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  1. winners.png
    Annual Affiliate Marketing Award Winners.

    Throughout the month of December we held our second annual affiliate marketing awards. More than 500 votes were collected and your winners have been declared. Affiliates voted on 7 different categories including the most prestigious award: Network of the Year. The awards are voted on by the people who have the most valued opinion, the affiliates. If you were lucky enough to win or claim runner up spot firstly you should feel very proud of your achievement and secondly a big congratulations.

    It's been a great year for affiliate marketing and each and everyone of these winners below deserves credit.



    Network of the Year:

    Winner: PeerFly
    Runner Up: MaxBounty

    Best Newcomer Network:

    Winner: CPAGrip
    Runner Up: Society Invite

    Incentive Network of the Year:

    Winner: AdworkMedia
    Runner Up: CPAGrip

    Affiliate Manager of the Year:

    Winner: Luke Kling (PeerFly)
    Runner Up: Dennis Weiss (AdWorkMedia)

    Network Owner of the Year:

    Winner: Steven Sauve (MaxBounty)
    Runner Up: Carter Matzinger (Ksix), Chad French (PeerFly), John Wilson (CPAGrip)

    Affiliate Marketing Blog of the Year:

    Winner: LukePeerFly.com
    Runner Up: CharlesNgo.com

    Affiliate Marketing Tool of the Year:

    Winner: WhatRunsWhere
    Runner Up: Prosper202
  2. winthedojo.png
    WIN The Dojo + AffKit.com Membership. [ENTER NOW]

    Step One:

    Post a guide, tutorial or case study here. (Your post must be unique and original or if copied the source must be correctly linked. You can post any methods you've earned from or maybe a great tip to help others. Include images and as much detail as possible).

    Step Two:

    Copy and Paste the link to your guide and comment on this blog post with it.


    All of the above steps MUST be completed to be eligible for entry to the sweepstake. All entries will be moderated to ensure all steps are taken. Failure to complete a step will result in your entry being void. Please contact us if you need any help.

    As it's coming up to Christmas the giveaways just keep coming here on AffiliateFix. This week we are giving away
    one free lifetime membership to The Dojo and AffKit.com affiliate marketing coaching and tools. This prize is worth $147 and one lucky winner will be given the lifetime membership early next week!

    When: Between 12.00am CT on December 17, 2013 and 11.59pm CT December 22, 2013.
    Where: AffiliateFix.com
    Who: All AffiliateFix members can enter but you MUST complete all steps above.
    Prizes: (1) Winners will receive full lifetime Dojo and AffKit.com memberships.
    Winners Announced: 23rd of December, 2013.
    Rules: Please follow ALL steps above to enter.

    Good luck to all.





  3. 7searchreminder.jpg
    Winners Announced of 7Search Giveaway Month.

    Last month we held an amazing competition sweepstake with 7Search.com. The competition entitled "7Search Month" ran throughout the month of November and offered AffiliateFix members the chance to win $500 worth of PPC credit. You can read all about the competition and it's details by clicking here. After a hugely successful month with a great amount on entires we can finally announce the lucky winners.

    Firstly a big thank you to all the guys over at 7Search for holding this competition with us and putting up such a generous prize. We have lot's more to come working with 7Search so stay tuned! Secondly thanks so much to all of you who entered the giveaway. It's you people who allow us to be the number one affiliate marketing forum online and allow us to run future promotions. Those who missed out, unlucky but there will be plenty more. In-fact you can enter the AdWorkMedia giveaway here to win a Playstation 4.

    So let's get to the moment you've all been waiting for the winners of the $350 and $150 prize PPC credit.


    I was emailed this morning by David, the general manager of 7Search with the results from the live draw they held today. I'm please and excited to announce the following winners,

    1st Place - Winner of $350 7Search PPC credit.

    2nd Place - Winner of $150 7Search PPC credit.

    Well done to both winners, please read your private messages and respond to me asap to claim your prizes.


    Commiserations to those of you who didn't win this time around. Make sure you enter the next competition here.

    You can also take full advantage of our 7Search coupon to get a massive $50 free PPC credit on your account today!

  4. prizewinners.png
    AdWorkMedia Christmas Giveaway, WIN a Playstation 4!

    Step One:

    Sign up to AdWorkMedia here. (If you already have an account move onto step two)

    Step Two:

    Copy and Paste the status below on your Facebook and/or Twitter.

    Step Three:

    Comment on this blog post with the link of your status for proof (Facebook/Twitter) and tell us why you'd like to win.


    All of the following steps MUST be completed to be eligible for entry to the sweepstake. All entries will be moderated to ensure all steps are taken. Failure to complete a step will result in your entry being void. Please contact us if you need any help. Watch the video above to see a demo entry.

    AdWorkMedia and AffiliateFix have officially partnered up to offer five lucky winners some amazing prizes just in time for christmas. Throughout the month of December the sweepstakes will be free to enter for all AffiliateFix members. To be eligible to enter you must comply and complete all of the steps above.

