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  1. cover.jpg
    Okenyon Webs New Office | Sponsored by VIPaffiliates.com

    So, as many of you have followed my short career so far, you will know that things have progressed pretty rapidly over the last year for me. We have gone through some growing pains and our proud to be coming out more stable, structured and official. Last week saw me register three companies and put everything in place for the future.

    It was an amazing week which started of with a very much needed new office revamp. There comes a time in your life when you just need to get serious, and this was mine! A new office, and new structure, nothings going to hold me back! So me and a mate spent the whole weekend completely stripping out my old office and changing everything, from the carpet to floorboards and painting the walls. I wanted something modern, fresh and exciting. I'm extremely happy with the outcome and to do this in just over one day was a great feeling. I am also amazingly happy that one of my favourite networks asked to sponsor the transformation and send me some goodies. Below are some before and after shots!

    VIPaffiliates.com Sponsor

    The guys over at VIPaffiliates.com have been working with me for sometime and when I told them in conversation about my weekend plans they said they would kindly send me some swag. We came up with the idea that for each and every project I run or own, I would get a nice 10x10 canvas with the logo printed for the office wall.

    They very kindly organised all the printing and shipping and sent me these amazing pieces of artwork!

    The guys at VIP affiliates really know how to treat their clients. Looking around at different forums they really seem to be making an impression and with good cause. They work in a little known vertical that has incrediable conversion rates (average 30%) and offer on average $300 CPA.



    If you have done any financial affiliation before, working with VIP Affiliates should be an easy choice; you can manage 20 different campaigns all from the same place. No more do you have to work with 20 different companies and have to chase down 20 different payments. These guys are professional and guareentee your earnings arrive on time. Even better this month they are launching their reward program where affiliates earn points that they can redeem for vacations, Mac products, or Amazon gift cards. From my understand no other affiliate program offers something like this.

    If you are looking to join a professional and reliable affilaite program and make high earnings, VIP Affiliates is a great choice for you

    Join VIPaffiliates.com here.

    Finished Product

    This was taken just before the canvas's arrived but minus that this is the finished product, pretty cool hey?
  2. affiliatemeetup.jpg
    Affiliate Meet up in Denver, Colorado.

    A close friend and colleague of mine Scott Richter has organised another meet up for affiliates, networks and anyone interested in affiliate marketing. Following the success of the last meet up where they saw over 100 guests enjoy a great night with free food and drinks. The meet up is quickly gathering some huge sponsors and a big stir in the industry, so when Scott asked us to media sponsor the event I was delighted to.

    Scott the owner of Affiliate.com said,

    The event has attracted some big names including,


    Official Media Sponsor

    ALL CPAFix members will be warmly welcomed and you can reply via the Facebook page below.

    Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2013
    Time: 6:00pm
    Venue: Ugly Dog Sports Cafe
    RSVP: RSVP Here
  3. winthedojo.png
    The Dojo | Competition Winners Revealed

    Thank you so much for the amazing response to The Dojo giveaway competition we held last week. We were overwhelmed with the entries and hit over 90 participants. I'd like to personally thank each and everyone of you for your continued support and taking the time to enter.

    Also it's not all doom and gloom for those who didn't win as I promised all entrants will be personally emailed with an incredible EXCLUSIVE bonus prize that no one has EVER been offered before. So let's get to the winners selected at random from a list of 94....



    Congratulations to all the winners, you should now have lifetime access - make the most of it!

    Bonus Prize for ALL Entrants

    Like I said above, EVERYONE who entered will be emailed shortly and this week with an exclusive first ever bonus prize. Make sure you check your emails regularly this week guys.


  4. winthedojo.png
    The Dojo | 5 Lifetime Membership Giveaway.

    That's right, now that the dust has settled after the crazy initial launch we will be giving away 5 lifetime membership accounts to The Dojo.

    With over 200 sign ups within the first 2 weeks The Dojo has been nothing short of a huge success. So I want to repay you guys for your support and offer this amazing giveaway. We will be quite simply entering everyone who enters the competition below into a hat and drawing out 5 lucky winners to get 100% free lifetime memberships. The last competition we launched like this had 96 entries and we think this one may double that, so make sure you enter asap.

    The Dojo

    By now you guys should know what The Dojo is and what it offers, but for those who don't why not take a read of some of the most detailed Dojo reviews so far below.

    Ian Fernando Reviews The Dojo
    LukePeerFly Reviews The Dojo
    Andrew Haskins Reviews The Dojo
    KJ Rocker Reviews The Dojo

    heard enough to get involved?

