliate marketing paid membership forum. CPAFix will always remain a free membership forum but we wanted to introduce a paid section for the next level marketers who are looking to take this seriously and earn a living online.

    The Dojo is like no other affiliate marketing forum online, it's hugely unique with innovative ideas and structure. You will see once logged in that the layout and way the forums are set up is like nothing you have ever seen before. We set a goal to make it as easy to use and informative as possible and we have achieved it!

    We have a general forum for your questions, case studies and so on.
    There will also be a referral forum where we will not only be coaching you on the art of becoming an affiliate but providing you with the opportunity to take these techniques directly and start earning your own referral commision by promoting The Dojo.

    The main forum is crammed full of hugely detailed guides, case studies, tutorials, videos, and tips. No stone is left unturned and everything is being covered. The content is being added to weekly and requests for specific guides etc will be answered.

    Covered by whom exactly? Well this leads me to my next point..........

    Ian Fernando Partnerships The Dojo

    View attachment 819
    Ian Fernando

    I'd like to introduce you to my official business partner of The Dojo, Ian Fernando. Ian will be managing The Dojo with me.

    Me and Ian met last year in London and opened the door to working with each other. I am hugely proud to work along side such an industry icon so soon in my career online and I know Ian will bring 110% to the project.

    We both see this as a long term venture together, and both share the same goal of achieving an amazing private forum turning average affiliates into millionaires. If you don't know much about Ian, where have you been? Seriously, but let me tell you he's an industry vet and super affiliate. You can read more about Ian on his blog.

    He will bring the "super" aspect to the forum and has already posted 10's of guides including case studies of $10000+ weeks!

    However Ian isn't the only super affiliate posting in The Dojo.....

    The Masters

    Oh no, it keeps getting better doesn't it! So I wanted to bring on board some industry experts to really help boost not only the content within The Dojo but also the moderation, question responses and overall help inside.

    So I got a few of my closest industry contacts on board and they are already adding valuable and incredible content inside The Dojo. Sticking with The Dojo and Ninja theme they will be known as The Masters. We will be adding more Masters as the project evolves.

    View attachment 825
    Luke Kling

    The number one Affiliate manager in the business. Luke will be inside The Dojo answering your questions and sharing his tips.

    View attachment 827
    Jay Wessman

    The affiliate king of SEO. Jay is well respected as a guru of SEO marketing with affiliate products. His case studies are incredible.

    So that's myself, Ian, Luke and Jay all moderating and contributing to The Dojo on a weekly basis! So I bet you now want to know how and when you can get access?

    The Launch

    As you can imagine with such a big project the work and planning has been huge. This is why it has taken awhile to get open, however The Dojo as a membership is now 100% ready to open. It's just the technical integration that still needs a little work.

    So heres the plan, at the end of this post we will give away 10 FREE membership accounts.

    In about a weeks time we will officially launch via a WSO special offer. We wanted to launch via WSO so we can offer you a HUGE reduction to the membership and even a FREE months access. This will be available for one month only and we will only let a certain amount of members join.

    After that month and the WSO has ended we will iron out all the beta issues if any and also listen and act on your suggestions.

    We will then have our official CLICKBANK launch where by from there on out you will be able to get your memberships.

    However in order to get the cheaper recurring rate I highly suggest you keep checking back for the WSO launch.

    Cost and Payments

    The WSO will be VERY cheap and will also give you a free months access to The Dojo. After your free month has expired you will need to sign up for the recurring billing system(cheaper rates via the WSO).

    If you miss the WSO launch you will have to sign up via the CLICKBANK system which accept Paypal and all major cards.

    As far as costs nothing is 100% yet, all we do know is that we will be cheaper each month than any other affiliate marketing forum online!


    Feel free to PM me with any questions or suggestions about The Dojo or ask here.

    WIN Membership

    View attachment 823
    We are giving away 10x Dojo Memberships 100% FREE! (2 weeks all access)

    [HR][/HR]To enter.

    Step 1.

    Share this following status on Facebook or Twitter.

    Step 2.

    Comment on this blog post with your link to your status for proof and tell us why you'd like to enter The Dojo.


    All participants will be entered into a hat and the winners will be randomly drawn.

    Qualified Entries.

    Joe Rodriguez
    36.pepe pp
    Dave Augood
    61.Trameil Ellis

    kalki G




    Attached Files:

  3. howtomake100.jpg
    Industry Experts tell you how they made their first $100.

    So after the success of our last mega network post, 16 CPA Networks advise you on how to get started in CPA Marketing, we wanted to carry on the series. The idea is to get honest and useful information and advice from those who should know best.

    In this post I contacted several CPA networks and asked them one simple question,

    "How did you make your first $100 in CPA marketing?"

    Let's take a look at what they had to say.