    You can easily enter by following the steps. Each step MUST be taken and failure to miss a step or conduct it incorrectly could result in your entry becoming void. On the 22nd of December the sweepstake entry will close and five lucky winners will be picked at random and announced on the 24th of December, 2013.

    When: Between 12.00am CT on December 1, 2013 and 11.59pm CT December 22, 2013.
    Where: AffiliateFix.com
    Who: All AffiliateFix members can enter but you MUST complete all steps above.
    Prizes: (5) Winners will receive prizes 1 to 5 from above, AdWorkMedia are responsible for prizes.
    Winners Announced: 24th of December, 2013.
    Rules: Please follow ALL steps above to enter.
    How: Watch the video above and enter below now.

    The hamper was ordered by the AdWork guys from a local place called Murrays of Clevedon - If you're in the UK check them out to order a hamper in time for Christmas.





    Jay Wessman,
    Alex Bell,
    dark nemesis,

  5. affiliatemarketingawards.jpg
    AffiliateFix Annual Awards 2013.

    AffiliateFix is excited to announce the second annual affiliate marketing awards. These awards are designed to be voted on by affiliates in order to reward affiliate marketing excellence in the year of 2013. It's been a great year for the site and also for affiliate marketing, so it's time to get your thinking caps on and vote for those who deserve it this year. Please make your vote count, we have over 12000 members currently and we want everyone to participate if you can.


    Like last year we have 7 award categories up for grabs which you can view in the showcase below. Each winner will receive a special mention on the blog, forums and newsletters. They will also receive an exclusive award rosette to wear with pride on their site. These annual awards will become the biggest in the industry as we have the biggest user base and following so you should feel very proud if you win.


    When: Between 12.00am CT on November 27, 2013 and 11.59pm CT December 20, 2013.
    Where: AffiliateFix.com
    Who: All AffiliateFix members can vote but you can only vote ONCE.
    Winners Announced: 22nd of December, 2013.
    How: Click to vote below.

  6. zacjohnson.jpg
    Zac Johnson Expert Week Wrap Up!

    Last week Zac Johnson followed in the footsteps of Charles Ngo and KJ Rocker by hosting his very own affiliate expert week on AffiliateFix. Zac is one of the most famous affiliate bloggers on the planet and I was super excited to announce how enthusiastic he was to participate on the forums. Once again you guys didn't disappoint as we saw hundreds of you asking Zac your questions in which was yet again another record breaking week on the Fix.

    If you aren't overly familiar with Zac, you can read the Zac Johnson interview here. He truly delivered last week, holding back nothing and sharing his knowledge and guidance with you all for free. I'd like to personally thank Zac for his support and dedication to the Fix and hope this is just the beginning of us working together. Please if you participated or gained anything from Zac last week, comment on this blog post to say thank you and show your appreciation.

    Let's get into the wrap up!

    The Wrap

    Here's a quick overview of the week with Zac,

    Questions Answered: 41
    Total Posts: 113
    Thanked: 32

    Last weeks questions varied a lot, but I particularly loved the focus on Facebook traffic as it's something i'm looking into currently myself. Zac also answered some great questions about blogging and other aspects of affiliate marketing. Here's a few highlights from the man himself.

    Converting Offers
    "What are your best offers and how do you go about finding them"

    Advertising Platform for Cheap Leads

    "Besides Facebook, what are some advertising platforms to get cheap targeted biz opp leads that will give you a low cpc ?"

    Facebook Marketers Banned Often
    "I am not interested in gaming a system in order to achieve my goals. I prefer a more reputable approach in order to maintain the integrity and reputation of my business. Am I being too altruistic in thinking I can achieve my goals with Facebook on my terms?"

    PPV Campaigns
    "I have question about Landing Page when create PPV Campaign?What software best for create Landing Page?
    Can I create a Adobe Photoshop and use some HTML editor
    for code?
    Where I put link from CPA offer and trucker in LP?Does I put keyword at LP?"

    Starting Clickbank Again, Please Help!
    "I would like to re-enter into the Clickbank Marketing. I have certain questions which I would like to get answered from you guys."

    I need the best free method and best niche in CPA
    "As the title said How do I get it?"

  7. zacjohnsoninterview.jpg
    Zac Johnson, your Super Affiliate Expert chats to The Fix!

    After the massive reaction and success of the first two affiliate expert weeks with Charles Ngo and KJ Rocker we move forward with another affiliate superstar! When I say superstar, I mean it. Zac Johnson is one of if not the top affiliate marketing blogger in the world and he's agreed to give his precious time to our amazing community next week! If you're unfamiliar to the affiliate expert weeks click here for more information. I'd like to personally thank Zac who's had a few personal delays this week still find the time to write over 2500 in-depth words for this interview. Your participation and dedication isn't going unnoticed. I'm super excited for next week and i'm sure like many others are dying to ask you some questions.