    View attachment 1131

    To Enter

    Step One

    Copy and Paste the following and share on your Facebook or Twitter.

    Check out the NEW private Affiliate Forum from CPAFix: http://bit.ly/12ZkKLq 

    Step Two

    Comment on this blog post with your link to your status for proof and tell us why you'd like to enter The Dojo.


    All participants will be entered into a hat and the winners will be randomly drawn.


    Qualified Entries

    15.Guy Dufour
    27.honest scott

    CLOSED - thanks to all that entered - results in Monday.

  5. articlewriting.jpg
    4 Ways to get Quality, Affordable Articles for your Niche Websites.

    It's always the same when you start niche website, you buy a decent domain, install WordPress and get everything set up. Then writers block hits you! I'm sure i'm not alone when I say that sometimes I can't muster up the thoughts or energy to write 500 word articles on niche's I possibly don't even have an interest in. Well let me tell you a little secret weapon I keep up my sleeve for my article draughts. In fact 4 little secrets.

    I have personally used all of the below sites to get decent, affordable and most importantly SEO heavy articles written. For as little as $5 per 500 word article you can purchase 5-10 at a time on any given niche and load them up into your WordPress blog. The key is to schedule your articles to go live in a steady stream to ensure constant, quality content. Each of the following allows you to only pay once fully satisfied with the results. Let's take a look into the sites.


    iWriter.com is possibly my favourite of the following. It's so easy to use and the best bit is you can get amazingly written articles for as little as $3. The process is very simple, you select your category, length, language and quality of writer, amongst other small details. You can then tell the writers what style to write your articles in and select several keywords for them to target. The best thing is you then get writers submit articles based on your criteria and you don't pay until you are 100% satisfied with the results.


    TextBoker.co.uk is slightly more advanced than iWriter. On the writer side of things you get a rank and all your articles are reviewed by a moderation team. This means the quality may be of a higher standard but could cost you alittle more and take longer for the finished article. You can also get the perk of inviting writers you have previously worked with to your new jobs and into a "team".


    oDesk.com is a great resource and one I use almost weekly for several reasons. The system allows you to screen applications via your jobs and let's you see the applicants previous works and ratings. You can pick up some very cheap and skilled article writers on oDesk just make sure they have a decent language score. When creating a job select "Writing and Translation" from the drop down and then "Article/blog writing".


    fiverr.com is possibly the least professional resource from this list but you can still find a good bargain. From the side menu make sure that "Writing and Translation" is selected and then screen the applicants and gigs via "Rating". You can get some very nice articles written within 24hours. Just make sure you read previous feedback on the jobs.

  6. whatrunswhere.jpg
    WhatRunsWhere.com Review | Best Coupon Online.

    We have teamed up with our good friends over on WhatRunsWhere.com, to provide you with an introduction and how to guide on the platform. We have also been able to get you the best WhatRunsWhere.com Coupon online. Over the next few weeks we will be working along side WhatRunsWhere to introduce you to the world of media buying and display advertising intelligence. Make sure you check back for the next video and also get ready for a full webinar presented by myself and the guys within The Dojo very soon.


    For those of you who don't know about WRW, it's a competitive intelligence tool for online media buyers. Putting it into simple terms, it allows you to search what display ads are running on what platforms and sites, and gives you all the details you need to know to analyse the results. You can literally see who's advertising where, how long they have been advertising for and what creatives they are using. It's pretty much a spy tool on steroids.

    The theory is, that users can take the intelligence received and put it into practise on their own. For example if offer X, is working on traffic source Y with creative Z, you can easily copy X and Z and find a traffic source Y of your own to run the offer. Now running in over 8 countries including US, UK and CA, this really is the best media buying piece of kit on the market today.

    Getting Started


    WhatRunsWhere.com also provide some excellent media buying resources for free on their site which are well worth the read if you are just getting started. You can view them all here.


    We will be holding a WRW webinar with the guys from the platform on how to get started in the media buying industry. The webinar will be free and open to all Dojo members. Please feel free to get your questions into the guys by adding them here.


    AffiliateFix and WhatRunsWhere.com have partnered up to provide you with the best WhatRunsWhere coupon online.

  7. 3.0.jpg
    CPAFix.com 3.0 Announcement.

