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  1. charlesngointerview.jpg
    Getting to know Charles Ngo, your Expert Affiliate for the Week!

    Next week is the start of our exciting new affiliate expert weeks, and i'm delighted to introduce our first expert, Charles Ngo. Charles has been instrumental in planning these weeks and helping me out with the structure so i'd firstly like to thank him for that. This will be the first of many expert weeks IF you guys make the most out of them. I've opened up Charles's forum early so you can get your questions in over the weekend! Just simply start a new thread here and post your questions. All posts will go to moderation until Monday when Charles will be unleashed to support you guys!

    Each week prior to our expert weeks we will steadily get to know the expert a little more and introduce you to them and their backgrounds. I sent a few questions to Charles, so let's see what he had to say!

    Charles Ngo

    Charles Ngo, Internet Marketer
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/dr_ngo
    Blog: www.CharlesNgo.com

    So Charles, tell us your background and how and when you got into affiliate marketing?

    I graduated from Georgia Tech with a marketing degree 5 years ago. Immediately after graduating I started working for a internet marketing agency and I helped on managing a Fortune 500 Adwords account. While working my 9-5 job, I would work 6-2am every night on my affiliate marketing. After 6 months I was able to quit my job.

    I have an extensive biography about my internet marketing journey here.
    The Rise of Ngo: Chapter 1 - The Blog of Internet Marketer Charles Ngo - Affiliate Marketing
    When did you start your blog and why?

    I started my blog a little over a year ago. When I first started in the industry, blogs helped me stay motivated and learn. I noticed many affiliate marketing bloggers stopped updating over the past few years, so I decided to step it up and start my own.
    We don't see you selling anything on your blog, do you monetize it in anyway or whats the purpose of it?

    I just added few banners up to help pay for the costs of running the blog, but I definitely don't monetize it to its full potential. I'm more concerned about growing the readership and I feel that too many sales pitches on the blog would turn away potential readers.
    You seem to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle is that fair to say? How often do you travel etc?

    I'm really into the whole lifestyle design of the business. A few years ago I did have an office in Atlanta with 4 full-time employees. Despite making more money, I wasn't necessarily happier. I realized that the whole point I started affiliate marketing was to be able to travel.

    I spent 3 years living abroad in Asia. Now I've moved back to Bangkok in order to focus more on work, but I can take a few months off whenever I want to travel. I was in Ibiza last week, I'm in Bangkok this week, and I'll be in Singapore next week. There's not many industries that have this freedom.
    Would you call yourself an affiliate marketer or an entrepreneur?

    I'd call myself an affiliate marketer first. I love what I do and haven't really moved on to other businesses. Eventually I'll move on, but for now I enjoy doing affiliate marketing and teaching others.
    Do you earn money via other means or just via affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is my main source of income - I use the money to invest in some things offline. I've always believed in sticking to what you know so I'm dedicating my time and energy at improving my craft.

    What is hot right now in affiliate marketing and what is your expertise of knowledge?

    The two hottest area areas in affiliate marketing are the adult dating niche and mobile marketing. I'm pretty knowledgeable in all aspects of affiliate marketing except free traffic sources.
    Do you see a strong future in affiliate marketing and how have the recent changes affected you?

    Affiliate marketing will always be growing. I have to deal with changing regulations and rules from governments, traffic sources, and advertisers. This affects me heavily since I like to get really aggressive with my marketing, and I have to adapt to what works. Being able to adapt with the times is one of the most important traits to being a successful affiliate.
    So next week your going to be answering question from all of the members on AffiliateFix, are you nervous or excited?

    I'm not really nervous since I get tons of questions on a daily basis. I'm definitely excited because I think some members of the forum haven't heard of me before and I love reaching new audiences.
    What sort of areas are you most knowledgable in and what should our members be questioning you on?

    As far as internet marketing's concerned I'm pretty knowledgeable in all areas except free traffic sources. I have extensive experience in Adwords, Media buying, Facebook, Plentyoffish, and Mobile. Outside of internet marketing I've studied productivity extensively. I'm always looking for ways to get more done, so I can have more free time to enjoy.
    How do you think AffiliateFix and it's forums can benefit marketers?

    I think forums can be a great place to ask questions on if you're confused about something, and you can also use them as a way to connect with like-minded people. Just make sure you balance out your reading with some action.