    So, let's get to know the man behind the blog a little better shall we?

    Zac Johnson

    Zac Johnson, Super Affiliate Blogger
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/moneyreign
    Blog: www.zacjohnson.com

    Welcome Zac, so for many of our members (including myself) you will be someone we’ve looked up to over the past few years, but for those who don’t know what you do please give us a little background.

    Thanks Oliver, great to be here and to connect with everyone on the forum! It's also greatly appreciated to always hear from and meet readers of the blog over the years. For anyone who isn't familiar with my past, I've been making money online for 18 years now. I first started making money online when I was 14 and in high school. As for blogging, I started ZacJohnson.com on St.Patrick's day of 2007. It's always good to start something on a holiday or a unique date, as you won't forget your launch date! :p

    Getting back to how I first started making money online, you can imagine it's been quite a journey over the past decade-plus. You can read the long version on my about me page, but I'll give you my own little synopsis here as well. I've always had a passion for business, even at a very young age. In elementary school I would sell sports cards to other students and in middle school I would sell cans of soda during lunch. Excellent sources of income for a kid I must say!

    These were quite the fun times, but at the same time I was also training myself for what I would be doing for the rest of my life. As a freshman/sophomore in high school I started playing around with the internet and made some fun hobby sites of my own. I started thinking that there must be a way to make money with all of this. So that is where my mission had started... and so my journey started to find new and exciting ways to make money online.

    After trying a few different things in the mid to late 90s (penny click banners, web hosting affiliate programs, in-browser banner ads (AllAdvantage) and many others), I started playing around with the idea to create celebrity content web sites. These sites started to rank pretty well in the search results and I was getting a lot of free traffic.

    After trying out all of these different ways to make money online I eventually came across the Amazon.com associates program. This was back when they were only selling books, music and movies. So I became an associate of their site and added all of their celebrity products to my sites. Whenever I sent them a sale through my site, I would earn a commission.

    Long story short... I ended up doing six figures in sales with Amazon.com in a short period of time.

    I then came across an affiliate network called WebSponsors, which had a bunch of free offers on their sites. Instead of having to get someone to pull out a credit card and spend $20 to make a $1 commission, I could just get someone to fill out a form to win a contest or request a free sample and get $1 instead.

    This was when I truly found out about the money that can be made in the affiliate marketing business. Over the next several years I would grow out all of my content sites and expands into the free stuff niche. This lead into creating my own mailing lists, three merchant/affiliate programs and flying out to Commission Junction University (I was using CJ for my affiliate sites and to run my own programs) where I attended my first affiliate marketing conference at 18 and all of this was before 2001.
    So you mentioned your blog, is it your main focus or what other companies and or businesses do you run?

    It's quite funny. I look back at the first question of this interview and I only covered just the first few years of how and when I started making money online. It was an amazing journey and that was only in a few years of time. I started my blog in 2007 and I could almost write a whole book on all of the experiences and positive opportunities that have come out of it. Yes, today the blog is a huge focus of mine and with all of the experience and past history I have with internet and affiliate marketing, expanding into my own brand of "Zac Johnson" has been one of the best decisions I've made.

    In addition to running ZacJohnson.com I also run a few other sites and am also on the Board of Advisors and the Brand Manager for Brand.com, which focuses on reputation management.
    When did you start your blog and would you advise other to start one?

    As mentioned, I started my blog in 2007 and it's been one of the best decisions I've made. I would advise everyone to start a blog of their own. It doesn't matter if you are just blogging for fun, learning how to get something going on the internet or trying to be the next authority in your niche... it can all get started through the use of a blog.

    I actually wanted to start a blog a couple years earlier, but just never got around to doing it. Blogging started getting more popular and people kept telling me how cool it would be if I made a blog and shared my stories and everything else... so I finally did.

    Bloggers like John Chow and ShoeMoney also made the process a lot more interesting. Seeing other people finding success through their blog was the ultimate motivation. Since launching the blog I've made some amazing contacts and have been able to reach thousands of new readers every year. This simply wouldn't have been possible with out the blog.
    How long did it take for you to become profitable online and how did you build up the money to start?

    Let's jump all the way back to question one again and how I first got started. There are a few things that are important to point out here. I was a kid in high school, living in my parents house and never had a "real" job in my life.

    With that said, I started making money on the internet with nothing (besides a computer). I was even so cheap (money conscious) that I would use free AOL disks and cancel after the free 30/60 day trials then sign up for a new account so I didn't have any costs. All of the sites I made for pushing Amazon.com and affiliate offers was through free sites from AOL members pages, Geocities and other free hosting services. It wasn't til around 1998 that I actually ordered my first real domain name and got shared hosting. So to answer your question... no, I didn't have any upfront money to start my business and everything I did make, I kept putting back into the business to grow it into what it has become today.