    Those of you who have known me over the last year or so will possibly note a few things about me, firstly I'm one of the most determined persons on this planet which some may find annoying but I have a drive like no other. Secondly I'm never satisfied with anything and will always strive to perfect everything I do. Thirdly I'm far from greedy and know that re investment is a much bigger reward in the long run.

    With the above all taken into account it seems a fitting time to announce CPAFix 3.0.

    To put it shortly I am re investing all profits made from the original Dojo launch back into the project. We have been brainstorming another bigger, stronger, and better version on CPAFix for several months now and it's time to share it with you. Over the next few months we will be behind the scenes working on 3.0 and I'd love to here your thoughts and suggestions as after all, I do this for you!

    What will be new?

    3.0 will boast many new features both visibly and on the back end, here are a few we have finalised.

    Clean Install

    We are going to be installing CPAFix onto a brand new slate, meaning all the bits and bobs of lose code and old plugins will all be cleaned and recoded for a much quicker and up to date result.

    Faster Server

    We are as from TODAY moving onto a brand new dedicated server. This combined with the above should enhance performance and speed by some considerable amount. Please just bare with us over the next week whilst we configure everything/

    Design Refresh

    It's time to give CPAFix a small facelift. We will be making the site more responsive and also working on some nice new widgets and plugins for you guys.

    Review Module

    Possibly the most exciting new announcement and feature will be our new review set up. This will revolutionise the way in which we choose which companies to work with within Internet Marketing. Not only networks, but also traffic platforms and all other aspects will have their own threads and review sections. Which leads to our next point.

    Network/Platform Interaction

    We will be working on a refreshing model to make it even easier for platforms and networks to give us updates, news, support and feedback. We want to see all major players represented on the Fix with active discussions.


    As you may already know we have teamed up with Affkit.com to bring you some amazing tools. These should be released at the same time as 3.0. Please check them out here.

    We are planning alot more than the above but that's enough to get you interested eh?

    When will 3.0 Launch

    We don't want to rush this one so we are looking at launching within the next 3-5 months. We really want to work on perfecting the platform.

    We want your thoughts and Suggestions

    Please spare a few minutes to reply here or in the thread in the news forum with your suggestions and any questions. Thanks.

  8. affposts.jpg
    Affposts Review and why I hate LukePeerFly.

    Ok, so hate may be a strong word, in fact if i'm being completely honest I'm one of Lukes biggest fans. When I say hate all I really mean is I'm completely jealous of the concept Luke came up with for Affposts and he's one of those guys you find easy to dislike as he makes it look so easy.

    If truth be told Luke is a very good mate of mine and we talk most days. He brainstormed ideas and designs with me about Affposts and although I saw the huge potential, I admittedly never thought it would come out so beautiful. The key to Lukes new venture, and please note this down because it's a proven formula is as followed,

    "Take something that already works, and put a new twist on it".

    What I mean by this is we all know that sites like AffBuzz and AffDaily who also aggregate affiliate news, already work. The trick is if you're going into competition with something that already exists you need to bring something new to the table....and boy did Luke do it.


    Affposts is an affiliate marketing news aggregator that outputs relevant industry related blogs, in one big portal. The blog posts are ranked in ascending order with the most recent posts appearing at the top.

    Each blog has to be approved by Luke Kling himself and therefore only the best and most active blogs make it onto the list. CPAFix is the only affiliate forum to have it's blog listed on the site. The best thing about Luke and the thing I admire about all his work, is everything is clean, no nonsense and hugely functional. From the sexy design, to the clever little tabs and options in the header, Luke thinks these things out in great detail.

    The Newsletter

    Affposts also boasts a clever little Newsletter that you can opt in for in the header. Once opted in you will be sent a fresh, new newsletter bursting into your inbox every morning packed full of the best blog posts and articles of the previous day. I would highly suggest opting in and having a read over your morning coffee or breakfast.


    Overall I think Luke should be commended for such an amazing site. I am proud to have him as a Super Moderator on CPAFix and also thankful of his honest review of The Dojo. Everything this lad puts his name to is golden and this is no exception. I know me and Luke will work on something together in the near future so be on the look out for that.
  9. dojoandaffkit.jpg
    CPAFix The Dojo and AffKit.com announce Venture.

    CPAFix.com is proud to announce it's venture with AffKit.com to bring CPAFix members the latest and best affiliate tools on the web.

    AffKit is a team of affiliates who have built some of the most used tools in the industry, best known for the revolutionary CrazyCTR tool. The guys have been working for months behind the scenes on AffKit.com, an affiliate portal of unique and must have tools to benefit all affiliates. CPAFix is now very excited to announce the EXCLUSIVE joint venture of AffKit and The Dojo.