    No one ever "read" their way to riches.

  2. kjrockerwrapup.jpg
    Affiliate Marketing Experts Weeks, First Expert Revealed

    Affiliate marketing experts weeks is an original concept thought out by the team here at AffiliateFix. Never before has this been done and we're extremely excited to see how things pan out. The idea is that we invite an experienced and well rounded affiliate to be our guest of honour for one week. Now by guest of honour we don't mean they get to sit around and be waited on, in-fact it's quite the opposite.

    Each expert has agreed to devote their week to AffiliateFix and it's members in order to communicate and educate with our members. This is completely free of charge to all members on the site and the experts will be active once a day during their weeks to answer your questions. Each time we run an expert week, we will devote a new forum at the top of the site to that expert. It is in this forum where you will be encouraged to post your questions, follow alongs and anything you wish the expert to cast an eye on for you.

    We have over 5 amazing guests lined up already all whom have incredible track records in affiliate and internet marketing and are willing to do this completely free of charge because they believe in the Fix. All experts who have signed up so far would normally charge thousands for consultancy and coaching so this is a huge opportunity for everyone on the forums.

    The experts will be active in their forums for a whole week interacting and offering their vast experience completely for free. After their week is ended they will be invited to continue being a senior member of the forums and we hope each will fall in love with the place and stick around. However, YOU guys have a huge part to play in that!

    We need you!

    In order to make these weeks work we need you to help us out! We've done our part on securing and setting up these weeks but it's then down to you to get the most of them! This is an incredible opportunity for all our members to ask guys who've made thousands if not millions online via affiliate marketing. We need to make sure we start with a bang!

    I will be leading up to the weeks in the week prior with an introduction to each expert and some interesting facts, interviews and background. Each expert has a different background and expertise so it's down to you guys to make the most out of the weeks! Please make sure you check your emails and as soon as we start the weeks we need you on the forums posting your questions. If the first week works like we know it can this will be a huge feature of the Fix for years to come!

    Where else do you get completely free coaching and Q and A with the biggest affiliates on the planet?

    First Expert Revealed

    I'd like to introduce you to our first expert who will be kicking off the proceedings next week, Charles Ngo.

    Charles is a bright blogger, entrepreneur but most importantly experienced affiliate marketer. He started his internet journey in 2007 whilst working at the local gas station. He soon realised he could earn 4x what he would in a day at the station using a "hot deal arbitrage" on his computer. In 2007 he walked into the gas station and quit his job!

    Nearly 7 years on he is establishing him self as an informative and honest affiliate marketer and blogger and has recently been invited to give talks and seminars at popular marketing events. Charles is now earning a passive income from paid traffic and his expertise ranges from media buying to mobile and social traffic. He's gathering an amazing reputation from his peers and is one of the most honest guys on the circuit. He even claims himself to be "Among the best in the world at what I do".

    We will be doing some coverage and interviewing Charles this week on the affiliate marketing blog, but you can do your own research by visiting CharlesNgo.com

    A big thank you to Charles for his enthusiastic commitment and help planning the "weeks".

    Charles Ngo Expert Week

    When: Monday 14th October - Friday 18th October.
    Where: Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix

  3. adtechlondon.jpg
    ad:tech London 2013 Wrap Up!

    This time last year I arrived at ad:tech London having just quit my job as a full time chef. I was nervous, naive and pretty clueless as to what to expect. A year later and a hell of a lot has changed.

    Over the past year I have been working my socks off establishing my name and companies within the internet marketing world. So when ad:tech finally rolled around I was anxious to get stuck in and make the most of it. Over the past year a lot has changed for me weather it's creating several successful companies, taking on Airline.com or most recently taking the quietly proclaimed CPAFix.com to new heights. No matter what had happened, this year I was returning to my second at:tech for a purpose!

    I started my commute to London at 6 o'clock on the Wednesday morning. Having driven to my business partners house in Bristol we caught an early train directly down to London town. The one thing I love about London is how easy it is to get across the city, so we hopped on the underground and made our way to the Olympia. When we arrived we opted to attend a breakfast with a close friend and a new contact in the affiliate marketing industry. It was a great opportunity to get some early meetings underway (and an excuse to line our stomachs).