    Jake Antifaev | NotoriousCPA

    Zakir Khan | Obey.my

    Vlad Troy | AdsMain

    Luke Kling | PeerFly

    Dan Wolff | BLAM Ads

    Jonathon Smith | Lead Smack

    Oleg Gradel | Unique Affiliates

    Morgan Coudray | MobPartner

    Steven Sauve | MaxBounty

    Vito Glazers | CPATank

    Matt Lovett | WOW Trk

    Joseph Salmons | Operation Offers

    Stephen Stepanik | CPA Infinity

  4. conciergecoolhandle.jpg
    Concierge by CoolHandle: Premium Tailored Affiliate Services

    Imagine you are staying at a five star hotel. You want to get tickets to a show, dinner reservations at the hottest new restaurant in town and afterwards you want a VIP room at one of the swankiest nightclubs on the strip. The only problem is, you are an out of towner and have no idea who to call or what places are actually good. Yes, you can yelp it, you can google, you can research - OR you could just call down to the Concierge desk and ask them to do it for you. An hour later you go downstairs and there are your reservations and tickets, plus she booked you a town car to take you to all your destinations. Now, imagine if you could do that for your business! Yes, this now exists. It’s called Concierge by CoolHandle.

    Instead of staying at a hotel to have all these accommodations, you can be in the comfort of your own home - or on the road, really all you need is a telephone. Concierge allows you the freedom to pick a la carte services that fit your requirements and they even have complimentary services to make your life just that much sweeter. Concierge includes, but is not limited to, merchant services, creative services, marketing materials, website design, colocation, video production, tuned hosting, custom integration and launch control. When you call Concierge and ask for their services, you will be provided with a dedicated team leader who is at your beck and call. No more days filled with researching, googling, sifting through resumes or making ads for eLance. You might be asking yourself, “okay great, another outsourcing company. Thank you very much, I already have like 6!” That’s exactly the problem! You shouldn’t have 6 people just to get one job done. Do they know this industry? Do they have experience working with affiliates and Internet marketers? Maybe... but maybe not!

    CoolHandle Web Hosting has been working in our industry for over a decade and has ample experience and now that they launched Concierge they ARE the one-stop shop for affiliate and Internet marketers. You no longer need to stress about calling that vendor that lives 3 time zones away or struggle to get projects out on time because one of your vendors is holding you back. Concierge knows our deadlines, our requirements and what the industry is crying out for: Less vendors! What that looks like to me, is less work and more time to focus on what we do best.

    Another amazing benefit of using Concierge is their method to tracking sales. You see, most affiliate systems are inherently flawed due to competing computer and Internet technologies. Concierge has developed a sophisticated three-tier system to guarantee that all sales are tracked and accounted for. So we no longer need to worry about losing commissions. You see, Concierge doesn’t just view affiliates and Internet marketers as a way to promote their business, they see us as partners. When you have a partnership with someone there is a level of trust and accountability. This relationship can develop overtime or from a good word from someone you rely on. Take it from us at CPAFix.com that Concierge is the next level of online entrepenuership. If you aren’t a big leaguer - this is where you should start. If you are a big leaguer - this is where you should be.

    We have review many services over the years and most of them are individual services like a solid web hosting service, a good place to go for creative services etc. This one stands out against all others not only because it offers all of these services under one roof, but because they have testimonials and strong support from trusted partners recognizing and attesting to their responsiveness, their trustworthiness and their profound efforts as a company. My favorite statement made by Ryan Morris, the Marketing Director at CoolHandle Web Hosting, was this,

    For more information about Concierge by CoolHandle or to read their partners testimonials, please visit their website at: Concierge by coolhandle.
  5. arviatecover.jpg
    Send me Something | Arviate + Arviate.com Review.

    Arviate.com is a new affiliate network founded by Arvie Bibanco Vallo, a young internet entrepreneur from the Philippines.

    Founded in late 2012, the network was in building mode with views the launch out in 2013. Arvie is an affiliate himself and wanted to build a new network with fresh ideas. He already has a small team of staff behind the network, mostly ex affiliates and is ready to make 2013 his breakthrough year.

    Arvie has a business background after studying entrepreneurship at university and having already created some successful online companies. He is now concentrating on building out the network and promises us some great things in the near future.

    He contacted me awhile ago and said he wanted to send me something special, so naturally I was very excited. The package arrived on a Monday morning, and it certainly put a smile on my face!


    I opened the package to find a small box containing some Giorgio Armani aftershave. Arvie had previously bought up in a Facebook chat what after shaves i wear etc, I had no idea he was planning on sending me a brand new bottle tho.

    He went on to add how this exact bottle was his favourite after shave and he collects a lot of bottles. This was a very nice touch, and the man has great taste as it smells incredible!

    This wasn't the only thing I received tho, underneath the aftershave was a black hoody custom printed for myself. This hoody is SICK! On the front it displays Arviates killer slogan "Grind More", and on the back there logo. I have to say i wear the hoody most weeks and i'd love another one if i'm being honest. After sharing the image of my hoody online I have several requests to send one to others.

    Well here's your chance, Arvie has said to me the first 100 affiliates to sign up to his network and receive payment($100 min), will also receive a brand new hoody just like mine!


    Sign up here: First 100 affiliates get a "Grind More" hoody!