    AffKit will be available inside The Dojo for all Dojo members after the initial testing and feedback period. We want to spend a few months preparing the best possible tools we can with the help of the affiliate community here on CPAFix. We are very excited with the tools we have already put into action and have even more up our sleeves.

    There is currently 6 tools available to test in the tools forum but the team are busy behind the scenes preparing to launch several more. This is just a small taste of whats to come in the following month or two. With YOUR help we can really take these tools to the next step and create some amazing resources for all affiliates.

    Please feel free to ask any questions and don't hesitate to jump in and get trying out the tools!
  10. infinitetraffic.jpg
    Sean Wagner talks SMS, FTC, and all things InfiniteTraffic.com

    Hey Sean how are you? Please tell the readers a little background about yourself!

    I began in the online marketing space in 1997 by getting my feet wet simultaneously with “bizop leads” and email marketing. Each was a necessity of the other and as such it put me in a position to find ways to market via mass email as well as find others who could do the same all while creating my own bizop lead gen business. I toyed around with email and bizop lead gen for the better part of a year before I really started to figure things out, then a business partner asked if I could do the same thing for the mortgage industry, we tested it, found a winner, and that month revenue increased roughly 250 times the previous month. We were off and running full-fledged into the Lead Generation space and picking up every lead vertical that we could get an ROI on.

    Sounds interesting, so how and when exactly did you get into working online and the affiliate marketing industry?

    I spent all of my time and focus in the lead gen industry from 1997-2006 doing the traditional online marketing for multiple lead gen verticals. Around 2006 I saw many colleagues gravitating towards the “Affiliate Marketing” space and while it was nearly identical it had some key differences from how I had previously been doing things. Most of the differences were the advancements in the tracking/pixel technology rather than the old method of simply databasing leads, cleaning, and distributing to buyers. So, I began to learn more and expand my reach into the Affiliate world and soon helped a former colleague with his “network” in 2008 which ultimately led to me redevelopment of my lead gen company into Affiliate Marketing World.

    Why InfiniteTraffic? There are so many networks out there why create another?

    I’ve been in business for myself since I left my corporate America bank job in 1996 and InfiniteTraffic was simply an extension of InfiniteLeads which made perfect sense for the transformation in 2009. Basically it comes down to how each business owner (network owner etc.) wants to do business, what they want to represent, what they want to put their name behind, and how they believe business ethics should play a role in things.

    At the end of the day, for me personally it was all about integrity, a personal touch, treating every publisher with utmost respect, and trying to create our niche. We’re thrilled w/ where we’ve come in almost 4 years now.

    Recently we've seen the demise of several networks, without naming names and pointing the finger, what do you make of it all?

    We see it all the time, this industry had money flying around like water in the 2007-2010 span and with that comes lots of “flash in the pan” types all trying to get their piece. I would always tell my friends, would you rather be flashy for a day or low key and stable for years upon years. We’ve chosen the low key, slow growth, but stable environment and its treated us well.

    I learned many years ago, that with anything you build the most important part is a solid foundation…without that, things can easily topple. So is the case with a lot of companies no matter the industry. Build a solid foundation and that will set you up to continue building upon that. This is a tough market in an already tough industry; I think the more savvy companies and publishers now recognize the flash in the pan types for what they are.

    So how has InfiniteTraffic managed to stay open and what are you doing to insure longevity?

    Again, I harp a bit on the “foundation”, but my philosophy is to try “to do as much, with as little”. What I mean by this is that you don’t need a private jet, you don’t need a 15,000 sq. ft. office, you don’t need “material things” that take away from the operating budget simply to try to impress. Find the right people who are willing and committed to truly taking ownership of their work, their role, and the company and if that means they are spread across the nation than we’ve decided to not let that hamper our ability to hire superstars. When I was 26 back in 2000 I learned another invaluable lesson.

    The lesson of “new money”. This was a tough lesson but one that taught me it’s more important to have money in the banks than it is in the driveway, that it’s better to have operating capital than it is flashy amenities, and that it’s better to have a safety net in case things don’t go as planned. I can say that this is our company philosophy and has treated us well going on 4 years now and with a bit of luck and lots of hard work will continue to do for years to come.

    We've seen the latest batch of lawsuits from the FTC on the SMS spammers, did you ever except SMS traffic and what do you make of the FTC's movement on internet marketers?