    We then arrived at the exhibition hall at around 12am. Although very small on scale in comparison to the US summits and events the room was buzzing with business. On the far left of the hall the seminars were well underway, but we opted to split up in order to walk the hall and talk to whom we needed. I was impressed with the amount of booths and the effort that went into them, however the one thing that let me down this year was the lack of affiliate networks and US companies on show. Last year I was lucky enough to meet the likes of MaxBounty, Affiliate.com and CPAWay. It became apparent that most of these guys had chosen dmexco this year in favour of London.

    It didn't stop us from meeting several new clients and contacts and the hall was better equipped this year for you to hold talks and meetings. It boasted a small bar and a Pizza Express attached were you could slip away from a coffee or something a little stronger with your colleagues. Lots of companies made a great effort to brighten up their booths but I remember tweeting about the booth that stood out the most. Monetize, a UK affiliate network had a world record attempt kicking off(literally), as a young gentleman attempted to break the keep uppy record. This kid had some great skills and it certainly drew added attention to the stand. If exhibitors are reading this take note. Get someone or something abit different on your stand and it will draw attention.

    In the afternoon we had several meeting arranged and nipped round the corner for a coffee or three. The great thing about the Olympia is there's several bars, pubs and coffee houses located closely so if you want to get away from the hustle of the event for a quiet chat you can.

    it happened to be my business partner and close mates birthday so after we had done what we needed to we took a short trip to Fulham to check out the Lamborghini garage. He's a huge car fanatic and knows the company well so we were shown around the showroom and it was a great experience. We then headed back to the event which even tho it was coming to a close for the day was still buzzing with people. We met a few friends and chatted about business whilst the stall ran by Intella handed out free beers to those who remained.


    The most disappointing thing I find about London is the lack of events and parties in the evening. When you read about these super club events and parties that AffiliateFix.com and myself sponsor in the US it kinda puts us to shame. Not one real party was arranged this year but luckily a mate of mine from Group One Media called Carl put together a few drinks. Me and Andy met early in a pub with my old friend from the states called Jesse and introduced him to the UK "beer". We then all hopped back on the trains and headed across town to Carls event. Although there wasn't any real parties we still managed to have a great night out, I always feel the evening is where you can do your best business as everyone seems a lot loser after a pint or two. We met up with some other friends and a few guys we had met earlier in the day and enjoyed a great night out in London town.

    The day after we headed back to the show but it seemed a little more subdued. Another thing with London is if you haven't got meeting arranged on the second day you've probably exhausted the exhibition in the first. Luckily we headed to chat with a few potential clients before we headed home after a successful trip.

    Overall I always love ad:tech London, as I strongly believe networking is one of the most powerful tools you can ever utilise. The event was great but it was a shame not to see so many companies from the US this year and also the lack of a party let it down. Next year I hope we can see more guys coming back and the need for us all to get together and throw a party. I returned with a great energy and focus just in time to launch www.AffiliateFix.com
  4. View attachment 1821
    AffiliateFix Showcase Episode Six: The Dojo and AffKit.com

    Everyday for the next week or two I will be blogging and emailing about the new platform. We are very proud of what we have created and want to show you amazing members the new features one by one! To read the full story you can check read Goodbye CPAFix. Hello AffiliateFix. Thanks for your ongoing support and we hope you love the new site, either way make sure you comment and let us know.

    The Dojo and AffKit.com


    [button="next"]Enter The Dojo![/button]

    A large amount of time and thinking has gone into taking The Dojo to the next level. After signing our agreement with AffKit.com and also streamlining everything we put the plans into action. We tried to create something that was easy on the eye and also very easy to use. We really think we've achieved both.

    Not only does the new layout perform better and make it easier to use but it also allows us to grow The Dojo even bigger. We have big plans and will start adding more guides very soon. The Dojo is also fully responsive and you can read through the content on your mobile with ease. AffKit.com coming on board is just another huge step forward.

    View attachment 1822

    As always we LOVE to hear what you guys think of everything that's going on, so please feel free to comment with your thoughts. Alternatively if you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to drop us a reply here

    Attached Files:

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    AffiliateFix Showcase Episode Five: Affiliate Marketing Resources

    Everyday for the next week or two I will be blogging and emailing about the new platform. We are very proud of what we have created and want to show you amazing members the new features one by one! To read the full story you can check read Goodbye CPAFix. Hello AffiliateFix. Thanks for your ongoing support and we hope you love the new site, either way make sure you comment and let us know.