    I'd like to thank Arvie for the really cool gifts and time he spent personalising everything.


    The design is very sleek and modern. The homepage although doesn't yet have enough content is very attractive on the eye and appealing. On the inside I was a little disappointed to find the default has offers dashboard, but the guys have included the header and changed some of the cell colours to match. Overall I feel it could do with a bit of custom work but i'm sure they have this planned for the future.


    Now I know for a fact the guys are constantly working to add more offers into their network but they strive to get the best at the best payouts. I can see they have gone for the sensible approach with offers and not just added hundreds of poorly converting options. They seem to have picked all the current booming niches like skin tone and green coffee etc, which is great and they all seem very competitive rates and payouts.

    I much prefer this approach to shoving in multiple offers that aren't really relevant! Like I say they are working hard on new offers but so far so good guys!


    Although they are lacking slightly in choice they do boast a very nice looking campaign manager, that allows you to easily split test and track creatives for one campaign. I think this is a very nice idea and looks simple to use. I would like to see them focus a little on adding some new a revolutionary tools in the coming year.


    Currently Arvie has a few affiliate managers helping him out, and they are all very active within the industry. There isn't a day where I can't get hold of his team if I need to. Inside the dashboard you are assigned an affiliate manager where you will see his/hers contact information in full and even a personal telephone number.


    I have yet to push any traffic with Arviate so it wouldn't be fair to comment on the payment. However they are boasting weekly/daily payments if affiliates hit a certain amount of earnings.


    Overall I would say Arviate is a work in progress. They have certainly made a great start but I would like to see them working on a better dashboard and some unique tools. There are so many start up networks so you have to establish some uniqueness. Arvie seems like a great guy who's very determined so I feel 2013 could be a big year for the network. I wish them the best of luck and would like to thank you for such nice gifts!
    Don't forget to get a hoody yourself: First 100 affiliates get a "Grind More" hoody!
  6. Annual CPA and Affiliate Marketing Awards 2012 Results.


    The Annual CPA and Affiliate Marketing Awards 2012, were voted on by over 500 affiliate and internet marketers. The first of CPAFix's yearly marketing awards were a great success with some very creditable voters and winners.

    I'd like to thank everyone for their participation and votes and congratulate the winners on their achievements and hard work.


    Network of the Year
    Winner: Peerfly
    Runner Up: MaxBounty

    Best Newcomer Network
    Winner: Obey.my
    Runner Up: AdworkMedia

    Incentive Network of the Year
    Winner: AdworkMedia
    Runner Up: 007CPA

    Affiliate Manager of the Year
    Winner: Luke Kling
    Runner Up: Dennis Weiss

    Network Owner of the Year
    Winner: James Wallace
    Runner Up: Ryan Eagle

    Affiliate Blog of the Year
    Winner: LukePeerly.com
    Runner Up: SmartPassiveIncome.com

    Affiliate Tool of the Year
    Winner: Prosper202
    Runner Up: OfferSnitch

    Congratulations once again and have a great/safe new year.
  7. networkroundup.jpg
    NetworkRoundUp.com Relaunches!

    I am proud to announce the launch of the groundbreaking concept and website for Affiliate News and CPA News on your favourite networks! NetworkRoundUp.com is a unique and original concept by myself. It basically allows networks to register and be listed, however not only do they get access to a user panel. They can also make blog posts and update on the main site and their own directory!

    Welcome to NetworkRoundUp.com

    I call this the birth as it's almost as if the site has been reborn.
    The only reason the site didn't blow when we first put it out was because it wasn't ready. I wasn't ready either. For those of you who know me i have been incredibly busy this year establishing my company and focusing on CPAFix.com. However i always kept a hold on this project as i knew one day it would click. Despite receiving several chances to sell the site and concept!

    Andy Haskins

    I have recently acquired a small team that works with me day to day on my websites and projects. Every once in awhile in business someone will force themselves into your plans and for me that person was Andy Haskins.

    Andy is a bright, intelligent, and enthusiastic entrepreneur who contacted me via CPAFix as we lived relatively close. After several phone calls and meetings i was very impressed with Andy's attitude and eagerness to learn in business. I have always been told that adding a fresh face with new ideas into your team can really benefit you, and this is certainly the case.

    Andy was appointed managing partner of NetworkRoundUp and gave me the new lease of energy to get this project rolling. He is now very much part of the team as we strive to get this project achieving what we and others know it can! After several months of planing and additions being implemented both on and of the website, we are now ready to relaunch or launch NetworkRoundUp.com

    I'd like to introduce you to Andy Haskins,

    Now Open

    I will be heavily involved with NetworkRoundUp along side my other projects but Andy will be the main force behind the day to day proceedings. You can find out more about the site and how it will benefit you on our about us page.

    Please do not hesitate to contact either of us with any questions, queries or assistance with using the site.
    We are now here for the long run and cannot wait to get this project finally going.

    See what people are saying

    We've received some incredible support from some of the industry's leading figures, you can check out what they said on our testimonials page.