    This is a very hot topic right now and one that has the industry on its toes with all ears open. In my discussions with many veteran industry leaders we all agree this reminds us of the pre “CANSPAM” days when email marketing was considered “the wild west”. Then right before 2003 there was quite a lot of talk, speculation, and fear of some upcoming laws that everyone thought spelled the end of email marketing.

    After the initial scare, everyone realized that this simply helped create definitive laws and a guideline of compliance so that marketers could legally follow compliance mandates and be safe in doing so. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I would say based on the similarities and knowing that the mobile marketing avenue has such large potential; I’d say we’ll be seeing new laws and guidelines for SMS very shortly.

    So SMS traffic blew up and died down quick, do you see another new traffic source becoming popular or are you a believer of the good old methods?

    I’m not sure it’s actually come and gone to be honest. I feel that the government agency had a very specific agenda on a very specific group that was the “perfect storm” of having all things done as wrong (or as unlawfully) as possible. To say it’s come and gone is a bit premature since this current situation involved marketing to data that was created and as such had no optin, which used very misleading text messages that included no optouts/removes, and went to an already scrutinized group of offers (freebie style) and lastly, had “winners” that never got fulfillment.

    You couple that with the huge brand names involved; you have a perfect case for any consumer agency to go after the offending parties. Mobile in general will certainly play a huge role in the future, what we’ll find out over the next weeks and months is how SMS marketing may or may not play into that in the future.

    Speaking of methods, what's hot on InfiniteTraffic currently?

    We’re a network of roughly 85% email publishers and we know email very well, so we see things that do well first hand which of course helps our publishers tremendously. We’ve always been well versed in the payday space and we’re seeing an interesting crossover in long forms that now work for non-payday mailers, so that is exciting.

    The tried and true style of season offers (flowers, Easter, etc.) always get a good push, the Medicare, life insurance, auto insurance, auto warranty, dating, as seen on TV, and similar verticals continue to be chart toppers. I recommend people reach out to us directly to find the specific offers and see how we go out of our way to get them the top payouts and have them paid like clockwork each and every week since we do weekly wires!

    Sounds good. So how big is your team? Do you have office space? We'd love to see if you have some pictures?

    Our Infinite Team is approximately a baker’s dozen and is spread across the nation and in another country as well. We’ve never had an office as I again believe that it is unneeded operating capital and limits our focus of potential Team candidates based on their location. We make sure we do many meet ups for those Team members who are close and of course enjoy the conventions and the shows where we all get together to work and celebrate our love of this industry!

    You often send me goodies from the network but what do you do to ensure publishers stay sending you traffic? Pay bumps? Gifts etc.?

    This comes back to the idea of personal touch. I remember hearing many big networks boast having between 20,000-40,000 publishers and it always struck me as odd. Knowing what most of us know, we know those numbers are inflated greatly by waste of time things like fraud and so on. We believe in a private network setting that allows for a more intimate relationship between our company and our publishers so that they are simply not an Affiliate ID # but rather a unique person who we get to know, are friends with, and have an open and working relationship to help make sure everyone is winning.

    We do our absolute best to make sure we exceed any payout a publisher needs while also paying our publishers on time every time each and every week. Since 2000, we’ve paid our publishers on a weekly basis and that keeps smiles on faces! We do also love doing contests be it personalized to each pub or network wide, nothing like sending out extra cash, gift cards, MacBook’s, and so on. You have to take care of those who take care of you, it’s just that simple.

    Network aside what else are you involved with on or offline?

    I’ve been heavily involved in racquetball since 2004 and am sponsored by 3 different companies, it’s taken a toll on my body but I still play roughly 3 days a week and compete in tournaments. On top of that, 2 years ago I began working out at my local Crossfit and that is something that is basically my religion.

    I work out at Crossfit 5 days a week as long as I’m in town and I’ve even now worked out at a Crossfit in Maui and in Baltimore while traveling. I do enjoy travel, helping my girlfriend with her Salon business (very fun putting local marketing ideas to use after so many years of simply internet marketing), and sharing time with my friends and my pup!

    What's the next move for your company and what can we expect to see in the near future?

    We are getting further involved internationally as well was with expanding more into display and so on. We want to cover as many bases as possible and grow the company in all profitable ways that make sense. For the past 6 or so months we’ve also been much more involved in creating our own Exclusive offers so that we can build out that division and obviously gain more attention with publishers.