    We wanted to really expand on the old resources page to create something that we can grow. We put a new system in place that will allow us to over time add a large list of useful resources. This system is far cleaner, quicker and more responsive than the old one.

    We will continue to add resources and tools over the coming months and please feel free to suggest a resource or submit one of your own. We will only be adding respectable and tested resources to the page. Take a look at the new affiliate marketing resources.

    View attachment 1803

    As always we LOVE to hear what you guys think of everything that's going on, so please feel free to comment with your thoughts. Alternatively if you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to drop us a reply here.
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    AffiliateFix Showcase Episode Four: Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Deals

    Everyday for the next week or two I will be blogging and emailing about the new platform. We are very proud of what we have created and want to show you amazing members the new features one by one! To read the full story you can check read Goodbye CPAFix. Hello AffiliateFix. Thanks for your ongoing support and we hope you love the new site, either way make sure you comment and let us know.

    Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Deals


    We keep repeating it but, we really want to become the go-to place for affiliate marketing. Everyone uses vital affiliate tools and products to assist them in earning. We want to exclusively work with the biggest tools and resources within affiliate marketing to offer you guys amazing deals. The new affiliate marketing deals section is only the start, we have lots more being added very soon.

    If you have any suggestions or want to get in touch about the deals please do so. We will soon have a great page full of deals for the must use affiliate marketing tools and platforms. Take full advantage of them whilst you can as not all of them can last forever.

    View attachment 1790

    As always we LOVE to hear what you guys think of everything that's going on, so please feel free to comment with your thoughts. Alternatively if you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to drop us a reply here.
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    AffiliateFix Showcase Episode Three: Reviews and Support Threads

    Everyday for the next week or two I will be blogging and emailing about the new platform. We are very proud of what we have created and want to show you amazing members the new features one by one! To read the full story you can check read Goodbye CPAFix. Hello AffiliateFix. Thanks for your ongoing support and we hope you love the new site, either way make sure you comment and let us know.

    Reviews and Supports


    With the amount of fake review sites popping up and other popular review sites fading we wanted to offer solution. We've built an inbuilt system that's ideal for all networks and platforms to offer support, updates and enable affiliates to leave reviews. The system is pretty incredible and allows networks and platforms to display everything they need to and update users on progress and news.

    The review and support threads are fully responsive and not just anyone can leave a reviews. Only trusted members will be able to have the review option therefore minimising blatant attempts of hate or fake reviews. This system we believe will compel AffiliateFix onto the next level and should be a go to place in the future.

    View attachment 1691

    As always we LOVE to hear what you guys think of everything that's going on, so please feel free to comment with your thoughts. Alternatively if you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to drop us a reply here.
  8. wiki.png
    AffiliateFix Showcase Episode Two: Wiki

    Everyday for the next week or two I will be blogging and emailing about the new platform. We are very proud of what we have created and want to show you amazing members the new features one by one! To read the full story you can check read Goodbye CPAFix. Hello AffiliateFix. Thanks for your ongoing support and we hope you love the new site, either way make sure you comment and let us know.


    We wanted to provide new affiliate marketers with a go to place to learn about the industry. Everyone is always trying to sell something or rehash information, not us! This isn't a WSO or a rubbish internet marketing product. This is the real deal, a complete guide to affiliate marketing written from people who've experienced it all. When you visit the
    Wiki you can freely read and print out any article or guide as you wish.

    This wiki will be added and adapted on throughout the coming stages of the beta site. It will always remain free and easy to access. We've made it super easy to navigate through each guide and hope it helps each of you in some way. It is also again, fully responsive.

    As always we LOVE to hear what you guys think of everything that's going on, so please feel free to comment with your thoughts. Alternatively if you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to drop us a reply here.
  9. responsive.png
    AffiliateFix Showcase Episode One: Responsive Design

    Everyday for the next week or two I will be blogging and emailing about the new platform. We are very proud of what we have created and want to show you amazing members the new features one by one! To read the full story you can check read Goodbye CPAFix. Hello AffiliateFix. Thanks for your ongoing support and we hope you love the new site, either way make sure you comment and let us know.