    Original Article: The Birth of NetworkRoundUp.com NetworkRoundUp
  8. clickboothparty.jpg
    CPAFix Sponsor Clickbooth's The Future is Now Party.

    Here at CPAFix we continue to grow each month and become more successful. With that success comes respect and out of respect you get opportunities! We have again been asked and given a wonderful opportunity by Clickbooth to sponsor there latest affiliate party at ad:tech New York. This is a real testament to how far we have grown and what some of the biggest companies think of what we are achieving here.

    We are lucky enough to regularly sponsor the affiliate ball, so when i was asked to get involved with this one also i couldn't say no. The party in itself sounds incredible with top entertainment, music, go go girls and of course a FREE BAR FOR EVERYONE! Go and RSVP before it's to late!


    Organisers Clickbooth left this press release.

  9. kristrujillo.jpg
    Interview with Kris Trujillo + XRev Media.

    I'm very excited to be able to introduce our next guest on CPAFix to be interviewed, Kris Trujillo. Now a lot of you may know Kris from his earlier days as a serial affiliate marketer and quality blogger over on Cash Tactics. Kris's blog was personally one of the first blogs i would regularly read when i was getting into "internet marketing". Unfortunately he currently doesn't have time to update the blog so let's find out exactly what's taking up all his time. For those of you who are still wondering who is Kris Trujillo? This interview is a must read.

    So Kris, i personally know you as the guy who used to blog at cash tactics and then started Xrev Medianetwork. I know there are a lot of gaps in-between so fill the readers in with exactly who you are, and your journey?

    I started in affiliate marketing several years ago. Was trying to find something to supplement my income like I'm sure most people in the industry started. I was a delivery technician so I was on the road a lot and newly married at that time. Anyways, to make an EXTREMELY long story short… I've done it all… I've created EBooks, ran free traffic, ran paid traffic, consulted for SEO, flipped websites, built websites for small businesses… And brokered CPA offers. I've been in the CPA Network space for 3 years originally starting as F5 Ads and brokering links to friends that couldn't get into networks. Ralph Ruckman gave me cashtactics so I was pretty well known to a lot of networks then and it was really easy for me to get accounts… anywhere.

    So way before the network what where you doing and how where you earning money online?

    Right before brokering offers to affiliates I had joined up with two ebook junkies Adeel Chowdry and Bobby Walker. Together we created MassPPVTraffic which brought in a couple hundred thousand dollars on launch. We ended up selling the site to another ebook junky on the 4th day. Was the most money I have ever made in 4 days for only 12 hours of work. Shortly after that I partnered with WebHost4SEO.com and created an autoblogging tool that was built directly into CPanel. We could sit down and create 20 automated blogs in 10 minutes. The software was incredible!

    What exactly made you start the network, was there no other network offering what you wanted?

    A good friend of mine kept telling me to start up a CPA network… So I did… He said he was going to run offers through me so it was a no brainer. I knew how much money he could make each month so I took the plunge and purchased a hasoffers license. [

    Unfortunately he retracted what he originally said he was going to do because "I was a new network and he didn't want to run with a new network"… So I decided to broker an offer to another good friend of mine that was running Credit Report.

    About 2 months later I flew out to a conference in Atlanta in November and met several people that were starting in affiliate marketing and got them all to join the network. With a little bit of couching I was able to supplement my other affiliate monies with the network.

    For the purpose of our readers, how easy was it for you to start your own network and what sort of budget do you need?

    Brokering offers is easy. Making real worthwhile deals is not so easy. There is a lot of risk that is taken on by the network. It is the network's job to spot fraud, and take on the payment challenges. Think of a network as a bank. They will loan you money until they get paid… Sometimes they pay you weekly and don't get paid till 60 days later. If I was to do this all over, I would make sure I had AT LEAST $500,000 to float around.

    We've seen Xrev CPA Network come along way in the last year, and you're now moving into your brand new offices, but what ups and downs have you occurred on the way?

    It's always an issue with payments. Cashflow is a big deal to a network. We pay quicker then we are paid as I've stated. When someone holds onto $100k or even $20k for too long it can make things a little tricky to manage. But I think we have it down for the most part. We have deep enough pockets now to not be stressed out if a payment is late.

    We see you work with Josh a lot and others like Ian Fernando, but what business relationships have been most valuable to you?

    A lot of who we broker to is other networks. We own several of our own offers including Green Coffee, Colon Cleanse, Bizop, Premium SMS, and a CoReg Path. If it wasn't for our close working relationships with other networks we would have to put in a lot more work to get things going over here. We've worked over the last couple years to build some pretty strategic partnerships for our internal offers.

    There are so many networks out there already, why do we need another one Kris?

    I'll tell you the same thing I tell other affiliates. Find a network you like and stick with them. Be loyal to who you work with and they will treat you right. Our affiliate base is treated right by us. We pay out to affiliates even when we aren't always paid. We don't keep 1 affiliate manager for 1000 affiliates. Each affiliate manager handles a small number of affiliates.