    Our internal production continues to grow and diversify and that is always a fun challenge nearly on a daily basis, we all love the rollercoaster that is our business! We’re also in the process of launching Pub1st.com which will be our fully dedicated internal production arm that will be distinct from InfiniteTraffic but continue to work within the infrastructure, we’re excited about that.

    Thanks for your time Sean, a pleasure as always.

    Thank you K, it’s been wonderful watching you grow and build CPAFix and the Dojo, keep up the amazing work!

    Thank you.
  11. improvectr.jpg
    8 tips to improve the ctr of your PPC headlines.

    Over the past few years I have sent quite a lot of PPC traffic to various sites and affiliate offers. I have formulated a nice list of what tends to work and what doesn't. I would advise split testing all the below on your new campaigns to see what works best. I would also advise creating your own squeeze pages and generating your own leads as I find this a much more profitable way to go than direct linking offers.

    I tend to stick with Google and 7Search, the later has some amazingly cheap traffic and you can get some very cheap clicks once you have improved your copy. Don't forget CPAFix still has the best 7Search Coupon available online.

    For the purpose of these example I will be using a Grocery Gift card offer that is available on most of the big networks.

    What's your biggest feature?

    Think about what you are trying to achieve and make sure it's the most important part of your headlines. If you are promoting a grocery gift card offer then you want to tell people exactly what they will get when they apply. Rather than keeping the most important information back, give it to them

    Example: Free Grocery Gift Card.

    Try Using Humour.

    Giving the targeted user something humorous to relate to can work wonders in your headline. They can instantly feel attached to the copy and therefore your CTR will increase no end. Think about your product and think of a common issue and make a joke out of it.

    Example: Do you feel like your kids could eat for a living?

    Numbers tend to work!

    For some reason as you will see in this blog posts title, numbers tend to draw people in. It's somehow far more appealing to see a certain number in the headline that to just say "loads" or "lots". It kind of brings an urgency to the ad.

    Example: 7 Grocery Gift Cards to win.

    Ask your viewer a Question.

    Asking a question at the start of your ad automatically draws the user in. It connects them with the copy straight away and makes them think about the question. It also gives them something to relate if you can then provide the answer within the copy.

    Example: Are you forever spending Money on Groceries?

    Scare Tactics usually work!

    Scaring a user with some clever text can really increase the CTR. If a user reads the headline they usually are interested in clicking, but if they think they NEED to click or will miss out on the offer they are more likely to click through. Words like, Limited, Exclusive, Must, Now etc work well.

    Example: Win a $50 Grocery Gift Card [Limited Cards Available]

    Get your GEO Targeting on.

    Various PPC networks offer various geo targeting codes, but your should be able to either set campaigns per region or show the region based on the user locations. Adding a Geo target word adds a personal touch and will help no end with the CTR.

    Example: 1000 Grocery Cards to residents of MIAMI.

    Time to tell a story.

    Stories can also work wonders, get yourself into the head of your ideal demographic and make your story work. You have to connect with the users mind and put yourself into their shoes in order to come up with a relevant story.

    Example: Your waiting for your paycheck, no food in the house, atleast you could win some Grocery vouchers!

    Use a strong Call to Action.

    When it comes to copy and headline nothing improves your CTR more than a strong call to action done in the right way. You don't want to shove it in peoples faces, but it's well worth adding something subtle into your copy to encourage a click.

    Example: Get your free Grocery Gift Card by applying here.
  12. motivationalvideos.jpg
    7 Motivational Videos to give you that kick up the ass!

    There may be no better way to start your working week than watching these following 7 videos. I know it's cliche but I truly believe you do only live once, another week of not taking action is another week wasted. If you truly want to be successful and make things happen in your life then the only object in your way is yourself.

    If you don't wake up thinking "Thank God it's Monday", then I suggest you go get a 9-5 and sit behind a desk answering to someone else for the rest of your life!

    These are a select few of my favourite motivational videos, whenever you're in need of a boost, go make a strong coffee, bookmark this link and come back and get your kick in the backside. Life is what you make it.......happy Mondays!

    The Amazing Transformation of the guy who didn't give up.

    How bad do you want it?

    I Love life, I AM Happy!

    40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes.

    One of the BEST motivational videos ever!

    The most Motivating Videos for Success.

    You want something? Go get it, Period!

    You may also like to check out the Affiliate Marketers Inspirational Music blog post
  13. productlocker.jpg
    Forget Content Locking and try Product Locking with AdWorkMedia.