    Responsive Design

    We wanted to build a site that was future proof. With the new age of tablets, mobiles, desktops and everything in between, we knew we needed to be ready. AffiliateFix.com and everything you see on it is 100% fully responsive. No longer do you need to scroll around a huge screen to find what you want or even download an app. Make sure you watch the video and do the test!

    3.0 let's you view the site exactly the same as it was meant to be viewed on any device! This will allow your user experience to be heightened, hopefully resulting in a much higher activity rate. We want you to be able to get everything you need out of the site no matter where or what device you are on.

    As always we LOVE to hear what you guys think of everything that's going on, so please feel free to comment with your thoughts. Alternatively if you have any
    feedback or suggestions please feel free to drop us a reply here.
  10. launchingnow.jpg
    Goodbye CPAFix. Hello AffiliateFix!

    For the past two years I have been working along side my members and team to create the number one affiliate resource online. We've been through several changes but none more so than the latest switch to AffiliateFix.com. CPAFix has become a recognisable site and brand and we are amazingly proud and pleased to take the next step in our mission.

    Why, what, how?! I hear you ask, well let's look into it more as I explain exactly why we made the switch and what you can expect moving forward.

    Why We're Retiring CPAFix

    The website was first launched in 2011, when it began as a small forum for me and my mates over on CPALead. We would discuss methods, earnings and general internet marketing on a daily basis. I kept the forums closed but soon had multiple requests to open up the membership and the site became extremely popular overnight. About six months later we underwent the first major transformation from the site below.

    But today we're retiring CPAFix and merging with AffiliateFix going forward, for several reasons.

      • Branding is everything, and everyone is in agreement AffiliateFix is a far stronger brand moving forward. We acquired the high priced premium domain and with it took an identity and name that will allow us to push forward.
      • AffiliateFix opens up far many more doors for the future than CPAFix. Although CPAFix is a great name it in itself is a type of affiliate marketing and we want to appeal to everyone within this industry.
      • Affiliate marketing is bigger than just CPA itself. This new identity gives us a real personality to be the number one resource and brand within the industry. The opportunities are now endless and we can place down some proper foundations for the future.
      • AffiliateFix will demand respect as a new identity. As CPAFix people may have taken us lightly with come what cheap design and branding. Now we have pumped thousands of pounds and years of knowledge and feedback into building something professional, clean and scalable.
    What we do not want to do is get rid of that family mentality CPAFix had. We are still the same people and we still want to look after the same people. The ethics haven't changed at all, the game plan just got a lot more serious and we want to create history together.

    The Mission and Vision for AffiliateFix.com

    AffiliateFix's main goal and mission is to bring the industry together and strengthen.

    We've worked hard to try and set the platform for a brighter future for affiliate marketing. The goal is to be the number one resource online and a place where all kinds of affiliate marketers and industry folk unite. Together we can create the ultimate affiliate marketing hub bringing everyone together and working towards are goals. We want to provide a free solution for affiliates, networks, merchant, designers, advertisers and everyone in between. This is just the beginning now, but we now have a platform to build out from. In the not so distant future we want to achieve and see the following happen,

      • Meeting Place - We want to become the meeting place for everyone involved in affiliate marketing. Wether you're an affiliate, network owner, affiliate manager it really doesn't matter we want you here! We plan to add forums, tools and resources to help everyone do good business via the site.
      • Knowledge Base - We believe we can become the biggest affiliate marketing forum and knowledge base online pretty quickly. We already have thousands of members and posts and people helping each other out. If we continue to ask questions and help this will be achieved in no time.
      • Business Hub - Like I mentioned above we want to establish each others roles within the industry and then help connect those who need to be connected. We feel we're setting a platform down to create the busiest affiliate business hub on the internet.
      • Future Events and Meetings - We invasion future affiliate marketing events and meetings. Wether it's our own event, us sponsoring or us sending members and arranging them, we want to be the go to place for all affiliate events and meet ups, connecting people together.
    These are just four elements of what we know AffiliateFix really wants to achieve and will achieve asap. Our mission and vision is ridiculously huge but we know with the right amount of work we can achieve it.

    The Beta Launch of AffiliateFix.com

    The move isn't just about branding, we've started completely from scratch. The new site was 100% custom built to suit your needs. Everything has had a full makeover and is beautifully presented. The code is all clean and the site is now fully responsive on all devices and mobiles. The updates are endless but here's a few that stand out,

    This is just a start and i've hardly scratched the surface. Over the next week or two I will be emailing and blogging daily about one new feature a day. I will also record a video of my screen to ensure you get the most out of the new site and platform.