    We all joke about EWA's "5 more spots this month" but it's true for XRev Media. We only let on a small group of affiliates in at a time. We don't want to grow so big or so fast that we can't handle our own expansion properly. We like to keep a high caliber affiliate base running at all times and because of this we really don't have room for people in the network to just come in and have a look around.

    We have direct offers for people to run and if they tell us they want to run something they have a small time frame to get something going… Otherwise, it's "adios".

    Our affiliate base is mainly built by referrals. If you want to be treated right with true exclusively owned offers then XRev is where the money is at.

    As an entrepreneur if you had to advise others on starting a business what would be your key pointers?

    Five little tips that have always worked for me and I try and do every day…

    1 - Be organized in all things. Sort files, keep folders, take notes, give yourself reminds
    2 - Seek legal council. A strong legal base can protect you in the end.
    3 - Surround yourself with success. Keep positive people in your life and business environment. If someone is being negative kick them to the curb.
    4 - Ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask those that have done what you are trying to do. Learn all you can about your business.
    5 - Delegate. Don't do everything yourself. There is only one of you and 24 hours in a day. Sometimes you need to delegate work to other people to get the job done.

    We all saw you did a great job as an affiliate from your blog, but if you had to coach a new affiliate with a small budget, what would you show them?

    There are literally hundreds of sources for free traffic. If I had to show someone how to make money online I would show them free traffic sources. They usually take more work, but can also be very profitable. My first week online I made $700 from Yahoo Answers… The money is there, it just takes a dedicated person to claim their portion.

    Thank you.
  10. howtomake100.jpg
    16 CPA Networks advise you on how to get started in CPA Marketing.

    I'm pretty sure this will become one of the most read articles in CPA marketing history. A privilege of owning this cost per action resource is that i get to network with some amazing people. So i thought to myself why not utilise my connections and relationships with some of the best CPA networks and gather some exclusive "CPA marketing tips" for my members. I wanted to get answers from inside the affiliate networks who have access to the numbers being pushed everyday. So i contacted some of my close colleagues and friends and put the question to them,

    "How would you get started in CPA, with a small budget".

    Now please bare in mind over a third of the personnel questioned once started as a newbie affiliate with no money. Also bare in mind every single one of the personnel questioned now owns or works for a top CPA network. We will analyse the answers after, but for now let's see what the Affiliate Marketing network experts had to say.

    David White | ClickDealer

    Matt Lovett | WOWTrk

    John Kitover | Secure Website Partner

    Stephen Stepanik | CPA Infinity

    Vito Glazers | CPATank

    John Dutton | CPAAlpha

    Jake Antifaev | Notorious CPA

    Luke Kling | PeerFly

    Eric Smith | ClickRover

    Vineet Gupta | 1GreatCPA

    Ryan Eagle | EWA and BLAM Ads

    Jos Bell | Neverblue

    Kris Trujillo | XRev Media

    Joseph D Salmons | Operation Offers

    David Mackler | AdWork Media

    Brian Pedder | Get Offers Direct


    It's extremely hard to put everything above into a few bullet points. However i really hope this gives you some new ideas and inspiration for CPA marketing.

    After reading everyones views i can see a few trends. Quite a few people mention running traffic on 7Search PPC network, which i also believe is a good place to start with a minimal budget as it's newbie friendly and you can get in the positives! CPAFix have a great 7Search Coupon also available. Likewise i see SEO being mentioned a lot, this is due to the low cost and rewarding results. I also agree with SEO as a great starting point, i think the main point is to pick something you are interested in.

    Another massive point that is mentioned several times is to build your email list. No matter what stage of marketing you are at, i would advice you do this straight away! I only wish i'd had this advise when i started CPA marketing as i'd be a very rich man by now! Capturing your own email addresses allows you to follow up with emails and market to that consumer until they opt out! Thousands of dollars may be left on the table if you fail to do this!

    Make sure you have read the Newbie 411 a few times as it breaks down 7Search and SEO in detail for you. Another great point i saw was working with someone else, a great idea is to find someone with different strengths than you but with the same goal. Work with each other and utilise each others strengths until you achieve what you want.

    Overall i think this is an amazing starting point to get some great ideas for newbies in Affiliate Marketing. Id like to personally and on behalf of CPAFix thank everyone involved and we will bring you more posts like this if it gets good reviews!
  11. View attachment 363
    5 tips to staying motivated whilst earning a living online.

    Working online by yourself can be a hard task on it's own, let alone when lack of motivation and depression kicks in. I personally started working full time on my online business earlier this year, and i know i'm not alone when i say it can be hard at times to get motivated!

    As an entrepreneur earning a living online can be amazing, but there are times when motivation is the one thing holding you back from having a productive day. For me, the key to justifying a great weeks business is keeping that fire in my belly going and staying motivated until the end of the week. If you are lucky enough to find the key to "how to earn a living online" then these following tips may help you push on when feeling unmotivated or fed up!