    Content locking was once the biggest thing going in incentive Affiliate Marketing. Although it can still be hugely profitable, new tools and ways in which to market your products have come along. One that has really hit the ground running is a method called product locking.

    Product locking is the same theory as content locking with a different approach. It's more of an honest angle as apposed to content locking just slapping the user in the face with a pop out saying "fill in this random offer". With product locking you get the chance to fully customise your approach and funnel and it allows you to pre sell and engage with your user before asking them to perform an action. To me, it's almost content locking done correctly. Now you may be thinking you will have to learn code or get a designer on board in order to create your product page, this is far from the truth.

    Don't forget that with content locking you just get one conversion, product locking allows you multiple conversions per sale.

    There are several networks that provide product lockers but by far the best one I have used is provided by the boys over at AdWorkMedia.

    Product Locking

    The product locker basically provides you with your own hosted, coded and designed interface for your users to visit in order to get your product. Before they are able to access your download, file, video etc they will have to complete offers to the value you set in the user panel of which you feel your product is worth.

    For example if I was selling an ebook for $10 I would set the amount to $10 and in order for users to get the ebook they would have to complete a number of offers adding to the value of $10.

    This of course also allows you to offer your product for free!

    Product Locking Interface

    Let's take a look at the default interface that AdWorkMedia provides for you. I want to point out that everything you see is fully customisable via your network dashboard.

    If we look above we can see the advantages of using a product locker over content locking as everything is clearly outlined and presented nicely to the user. Everything from the theme colour to the header image, links, text and offers available are editable via your AdWorkMedia dashboard, as you can see a few options below.

    Ideas for Product Locking

    There are so many possibilities for product locking, and most of the content locking ideas can also be used for this method. However I am going to briefly run over a few methods and ideas below. You have to act on the fact that this allows users to get something for free! Although they have to fill out some offers etc and it can take them time, they don't have to spend a penny and you still get your money!


    Instead of selling your books, try to product lock them and offer them for free.


    I used to product lock membership packages on various forums I owned, for example VIP.

    Physical Products

    If you are selling products and shipping them why not split test this as a payment method?

    Stock Images

    Are you a photographer? Why not use this as a form of payment for each images.


    Online or offline, SEO, Graphics, HTML etc instead of charging use this to offer your service free.


    Same applies to memberships, you can offer an account upgrade in return for filling out your offers.


    Any type of download can be hidden behind a product locker.

    Split Test with Content Locking

    Those of you who have content locking sites, I strongly advice you to split test with the product locking feature. It can almost double your conversion rates and you can make the most out of multiple conversions per user. I personally have made the switch on some of my sites and the results have been amazing. Good luck!

  14. howtosetupaweber.jpg
    How to set up AWeber list and Opt in Form. (The Dojo)

    This is just 1 of over 100 in depth marketing guides found inside The Dojo CPA and Affiliate Marketing forum here on CPAFix.com. Join Here.


    This guide will teach you how you can easily install and set up an email opt in list and form on your website. We HIGHLY recommend you use AWeber and take advantage of our
    $1.00 for your first month deal.

    AWeber List and Opt in Forms

    If you aren't aware of what AWeber is then it's a easy to use and extremely powerful email marketing tool. It allows you to create what are known as "opt in" forms that you place on the front end of your website to capture email addresses. I have learnt over the last year that email marketing and opt in forms are one of the most powerful tools in the industry. I loose sleep over how many leads i have lost from not using a landing page or opt in form. This gives you ability to market to your users via emails and follow up messages. Get it now or you are simply leaving money on the table. Sign up here.

    Set Up AWeber

    Setting up AWeber opt in form and building a new list is made so easy by the AWeber walk through. However if you aren't used to the process or having trouble setting up a funnel let me talk you through it here. Sign up here to AWeber and then proceed to login.

    Once you are in the dashboard click the big blue button saying > Create A New List

    1.Basic Settings

    1.Basic Settings

    List Name - Name your list, maybe use something that relates to your source or website
    List Description - Again explain what the list is for and what website you will use in on
    From Name - This is the name that will appear in the emails you send to people in the signature
    Address - This is the email address you will be sending your emails from and receiving replies on


    Not something i use, but if you wish to be notified every time you get an opt in place your name and email here.

    > Save Settings

    2.Personalize Your List
    1.Company Branding

    This section will appear once a user has opted into your list via the web form. So basically you have captured the lead already, a nice little tip is to put a related CPA offer banner and link to the offer in this page as you have already got them on your list at this point.