    Feedback and Thank You's

    As always I want your feedback and suggestions, this project has always been about you guys so I need to hear what you think! This is purely the first step of AffiliateFix and we have lots of exciting announcements to make over the coming months. This is in no way a finished product we have merely just set the standard now.

    I'd like to thank a few people who've pushed me through the past few months to get this done, through thick and thin. Andy a guy I met on CPAFix who now runs another one of my companies with me has been as always a hero. My team and main forum developers Sam and Lauri, thanks for putting up with me! Of corse my mate Virgil from AffKit.com. Anyone who i've pestered on Skype or help me in some way, thank you! My girlfriend Josie and family who I love very much, but most of all - YOU! Without you guys I wouldn't be living the life of my dreams and wouldn't have this entrepreneurial fire in my stomach. Here's to the next chapter guys, lets making it damn big!
  11. clickdealercover.jpg
    Send me Something | ClickDealer.com + ClickDealer Review.

    ClickDealer is a global digital advertising agency and CPA network. I have personally dealt with ClickDealer for over a year by now and have witnessed their growth from a relatively small company to one of the industry's leaders. Starting with just one office they now have expanded across the globe and keep conquering new countries. I've always been most impressed with the personal appeal ClickDealer is known for and when the guys contacted me and offered to send me something I simply couldn't refuse. My affiliate manager is Max and he dedicates me quite a lot of time. We often talk in general and we once expressed our mutual love for coffee, you won't believe what just came in the post!


    Although this isn't the biggest package i've ever received I have to admit it's possibly my favorite! Sorry other networks but when a company sends you the brand new Nespresso machine to match your kitchen colours it's a good day! ("Winning"). I had previously discussed with Max that I was thinking about getting rid of my old machine and getting one of the Nespresso machines and I should have clocked on when he asked me which colour I liked best! Anyway, it was a great surprise and later that day another package turned up with a really cool white branded hoody. i have to say ClickDealer pulled out all the stops with this one and i'd like to thank them and Max very much for their generosity.


    The company just finished a large overhaul on the design front and it's a great improvement. If you have visited clickdealer.com before, apart from slick design and improved usability, you would have noticed they now have a blog and upcoming events page. Marketing Tools are coming soon and here's a sneak peek from me personally - they are finishing their affiliate portal which will provide pubs with case studies, useful info, an exclusive forum and a loyalty program with contests and prizes.
    The site itself provides all the information we need to know and easy steps to get working with the team. They have also notably just moved over to Cake and it's a much improved tracking platform compared to the old one. You might have noticed a tendency that best CPA networks are switching to Cake if they still haven't.


    One thing I will say is that this network is not short of offers. Personally I'm the type of affiliate who gets lost when I face pages of offers but the quality of offers here is amazing, highest EPCs I ever got. Most of the offers they have are in dating, pin submits, downloads, leadgen, and gaming verticals. They have lots of mobile offers and added pay-per-call vertical on the RingRevenue platform a couple months ago. You can access those by clicking the Log in To Pay Per Call button in the upper right corner.


    Hands down one of the most responsive support teams in the industry. If I ever need any help with getting offers, campaign details or anything to do with payment Max and my other AM Alice are always online on Skype. If not they provided me with a direct contact number and email, these guys literally never sleep and a response is always instant. They would also hook me up with freshest creatives and landers as well as insides. I receive ClickDealer Weekly Digest which is a newsletter with useful tips and hints as well as a list of network's top offers with EPC and volume breakdown. Nothing more to say on this apart from the team rock!


    Like above i've had nothing but smooth communications and transactions when it comes to payment. ClickDealer offer wire, PayPal and Payoneer as payment methods on monthly or weekly basis. Their minimal payout raised from $100 to $500 in July - they are here to do business and not play around. Well, their threshold has never been a problem for me and I always receive my money on time.


    Overall ClickDealer is a great network that is rapidly gaining top positions on the market and is definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with. I love working with the team and I love that they think outside the box when it comes to the latest traffic trends. For example my AM was keen to start me on retargeting campaigns and other methods most networks wouldn't even be up to date with! I'd like to personally thank Max and the team for my gifts and can't wait to see what they come up with next!