    The internet is the most amazing opportunity ever for someone looking to start a business. Local and retail businesses are doomed and once you start one, you are already in debt.
    What does it cost to start an internet company? Literally nothing. $10 for a domain name and $10 a month for hosting. Throw up a Wordpress site for free and you are done. The rest is up to you and spending your time to come up with something amazing.
    When did you get into affiliate marketing and how?

    Looks like I covered a lot of this in the first question as well, but I will go back and cover some other fun times as well. When I first joined a couple affiliate networks (back in late 90s), there were only a handful of offers available. "Affiliate Marketing" was something that was completely new and barely any web sites had an affiliate program and big brand also wanted nothing to do with the concept. They simply didn't understand.

    At this time there were probably only a few ad networks even created. A few others I remember were OnResponse, WebSponsors, Commission Junction and ShareaSale was just getting started around this time as well. Back then Yahoo was also the search engine of choice!
    As time went on, affiliate marketing just kept getting bigger and "secretly" was making a lot of people and businesses a lot of money. Just look at Amazon.com. They never would have become the powerhouse they are today if they weren't one of the first to actually create the concept of affiliate marketing with their site.

    While I first started out the CPS (cost per sale) type of affiliate marketing with Amazon.com, my favorite offers have always been CPA (cost per action) as you don't always need to get the end user to pull out a credit card.

    How much of a role HAS affiliate marketing played in your recent years and do you still market as an affiliate?

    Affiliate marketing is still my core and will probably always be what I'm known for, but my focus has changed a lot over the past several years. Affiliate marketing is awesome and it's always going to be a legitimate way to make a lot of money on the internet, but at the same time you are making money for someone else and also building their company and database for a one time payment.

    This is why I have been focusing a lot of effort on building out my own sites and brands. I'm the actual product and brand. No one can take that away from me. No ad network going out of business, Google algorithm change or even the collapse of the internet (which will never happen) can take away the value that I can provide to anyone or any business that is looking to improve their goals, reach and success.

    I'm not saying this impress anyone, but instead to impress upon you the real value that lies within being an authority in your niche. Being the best at what you do is a very good business model. It all started out with affiliate marketing, but being able to adapt and change my business over the past 18 years is what matters most. Affiliate marketing is still a huge part of my business today, whether that means running ad campaigns, writing articles or starting new sites.
    What if any affiliate marketing methods are you running on a daily basis?

    It's safe to say that I will always have some form of affiliate marketing running at all times. When I was first getting started with affiliate marketing and wanted to play around with some ad spending, I used to focus on pay per click marketing. It was very effective an profitable, but would continue to get more and more annoying over time. This includes dealing with quality scores, higher ppc costs and overall management.

    One of my favorite areas to work in is Facebook Ads. It's amazingly effective and easy to zone in on any demographic audience and throw up a ton of ads and get an idea for what works. This also includes building out Facebook Pages and getting traffic to some of my blogs.
    I also have affiliate marketing working for me on a daily basis through my blog at ZacJohnson.com. One of the great things about having a site with great content is that is works for you every day and while you are sleeping. I wrote a bunch of tutorials on how to make money and build campaigns around Neverblue affiliate offers. Just through the blog I've sent them nearly $3 million in new business from affiliates. I get a small percentage for each referral I send to them.

    With over 1,000 posts live on ZacJohnson.com you can imagine there is a decent amount of people visiting the site for the first time and joining ad networks or signing up to various other affiliate links throughout the site.

    This is another perfect example of how affiliate marketing can work for any business.
    What do you see as the next big thing in affiliate marketing?

    There is always going to be something "hot" in the affiliate marketing space. Years ago it was rebills and berry offers... now it's mobile and pay per call. Whatever it is and whenever it is, there is always going to be a lot of money to be made. This is all about being in the right place, at the right time, while also sticking with ad campaigns to make them work the best.

    However, what I would say the "BIG" thing in affiliate marketing is when affiliate marketers are finding success and actually turning their results into a real service, brand, product or ad network. We see this happen all the time.

    Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to start making money online and it teaches you a lot. As mentioned earlier, who wants to keep making someone else money and growing another person's business.

    Taking what you've learned from affiliate marketing and spinning it into a real business of your own is what's HOT right now.
    Would you call yourself an internet marketer or an entrepreneur?

    I would say that I am both. I used to put "CEO" and "Affiliate Marketing" on my business cards, but now they just say "I Get Shit Done."
    To date what would you say was your biggest achievement?

    Based off one decision or web site, I would have to say the blog was the best decision I made. From speaking around the world, doing keynotes at conferences, appearing on ABC and FOX News, coming out with my own book, winning various top blogger contests and opening a whole new world of opportunities... the blog was definitely worth every second of the work I put into it. Another awesome site I made back around 2005 was a myspace resource web site. Long story short... I individually created thousands of HTML pages using Microsoft Frontpage for the site and loaded them up with lots of fun images for people to put on their profile pages. I don't do any programming, so this was all dead basic simple, but took a while to create... but was also fun at the same time!