    Keep a Notepad and Pen

    When working online you can have several tasks going on all at once. I personally find i have about 20 thoughts in my head all at the same time, it gets even worse when i log off the computer. So what i do and would strongly advice to do is keep a notepad and pen by your side at all times. If an idea or something you know you need to do pops into your head, write it down! This stops it going through your heads cycle and gives your a clear list of what to do. Which brings me to my next point.

    Work to a List

    One of the best tips to staying motivated by yourself is to work to a list. Like i mention above i personally write down several points every day that i know i need to follow up. First thing in the morning compile those points into a list of things you need to do for the day and stick to it until its done! As a chef we would always have a list of prep we needed to do before the day was finished, i treat my business making a living online the same.

    Switch of all Distractions

    One of the hardest things to do is to isolate your work when your on a computer. Especially these days with all the social networks and apple products that ping at almost everything. However sometimes it really benefits to switch everything off and log out of your online accounts. Whenever i write a blog post for example i will appear offline on Skype and close down my Facebook page. They are unneeded distractions!

    Take a Break and go for a run

    Possibly the best piece of advice i can offer you and what personally works best for me is to take a break and go for a run! It can be hard to justify going for a run or leaving your work station when you haven't done much work due to lack of motivation. However i find this the single most powerful method when it comes down to it! I plug in my headphones and head of out for a quick burn out. I find i tend to almost start a fresh when out running and i usually come back with 100's of ideas. I think of the best concepts when i run.

    Network with others

    By this i mean get in contact and don't be afraid to reach out to others within your field. By creating contacts and networking you can truly motivate yourself purely based on other motivation! If i reach out and talk to someone within my business, and they tell me how well they are doing etc i get really angry and want to out do them! Of course not directly to them but i suddenly get a rush of motivation. Another plus is ideas and joint ventures can be made, and you can unexpectedly find motivation from others.

    There are many other ways i stay motivated but i think these are the key points a practise every day to keep myself pushing forward. What methods do you use to staying motivated whilst making a living online?

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  12. affiliateballsponsor.jpg
    CPAFix proud sponsor of another Affiliate Ball + Affiliate Summit West.

    It's that time of the year again and the Affiliate Ball is back and founder Darren Blatt has never failed to deliver! This year will be no exception as the famous affiliate party takes stage at the "Affiliate Summit West" conference in Las Vegas. The event is scheduled for the 14th January and will be the event of the summit if Darren has anything to do with it!

    I was amazingly proud to sponsor the last two affiliate ball, so when Darren reached out to us for a third time i couldn't refuse! CPAFix is very proud to be media sponsor of this event and all of our members are more than welcome to attend! Previous events have been groundbreaking featuring A list celebrities such as Ice T and Coco and Nelly and even featuring on TMZ.


    Organiser Darren left this press release,

  13. View attachment 350
    Interview with Ian Fernando + OfferSnitch.

    I'm extremely excited to bring you our latest interview with a personal friend of mine and "influential blogger", Mr Ian Fernando! Ian has been making money on the internet for several years now and has established himself among the elite of internet marketing and blogging. Known for his blogs, affiliate marketing and all round entrepreneurship. Ian is a true inspiration to me and i had the pleasure of meeting him this year! We now chat most days and have a lot of ideas and projects to hit you guys with in the future! Without further a due let's dive into the world of a super affiliate!

    Welcome Ian, for those who don't know much about you why not fill them in,

    Ian Fernando is the name and money making is my game. I am a blogger and entrepreneur at heart. I actually love to travel a lot as well. The blog started out to be more of a log of my online lifestyle. I talked about my first attempt at real estate, my ebook business, my case studies in affiliate marketing, and my traveling ventures.​

    We all see you as an entrepreneur and successful affiliate marketer, but how long have you been in the industry and when did you start making money online?

    I started in the online space around 2006 researching on how to make money so I can get rid of at least 1 of my 4 jobs. The first attempt was having an eBay business. I think everyone started on eBay at one point or another. Anyways, my eBay business did very well that I was not able to support the customer base but I was able to knock 1 out of the 4 jobs I was working. Then my next goal was to knock another one out of the 3. I then started Myspace marketing and selling digital ebooks, again the growth of customers didn't allow me to cater to them as I still have 3 jobs. I needed something where I can earn money and not deal with customers, that is how I found affiliate marketing and I been doing it since then.​

    Everyone always asks how to get started in the industry, what did you do and how would you advise affiliates to make there first bits of money?

    I would stick to affiliate marketing and understand how data works. Some people say make your product, make a membership site, make an offer, etc. I think affiliate marketing gives you a great basic understanding of marketing in general. It taught me how to look at data which can range from age groups, to audience demographics, colors, landing page styles, font sizes, what part of day works, forecasting traffic, etc. Affiliate marketing teaches you how to market and that is the best thing about affiliate marketing, you can grow out of it and continue to market your own product because you know marketing.​

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ian in London this year, and we talked about your software company. For the readers, tell us about the company and what it does?

    My software company are basically all my tools I had custom made for myself to help me with my marketing efforts from spy tools, to tracking, to multi variant testers. I made these tools for myself because I felt I can market better than the other tools out there. Yes there are a lot of tools out there but those tools are base on an idea to a problem at the masses. My tools are geared towards marketing to the masses as well but very advance. For example I have a software OfferSnitch which basically watches affiliate offers of any down time and changes to the landing page.