  12. affiliatefix.jpg
    CPAFix to be incorporated by AffiliateFix.com

    CPAFix.com Ltd acquire AffiliateFix.com.

    CPAFix.com the biggest cost per action community online has finalised a deal to acquire AffiliateFix.com for an undisclosed fee.

    CPAFix has grown over the last year and a half to over ten thousand members. With plans being put in place in April to overhaul the site and spend a reasonable sized budget on 3.0. We are now thrilled to announce that we've taken things one step further.

    CPAFix will be incorporated by AffiliateFix Ltd and we will be launching 3.0 with our new identity and domain. AffiliateFix.com finally gives CPAFix the platform it needs to grow into what already is one of the most successful affiliate resources online. The new premium domain and brand will allow us to move forward leaps and bounds and opens the door to so many possibilities.

    CPAFix.com will close and the user-base and posts etc will all be incorporated onto the new 3.0 platform on AffiliateFix.com. No information or accounts will be lost and all your posts and history will be carried over to the new site. You don't need to worry about anything like re registering as we will remain the same. We also want to stress how appreciative we are of all our members and want to reiterate the fact that we plan to grow even bigger as a family. CPAFix has and always will be about supporting each-other and growing together to be successful and knowledgable. That's the vision we want to continue.

    AffiliateFix.com will boast a whole range of new and exciting features including,

    • Fully responsive design across desktop, mobile and tablets
    • Affiliate network ratings, reviews and support
    • Affiliate platform ratings, reviews and support
    • Extensive resources
    • Affkit.com tools exclusive to Dojo members
    • Amazing money saving deals from the biggest companies
    • Full affiliate marketing wikipedia

    and so much more.

    The new brand will also open up so many doors for future events, meet ups and more.

    It's business as usual up until the switch.

    Plans are in place to launch and merge CPAFix with AffiliateFix.com in September 2013.

    This really will give us the platform to become the biggest and best affiliate marketing resource online. I won't stop until we are!

    If you have any questions please ask or email [email protected]

    AffiliateFix.com - The New Standard in Affiliate Marketing.
  13. View attachment 1230
    10000 Members and the NEW CPAFix 3.0 Logo!

    So first of all i'd like to personally thank each and everyone of you who took the time to sign up to this beautiful website. Just over a year and a half ago I started CPAFix and i'd never have thought within that time we'd hit over 10000 members!

    It's crazy to think how far we've come in the last few years and it's amazing how much support and praise i've received from you guys. So once again thank you so much. 10000 members is a great milestone, but it's even greater when you sit back and think that's ten thousand internet marketers dedicated to make money from CPA and affiliate marketing.

    So I see this milestone as the perfect time to unveil the brand new CPAFix 3.0 logo!

    If you aren't aware CPAFix has been through two major transformations over the years and this will be the ultimate. We are changing everything and making the site far more responsive, clean and setting the true platforms for the future. 3.0 Will be launched in about a months time and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store.

    Feel free to give any suggestions or feedback in this thread here.

    CPAFix 3.0 Logo

    So here it is, feel free to let me know what your thoughts are. We went for something that's far more simple, clean and a lot more brandable.

    View attachment 1228

    Once again thanks for your support and I cannot wait to see you on 3.0!

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  14. affiliateballbustarhymes.jpg
    AffiliateBall.com Announces Busta Rhymes!

    CPAFix is proud to reveal in partnership with Darren Blatt of the Affiliate Ball, the announcement that the next exciting event will feature none other than global Hip Hop legend, Busta Rhymes. Busta is one of the longest serving Rap artists of the modern era and has served many a years at the top of the food chain.

    I am very proud to team up with Darren for another incredible party and I truly expect this to be the biggest and best yet! He's definitely had some HUGE artists before but I think i'd be right in saying Busta is a class above the rest! Could this be the biggest star to perform at an affiliate event? I would say so yes......

    Organiser Darren left this release,

    The most anticipated Affiliate Party of the year is back, The Affiliate Ball! Party Promoter Darren Blatt is happy to announce that 11 time Grammy nominated, hip hop artist, Busta Rhymes will be the headliner. Fresh off his recent signing with Cash Money Records, and smash hit --" Look At Me Now" Busta Rhymes is excited to be sharing his classic hits, as well as his new club bangers with all the attendees of this year's Affiliate Summit!