    Long story short, the site went viral and everyone was grabbing free content from the site to put on their page. I had 16 dedicated Dell servers powering the site and the 100,000 daily visitors going to it. The site made over a million dollars in revenue and also did $800,000 in profit in just four months. That was a fun and exciting one!
    Next week you will be answering questions on AffiliateFix for our members, are you looking forward to it?

    Looking at the word count on this interview right now... we are at 2,476. Let's see what other fun stories I can come up with for your members as well. This will be very exciting!
    What sort of questions should our members be asking you and what’s your expertise market?

    After reading this interview you should have a pretty good idea of what I've focused on over the years and any areas you might be looking to get into. Feel free to ask about anything and I'll do my best to help you out.
    Are you a member on other forums and how do you see AffiliateFix benefiting affiliates?

    Forums are awesome and they are a great way to connect with people in the industry and learn a lot fast. They are also an excellent way to build a name for yourself and build trust with others in the industry.

    I'm a member of the majority of forums out there, but I really just don't have the time to get on the sites, read what's new and contribute. I do most of my work through email and writing.
    At the end of the day it's all about content and that's what you are providing through AffiliateFix.

  8. zacjohnsonblog.jpg
    Next Affiliate Expert Announced and this ones SUPER!

    After the HUGE success of our previous expert weeks with Charles Ngo and KJ Rocker, i'm incredibly pleased to announce the next expert to grace the forums. AffiliateFix is finally getting the recognition it deserves and is becoming the number one affiliate marketing community on the planet, and this next expert is testament to that! When I chose the headline for this post I wasn't trying to be clever. I'm incredibly excited to announce Mr Super Affiliate himself, Zac Johnson as the next expert on the Fix.

    Myself along with thousands of others have followed
    Zac's blog over the past few years and have more recently read his book. Zac is a very accomplished entrepreneur, blogger but most importantly seasoned affiliate marketer. He's among the top bloggers within our industry and there's more to his businesses and career that he's waiting to share with us.

    I'll be posting up an exclusive interview with Zac sometime tomorrow but you can get your questions in early by clicking here. I can't wait to get to know more about our expert and the self confessed super affiliate. I certainly have many questions to ask Zac and I'm predicting the busiest week we've had to date on the forums next week.

    I'm super excited and very grateful to Zac and all the experts for dedicating our members their time and expertise. These type of guys charge thousands for consultancy and training so make sure you make the most of this opportunity. Get your questions in nice and early and be sure to give Zac a huge welcome to the site below!

    Zac Johnson Expert Week

    When: Monday 18th November - Friday 22nd November
    Where: Zac Johnson Forum

  9. lukeexpertweek.jpg
    Buy your AffiliateFix Limited Edition Hoody!

    So if you've been paying attention to our Facebook page and group, you would have seen I threw up a quick design of a hoody concept for AffiliateFix. Well it got LOTS interest and many people said they'd love to buy one! SO we got the designer into work mode and produced this little beauty. We made them on teespring which some of you may be familiar with as it's great for monetising your traffic.

    Basically you create crowd funded merchandise and clothing for your companies. So WE don't make any money from this we are doing it for promo reasons and because so many of you said you'd like one! SO here's your opportunity to buy one at a great price! For those who buy one today I will also send you $5 if you email me a picture of you wearing it!

    IF you purchase one please comment here so I know who to get in touch with!


    If it's a success we will look into more merchandise and designs in the future.
  10. kjrockerwrapup.jpg
    KJ Rocker Expert Week Wrap Up!

    Last week was the second successful affiliate expert week ran on the forums. After the huge success of Charles Ngo week we invited another great affiliate on board who goes by the name of KJ Rocker. KJ has been a member of the site since almost the beginning and can often be seen posting and help around the forums. He was more than delighted to participate and give his time to our members.

    You can read the KJ Rocker interview here, and also check out the post he did on his blog. KJ was very excited to begin the week and you guys once again showed what an amazing and active community we have here on the Fix. I'd like to thank you all for your participation and direct a huge thank you to KJ himself. Please note if KJ helped you last week, comment on this post to show your appreciation. What a week it was!

    We are going to take a weeks break from the experts as I don't want to overload you with goodness to soon! After this week we will be announcing the next guest of honour, and trust me this one is HUGE! So, let's recap last week.

    The Wrap

    Here's a quick overview of the week with KJ,

    Questions Answered: 55
    Total Posts: 174
    Thanked: 38

    Last weeks questions heavily revolved around PPV as KJ is one of the strongest affiliates on the circuit in the PPV game. It was amazing to see so many in depth and well thought out questions and answers and i'm so proud and happy with how the weeks turned out so far! Let's take a look at some of the must read posts from KJ week!

    Where do you buy PPV traffic from?
    "Where do you think is the best place to buy PPV traffic these days?"