    The reason why I made this tool is because the problem I had was offers going down and no network telling me about it. Another is the network rotating links or advertisers changing their landing page without our notifications, this tool helped me and I know it will help others. This is the reason why I decided to start making my software company public. All my tools again were made for me as a single marketer and I am now slowly releasing some of my tools to the masses because if I had a problem another marketer is also having that same issue.​

    Is OfferSnitch your biggest ever product? Please tell us exactly what it is and how many users you have etc?

    OfferSnitch did go through an evolving period because what I thought looks good doesn't really mean it looks pretty to another. OfferSnitch is one of the first and only service that does what it does. We have several hundred users and several affiliate networks on our platform, we help the network raise their brand and we help affiliates with network issues or advertiser issues.​

    Companies, networks, blogs, products, affiliating, must keep you busy man. However what is your favourite thing to concentrate on business wise?

    I like creating products, I enjoy creating and deploying a new project and then making it money. I start getting bored once its done and earning income. The reason is because I already accomplished a goal and I get bored. I like the challenges and once I start earning earning money off a project I tend to get bored with it. This is why I think I like to create products and services and look at the numbers to see why it isn't working or why it is. ​

    Speaking of Blogs, can you suggest anyone or people who influenced you as a entrepreneur?

    When I first started I started reading Jonathan Volk, Shoemoney, and John Chow. I was in awe at the numbers they were hitting and hope to be like them. I soon climbed the ranks and now I am very good friends with all three of them. I have partied, met, and chilled with them and other top marketers and bloggers in the industry.​

    The money must be on your side man, let us into your life. Big house? flash car? girls on each arm?

    Like a Boss! I have a house, I have a regular Accord car, I enjoy women but I like to travel a lot that is what I enjoy the most. I don't like to stunt with big houses because one I can probably hear myself speak in a big house. My car still works no need to really splurge. I grew up with nothing and now I appreciate things. I don't want to act better than someone but I would rather pay for the convenience. For example I wouldn't drive to a state, I would fly. I don't want to wait in line, I would pay to cut. Paying for connivence I think is worth more than having a big house.​

    Looks like it's all work and no play. Do you ever get time to relax. and if so what do you enjoy doing?

    You have to work hard to play hard. When I was getting into this internet marketing game with 4 jobs, I barely slept. I was determined to knock 1 job out of the 4. I def enjoy going out but again if you haven't notice from the other answers is I enjoy traveling a lot. Getting lost in someone else's country is just an amazing feeling and being able to taste the culture. Traveling is my long dream to do for a full year.​

    So we just chilled and partied together in London, but what's your favourite city and favourite show?

    If we are talking industry wise, I think Affiliate Summit is one of the better shows I have been to. It definitely is geared towards marketers and performance marketers. As for city, I enjoyed Rabat, Morocco a lot because it was alley ways of just culture and amazing foods. ​

    What does Ian Fernando's future hold?

    Being a bigger boss than what I am now. I have a lot of things on my plate and I am setting up a lot new ideas and projects along the way. With the internet growing and the ease to make money online, I will be in almost every aspects of making money online. You may see me with a new diet product, a new software coming out, more sites in several verticals etc.

    When I first started on the internet, I bought the domain theIANternet.com and my motto was "the internet was just spelled wrong" soon I will be taking over. smiley face goes here.​

    Thank you.

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    How to find keywords + Ubersuggest Keyword Tool.

    So i think we are all aware that there are many "paid" keyword tools out there. However i'm sure i'm not the only one who wanted to find out how to find keywords for free. In this blog post i am going to show you exactly how to find the best keywords using 100% free tools.

    I'm also going to introduce some of you to a great free "keyword suggestion tool" shown to me by my affiliate manager and trusty CPAFix moderator Luke Peerfly. Me and Luke were discussing how to find profitable keywords without using paid or subscription tools.

    The obvious one is the Google AdWords keyword tool, however not everyone is clued up on how to use it. I also want to show you a great little browser based tool called Ubersuggest. The Ubersuggest keyword tool is possibly the best free keyword tool on the net! It's extremely easy to use and gathers even more data than google itself. How this tool is allowed to be online scraping Google, i do not know but all i do know is it's awesome and i'm going to show you exactly "how to use Ubersuggest keyword tool".

    Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

    Google AdWords Keyword Tool is by far the most used free keyword tool on the market. Quite simply start out by adding 6-10 keywords that surround you offer or niche. I always try to use a few longer tailed keywords as the competition will be lower. Remember the competition rank that is shown on the results isn't always an indication if there is much search competition. The best way to test this is to search the actual keyword and see how many searches are returned. Although if you're using these keywords for paid traffic such as PPC i would suggest only using medium or low keywords.

    Select all the suggested keywords and click the download tab. Then download them in your preferred format and input them into your campaign.