    Company Name - Put your website or company name in here
    Website URL - This is where you would put your related offer URL or send them elsewhere
    Email Signature - Simply put your ow signature or website URL here it will appear on the end of the email
    Logo - Here place your media banner for your CPA offer

    2.Social Media/Sharing

    Basically these settings allow you to login with your social media accounts and every time you perform an action to your list for example, send out a mass email or broadcast, it will automatically be shared to your social media account. I find this a little bit to much but it's up to you if you switch them on or not.

    3.Global Text Snippets

    These are handy little snippets you can use when you have mastered the art of follow up emails and adding multiple emails to your funnel. I would suggest only using these once you are fluent with AWeber for now ignore them.

    > Save Settings

    3.Confirmed Opt-In

    1.Your Confirmation Message

    None of these need touching however it is good to test different Subjects etc to see how many people follow up the original email. Basically this is the email the user will get after they opt into your form so if you wish to have them double opt in via email then leave the message alone for now. The guide will talk you through each field anyway.

    2.Require Opt-In on Web Forms

    This basically means do you want your users to double opt in via and email sent on sign up. You know these emails you get to confirm your email address, well this is the same i always ask for a double opt in but some marketers feel it's not needed. Leave this "on" for now.

    3.Success Page

    Here you will need you will need to place the direct link to your success page, it depends what you are promoting but let's say you are offering a free ebook. This would be the place to send your member to download the book. Likewise you can send them to another affiliate funnel or directly to an offer page depending on what you are using.

    > Save Settings

    4.Create A Welcome Email

    This is going to be the first email your user get after receiving the opt in email, so you want to keep it short and sweet. You may want to include and offer link or your website link depending on what niche and method your using. Either way enter an attractive title and click > Templates then click > Plain Templates > Start Over

    Create your welcome email and go > Save and then > Next

    Enable tracking and clicks and click > Save and Exit

    5.Create a Web Form

    A web form is the form that will appear on your website where you wish to gather email addresses. I am sure you have seen these on many sites before. Its basically the front end of your opt in funnel.


    Easily use the web form design tool to create a web form that will match your websites design but stand out. I advise you to keep it simple and only add minimal fields. For me the email is enough but it really depends on what data you wish to gather.

    Design and then click > Go to Step 2


    Form Name - Name your form so you can easily identify it
    Facebook Integration - This is a nice feature that allows user to opt in with their Facebook account
    Thank You Page - Preview and choose the one you wish to use, i always use the basic page
    Already Subscribed Page - Same asa above it will send them to the result page if already opted in

    Configure and then click > Go to Step 3


    This is where you can gather the HTML code already configured for your new design and funnel. AWeber is an amazing tool and does this all for you. You can choose which option you wish but for ease select > I will Install My Form then > Raw HTML Version. Simply copy and paste this HTML code into your landing page or website where you want it to appear. Alternatively if you cant code use one of our free landing pages and enter your code where instructed.


    It's now time to test your form, visit your site and enter in your email address and opt in to your own list. You should receive the subscription email and then your welcome email. You should also see the opt in on your AWeber admin panel. Good luck after your first test you WILL be hooked.

    Take a look at how you can set up follow up emails with your AWeber opt in forms here.

    This is just 1 of over 100 in depth marketing guides found inside The Dojo CPA and Affiliate Marketing forum here on CPAFix.com. Join Here.

  15. marketersball.jpg
    The Marketers Ball is BACK!

    Marketers Ball returns to Ad Tech 4.09.13 - RSVP NOW

    CPAFix will again be the main media sponsor of the Marketeers Ball and you guys need to attend!

    By now you've probably heard about the biggest party at Ad Tech every year, the Marketers Ball. Packing venues with over 2,000 guests per party and legendary artists performing this star studded event is coming back to San Francisco.

    The RSVP is now open at Marketers Ball

    The creator of this baller event, Darren Blatt is also known for throwing the Affiliate Ball which takes place at the east and west Affiliate Summit shows.

    Past performers of these parties include:
    Nelly, Big Boi of Outkast, Digital Underground, Too Short, Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, Funkmaster Flex, Ice-T & Coco, Coolio, Sugarhill Gang, Three 6 Mafia, Kurtis Blow, Whodini, Doug E Fresh and many others.

    You don't want to miss this one, these parties are legendary as they are also seen on TMZ from time to time.

    If interested in securing a sponsorship to get seen on the biggest stage you can contact [email protected]. All levels of sponsorships are now available starting at just $1k and up.