    VPN and geo -targeted ppv campaigns
    "I've heard that I can observe what's out there by installing certain software programs on my own computer. Which ones? Have you got the names?"

    1 Ultimate Tip
    "If you would have to give one tip for starting marketeers, like THE most important thing. What would it be."

    Angles for promoting PPV offers
    "My questions for you:
    - How do you come up with angles to promote PPV offers ?
    - When setting up PPV campaigns, do you set up a campaign for each country or do you target multiple countries together?
    - How do you find URLs for sites in different countries?"

    "I would like to ask that what kind of offers work best on 7search platform?
    What should be the minimum budget I should set for a single campaign?"

    Choosing target URL's
    "When you first test a campaign do you select only high volume URLs? If yes what do you consider high volume targets and how do you find out if the targets have high volume?"

    Your PPV traffic recommendations for newcomers
    "What are your top 3 recommendations of PPV traffic for anyone just starting out and why."

  11. 7searchreminder.jpg
    Win $500 with 7Search and AffiliateFix: ENTER NOW!

    Step 1:
    Read the rules and make sure you're eligible to enter.

    Step 2:
    Register here. (You must use this link in order to get prize credit, if you already have an account skip this step)

    Step 3:
    Copy and Paste the status below on your Facebook and/or Twitter.

    Step 4:
    Comment on this blog post with the link of your status for proof (Facebook/Twitter) and tell us why you'd like to win.


    All of the following steps MUST be completed to be eligible for entry to the sweepstake. All entries will be moderated to ensure all steps are taken. Failure to complete a step will result in your entry being void. Please contact us if you need any help. Watch the video above to see a demo entry.

    7Search and AffiliateFix have officially partnered up to offer two lucky winners a combined $500 ad credit on their 7Search PPC account. Throughout the month of November the sweepstakes will be free to enter for all AffiliateFix members. To be eligible to enter you must read the rules here and be at least 18 years of age.

    You can easily enter by following the steps below. Each step MUST be taken and failure to miss a step or conduct it incorrectly could result in your entry becoming void. At the end of the month the sweepstake entry will close and two lucky winners will be picked at random and announced on the 9th of December, 2013.

    When: Between 12.00am CT on November 1, 2013 and 11.59pm CT November 29, 2013.
    Where: AffiliateFix.com
    Who: All AffiliateFix members can enter but you MUST be at least 18 years of age.
    Prizes: (1) Winner will receive $350, and (1) runner up will receive $150 PPC credit.
    Winners Announced: 9th of December, 2013.
    Rules: Please read the full rules here.
    How: Watch the video above and enter below now.

  12. awards.jpg
    AffiliateFix Members Awards are Here!

    I'm really pleased to announce a new exciting addition to the community today. The new AffiliateFix awards are now live! This is a great new addition which will only increase the activity and popularity of the site. A hand full of you requested we put some type of award/reputation module in place and we think we've come up with the best of both worlds.

    It's very easy to find the award page and to request your awards once you know you've achieved them! Take a few minutes to watch eh video I shot below explaining briefly how it all works.

    Member Awards
    Feel fee to start requesting your awards and I will check once daily in order to hand them out on time. Like I say in the video this is just the beginning you can also suggest an award here. We are also working on releasing some amazing incentives and prizes for collecting multiple awards and The Dojo affiliate program will launch this week!

    Please leave your comments and thoughts below!
  13. getoffersdirect.jpg
    GOD Sends me LOTS of Alcohol, Get Offers Direct Review

    The following is a Send me Something review by Oliver Kenyon. If you or your company is interested in participating in your own Send me Something you can contact me or view more details on our advertise page here. Send me Something is an original and unique idea from AffiliateFix Ltd and is a great way to get exposure for your company with a unique angle.

    Get Offers Direct

    Get Offers Direct is an interactive media company and affiliate network founded by CEO Dustin D. Buysse. Now several years old the network has settled and started to build a fierce reputation for itself. Brining on board several industry experts and experienced affiliate managers GOD is moving in the right direction. Dustin's AM and regular AffiliateFix member Dwayne Morrison contacted me several weeks ago and said "GOD wants to send you some booze!". Um...excuse me, but now it all makes sense! Let's get into the package and see what these boys have to offer!


    Dwayne didn't lie when he said they wanted to send me some alcohol! He asked me what I drank and I was quick to tell him I wasn't overly fussy on how expensive wine is I just like to drink it. I'm also a big fan of prosecco a popular drink in my area and you can't but not love vodka! Don't get me wrong i've calmed down in the last few years since my drinking day (mainly due to the hangovers) but I enjoy a glass or two on the weekend for sure!

    It was a Monday morning and the doorbell rang when I was faced with a bloke from Tesco wine telling me I had "several" crates of wine being delivered. Several was definitely the case, I opened the door to see 4 boxes full of wine, prosecco and vodka! It was way over £300 worth of alcohol! I'm pleased to say we've only just started on the wine but the prosecco definitely came in handy over my birthday weekend. I think i've now got enough wine to last me out the year at least thanks to Get Offers Direct! Not only that but a few days later a nice custom GOD hoody arrived at my door.