    You will need to track each keyword and seed out those that either cost to much or don't bring you traffic. Either way you can find some little gems targeting more long tail keywords.

    Ubersuggest Keyword Tool.

    Ubersuggest is an amazing little tool introduced to me by Luke. It works on the basis of a user entering a primary keyword. For example the generic search term. It then scrapes Google and spits out some unique and great quality longer tailed keywords. This is therefore perfect for your campaigns, using PPC traffic that requires 100's of keywords to get traffic. It also couldn't be easier to save the keywords and load them up.

    Simply search for your term and then click on select all keywords followed by get. Copy and paste the keywords into your campaign.

    With this tool you can easily find some amazing keywords that even Google can't provide for you. It's 100% free and a truly great resource.
  15. redropeaffiliatescover.jpg
    Send me Something | RedRopeAffiliates.com + Red Rope Affiliate Review.

    Red Rope Affiliates is a relatively new affiliate network launched by the "Red Rope Access" company.

    The network was founded in late 2011 by co owner Brooke Cole in Atlanta. Brooke has been in the online space since 2005, where she ran major online advertising campaigns for big online companies. In 2008 she made the transition from advertising to affiliate marketing as she secured a job within the iGaming industry.

    She fell in love with the iGaming Casino industry and is now one of the figure heads within the affiliate marketing iGaming sector. Owning some of the biggest gambling offers and websites online.

    Her next goal was to establish Red Ropes Affiliate network as the best iGaming and casino network online. After hiring a quality team behind her such as xRev's Kris Trujillo and Josh Goins, she truly means business. So when Brooke introduced herself to me a month ago we had a long chat and i was highly impressed with what she had to say!

    She then told me she was sending me a package out of mutual respect for what i am doing with CPAFix. She later followed up pointing out i shouldn't in anyway feel obligated to write any sort of review on her network it was merely a gift to start of a working relation. Damn i love her style, and when you see what these guys sent me you will also!


    WHOA, when i went to the post office to collect the package and was asked by the women behind the counter for multiple proofs of ID i now know why. She told me it was an expensive package so she had to be sure i was "Mr Oliver" - thanks Brooke! When i took the package to the office and grabbed the camera ready to start opening i was overwhelmed when i opened it up! The first thing i saw was the white boxes used famously by Apple, you know the ones that get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on edge?

    Well you get the idea! I was amazed to find not only had they sent me a brand new iPad but a solid foldaway case to go with it. However it didn't stop here, it got better! Next to the iPad and case was a box of Dr Dre wireless headphones, and let me just state these were not the cheap ones! Not only that but Brooke sent me a nice cap with the company logo on and even went to the length of personalising the iPad with the RRA background and CPAFix icon! I have received some incredible and unique gifts in my time but this is up there with the best and i'd like to say a HUGE thank you to the RRA team.



    I'm pretty sure the network homepage hasn't been worked on since they launched and if i'm being honest i'd like to say this isn't the final product. Although the site has everything it needs i think it could do with abit of work on the design front, "cough" i do amazing cheap designs "cough". The same can be said for the platform dashboard but i get the feeling Brooke isn't overly bothered about the design and is quite clearly focused very well on the main factor, making money and boy oh boy can they do that!


    As it stands i have about 20 offers approved in my account. All offers are catered to the iGaming and casino niche which is what you expect. From a glance i can say that even tho this niche is typically higher payouts, these offers compete HIGHLY against others i have seen. After speaking with Brooke she told me that they have around 50 available offers to suit each and every demographic. Also she explained how they have full control on almost every offer of custom landing pages that they alter and monetize WITH their affiliates, to drive the best results! It's clear they are focused on making the most money with their pubs! The only thing i would suggest is that they work on adding some offer previews!


    As they are relatively new i don't see any tools on the dashboard. However following questioning RRA about the network i was made aware of some of the amazing tools and help they have to offer. I was asking Brooke about setting up my own offer path with RRA and capturing the lead myself. She then explained that they work with every affiliate on new modifications as they control the offers. Meaning if you wish to integrate something like Aweber in with your offer they will set this up for you and you don't even need to use your own paths! Amongst this Brooke is adamant about helping affiliates achieve their financial goals and says they have the tools and experience to help anyone.


    I think this is possibly one of RRA strongest points, i am even personally excited to start working with them to push offers. After talking with several members of the team i can say they honestly seem like they really want to help. I will be pushing a lot of my people their way and the support seems like it's a major priority in the networks day to day business.


    RRA offers everyone on the network a Net 7 payout. This in turn enables you to scale and reinvest in your traffic. They offer publishers all main ways of payment including Wire and Paypal.


    It's rare to come across a network these days that cares so much about making their publishers money. Also when it's in such an untapped niche i would HIGHLY suggest signing up and asking for help straight away! The overall way Brooke and her team do business is a credit to how quickly they are establishing the network. I personally haven't touched the iGaming niche but with RRA network open and ready to help me i cannot wait to get with Brooke and the team. I want to personally thank Brooke for putting together such an amazing package and hope this is the start of a long business relationship not only between them and CPAFix but between me and their network!