    As always, The Affiliate Ball plans on having many special surprise guests, as well as they will be presenting more "AFFY Awards".
    The AFFY Awards are presented to a handful of affiliate industry peers in recognition for their outstanding internet achievement. Last year's Affiliate Ball had Ice-T & Coco hosting these fun awards. This year's venue has the capacity for invited 1000 guests, which makes this it's smallest venue yet . If you will be attending this year's Affiliate Summit then you definitely want to RSVP as soon as possible to secure your ticket into this star studded party.

    Past artists of the Affiliate Ball include: Nelly, Big Boi of Outkast, Three 6 Mafia, Doug E Fresh, MixMaster Mike of the Beastie Boys, Ice-T and Coco, Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Coolio and many more.

    For current sponsorship opportunities, please contact [email protected]
    The Affiliate Ball is the largest party in the online marketing community, and also an official party of the Affiliate Summit.

    Headlining sponsors are SocietyInvite.com and OasisAds.com. For more information please visit their official website AffiliateBall
    Promotional Video

  15. crushadscover.jpg
    Send me Something | CrushAds.com + CrushAds Review.

    CrushAds is a CPA network I have been working with for several years now. CrushAds is apart of BMI Elite the company founded and ran by a good friend of mine Brandon Rosen. Brandon has built the company up from a small time workforce to a successful functioning large business. He now owns several companies and has a large team behind him.

    I've watched him grow rapidly over the last year alone, moving into bigger offices and always on the look out to hire and expand his reach. CrushAds has slowly but surely been able to establish itself as one of the leading CPA networks over the last year. Now not just focusing on the offer side of things, the company made a bold decision to expand into a full service marketing company. They now even offer third party monetization in order to make sure you earn the most out of your campaigns. I have several contacts and friends who work for Brandon and they all have nothing but good things to say about him. So when he offered to send me some gifts as a thank you, I couldn't resist!


    Brandon is one of these people who doesn't half ass about, if he's going to do something he's going to do it! I remember watching a video awhile back where he gave one of his long time staff members a brand new car! If he treats his publishers anywhere as good as his team then you're onto a winner! Anyway I was pleasantly surprised when the package turned up at the office. Now i've been sent some very nice bottles before but never have I been sent a companies very own distilled vodka!

    Brandon explained how the vodka is the best he has ever tasted and wanted to send me out some to try. These guys could give Diddy a run for his money? Not only that, but they also sent me a really nice hoody with the CrushAds logo on it. Perfect fit and went really well with the new colour in the office as you can see! Thanks again guys for the amazing gifts!



    CrushAds has just undergone a big redesign and I must say I LOVE it! The homepage is one of the best network designs I have seen in a long time. Very unique and interactive. Great job guys. I've yet to login to the new linktrust dashboard but i'm excited to see what it looks like - If it's anything like the cake one then we should be good to go.


    Another network who doesn't choke us with 1000 offers shoved down are throats! Theres nothing I hate more than seeing a network with 1000+ offers in which half of them don't even track or work anymore. CrushAds boasts some great offers and I like the "Exclusive" tag they have, showing you which offers are direct.

    The offers are all up to date and they have all the latest weight loss, skin and diet crazes loaded up. They even have a direct offer with Mr Shoemoney himself - pretty cool!


    This is the one thing I hope to see improved with the Linktrust platform. This is why I dislike cake and prefer a custom platform - I like to see as many tools available to the publisher as possible. Of course they have all the essential post back, tracking tools etc but i'd like to see them go HAM on the new dashboard with their campaign management options etc integrated.


    I think this is one of CrushAds strongest points, if you read their about page, they have a large number of qualified staff ready to serve you. I think Brandon puts a huge importance on staff and I can tell you from a personal level my AM is always there when I need her. I have dealt with a lot of the BMI staff in the past and present and they are always very quick to respond and polite.


    Always on time, all options available and pay weekly with those who do volume. What more do I need to say? Brandon is legit and here for a long time!


    A great network with a great CEO behind them. Brandon seems very level headed and I cant wait to watch him continue to grow the network. I'd like to see them really now push the management side of things as I think more newcomers in the industry need that assistance. If you can show someone how to make money it's very powerful - best of luck to the guys and thanks again for the swag.