    I'd like to personally thank Dustin and Dwayne and all those at GOD for the gifts!



    GOD is built on CAKE and is very easy to apply for. Although they ask you all the normal questions you can expect one of their team to contact you via IM or in some cases a phone call. It's not the hardest network to get approved for and is definitely a friendly group of guys to contact. It's easy to register just follow the link here and then give them a call!


    Like I mentioned above GOD network is built on CAKE marketing platform so you can expect to see your standard dashboard. I'm not a big fan of the CAKE dash but it's very easy to navigate and find your way around. As far as I can see nothing extra is added in the dashboard for example tools etc and that would be my only criticism. You have the ability to edit your details, find and apply for offers and your AM contact details are clearly displayed.


    GOD has over 11 pages of offers in which quite a few are "direct". They seem to specialise and focus on skin care and biz opp offers but you will find all your regular and popular verticals. Most noticeably are some great looking diet and weight loss offers and a few exclusive mobile offers. The network focuses mostly on the CPA model and definitely has some competitive payouts!



    I have dealt with Dwayne and Dustin now for several years and they have always been very active within the industry. Dwayne is a great guy and is regularly available over Skype. They have 3-4 affiliate managers and all have Skype/email in which they respond to very quickly. I've never personally pushed traffic with them but if I ever need to speak to any of them it's always a quick and smooth process.


    They offer Net 30, weekly and daily payments depending on volume. They also pay via wire, check or Paypal. I have yet to read or see anyone saying they haven't been paid or have had trouble with payments but like I said above I haven't been paid by them.


    Overall GOD seems like a great network with some dedicated staff behind it! The only down side I see is the lack of anything beyond CAKE on the inside. Call me old fashioned but there's lots of networks out there so I like to see one with an edge or something different to help you earn more. Either way with competitive payouts, good offers and great support, GOD is a good way to promote! Thanks again for the gifts guys!

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  14. kjrocker.png
    So, what's a KJ Rocker and how can he ROCK you next week?

    After the huge success of our very first affiliate expert week with the amazing Charles Ngo we're delighted to announce next weeks expert! Last week saw the Fix have a busier week than ever and over 70 of you asked Charles a question in the forum. Since the response and participation was so good we've decided to go full steam ahead with more affiliate expert weeks. We now have more than 5 experts lined up with many requesting a week of grilling on the Fix. This week it's my pleasure to interview KJ Rocker who will be next weeks affiliate expert. I've already set up his forum ready for next week, so feel free to get your questions in early by clicking here and KJ will address them all starting Monday.

    So what exactly is a KJ Rocker and how will he ROCK you? Let's see!

    KJ Rocker

    KJ Rocker, Affiliate Marketer
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/kjrocker
    Blog: www.kjrocker.com

    So KJ, some may have heard your a real life rags to riches case study, but let us all know how it happened?

    Well it is something un believe able , whenever I think what I was and what I am now it is a huge difference , I spent 5 years of life studying in a government owned school in my village with no class rooms or anything but teachers use to teach us under tress while we used to sit in mud , to get a better idea you can that was even worst from this picture, I thank my parents and specially my grandfather who then decided to move into city for my education and they admitted me into one of the best institution of the city where I came to know this thing computer and I fell in love with it , I always wanted a job related to computers something techy .. Anyways later on life was going great until a few incidents happened where it was do or die situation for me and I am glad I did it J . Now I live run a business here in Dubai and love every moment of my life and thank god for giving me everything I always wanted.
    When did you first get into affiliate marketing and how?

    I used to work as a call center agent when I got free from college after exams and had all the free time to enjoy so I joined call center to pass time and learn something new. At that time I really never cared about salary and I was working to pass my free time and to get experience however later on bad incidents happened in my life due to which I had to do two jobs but still I wasn’t able to earn enough money to meet all the needs and support my family and my younger sister`s education.

    As I had passion for computers from my childhood and tweaking with html/php was my hobby so I decided to use my hobby to make money and I quit both of my jobs in the times when I spend only money I had in my pocket on internet connection and started working as a freelancer where I worked on different website projects and also on marketing plans of different websites. There was a time (talking about early days of group buying sites) when I was considered as an authority over daily deals website development and marketing/Business planning, This were going pretty good mean while I got as client who was actually doing affiliate marketing and that’s how I came to know about it, and I kept searching on forums reading about it but soon freelancer.com blocked my account based on a complaint from one of my clients (I don’t remember the actually reason now I guess it had something to do with payments ) and I was again at point form where I started and I decided to this time give my 100% to affiliate marketing and applied in many affiliate networks and the first network accepted me was CPALead.
    When did your campaigns become profitable and how did you build up the money to start them?

    Well I started off with free traffic as I wasn’t even able to afford $3 host gator website hosting so I used free traffic and once I started making money from my free traffic using yahoo answers I think the first payment I received from CPALead was $30 , I invested that in buying domain and hosting and I created this site, And started sending it free traffic from yahoo answers and soon on next payment I had enough money to invest in paid traffic 7search that time I guess there was a special coupon Brad Stanley from 7search gave me and I got started with 7search . But to support my testing on 7search I kept working on free traffic and soon enough I was able to run a few profitable campaigns which generated good revenue for me at that time I already was working with non-incent networks as well and I can remember an offer called omaha steaks worked great for me and I ran it for almost a year constantly making money. Once I reached 300-600 /month budget I started testing PPV as traffic volume on 7search was not enough for me and ppv seemed that place where I could get tons of traffic.
    Why did you start your blog?

    I love sharing what I do, I always did but that time I couldn`t find anyone to share my experiences etc also I was quiet active member of a forum however I felt that there should be a own platform using which I can share whatever I want freely, For example I can still remember once I received an email from a network I never liked because its owner is a well know douche telling me about their network etc etc on my secret email I only used only for one network (that network is history you should get the hint who I am talking about lol ) so I emailed them back and asked where did you get my email and their answers were not clear enough so I did more research and found out that mailing list of the affiliates was sold to the network or may be networks shared lists etc so I shared all the details on the forum and within minutes I got warning from the moderators …. Things like that made me think to create my own blog where I can share anything I want freely.

    Do you advise starting a blog or does it have it draw backs?

    Yes I do advise and encourage other fellow affiliates to start their own blogs as this is something which helps you a lot with your campaigns when you are sharing ideas actually you are learning new things yourself , I personally got so many new ideas which made me loads of money while writing my own posts lol. Even if we consider the contacts you can make in industry that’s priceless and more than enough reason for a person to start blogging.
    You recently moved to Dubai, why was that?

    Well there were many reasons behind that, unfortunately I was operating from a country where you will have to pay taxes to the government not to facilitate you but to fill pockets of politicians and to make them treat you like crap, Plus the cash flow problems because of slow banking system and various other reasons I decided to move out, Because I had to think about my business I built from zero. When you are paying all your bills and taxes but government is not even able to provide you electricity even during working hours in my opinion it’s a huge waste of money and efforts.
    How are you enjoying Dubai and would you encourage more to make the move?

    Of course I love it and I will encourage other affiliates especially from Pakistan, India and other countries to move in UAE as it is tax free country and overall an investor and business friendly country with zero taxes. It is overall a good place to live and full of opportunities especially for affiliate marketers and internet related business.
    Do you earn money other than via affiliate marketing and if so how?

    Yes I do earn money by other means as well for example I have started providing internet advertising consultancy services to local businesses here in Dubai and I also I do a little stocks trading . However my main source of income is affiliate marketing and I am planning to buy offline businesses here in Dubai as well in coming months.
    To date what would you say your biggest achievement is?

    What I believe my biggest achievement is that life I am living today. I never ever thought about it and I think the I can’t thank Dear lord for his blessing over me, I have a freedom in life can do whatever I want whenever I want, Being my own boss is something I never imagined.
    What do you think is the next big thing in affiliate marketing?

    Mobile, there are 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide more and more advertisers are coming into mobile marketing and this trend will continue going up.
    Next week you will be answering questions for AffiliateFix members, how do you feel about it since seeing the success Charles Ngo had last week?

    I am very excited about it as it will be my first Q/A session ever and I am looking forward to it, I loved reading, Charles Ngo did a really awesome job and I found about his The Rise of Ngo series and I was very impressed and loved reading his series. I will try my best to answer anything and I am looking forward to questions from fellow affiliates and I would encourage them to ask anything they want.
    What sort of questions should our members be asking you and what is your expertise market?

    Well what kind of questions affiliate fix members should ask me I am leaving it totally on them they can ask me anything from affiliate marketing to life in Pakistan , Dubai or general internet marketing . My main traffic source is PPV so I’d love to answer questions related to PPV, however I am open to any kind of questions.
    How do you see AffiliateFix benefiting affiliate marketers?

    Well I have been member of this forum since it started due to busy schedule I am not always able to post regularly however I have been keeping an eye on this forum and it is a great source of motivation for beginner affiliates and all the credit goes to you guys. The best example comes in mind is EymardSiojo affiliatefix member, Affiliate fix has a big role in making that guy successful and what helped him was writing regular journals and then getting help from other fellow affiliates. Affiliatefix is the best affiliate forum for affiliates all the credit goes to Oliver and his team :)

  15. charlesngointerview.jpg
    Charles Ngo Expert Week Wrap Up and Next Expert Announced!

    So if you were living under a rock last week you may not have known that AffiliateFix the number one affiliate marketing forum launched another industry first, Affiliate Marketing Expert Weeks. The concept that we invite a popular and well known affiliate marketing expert to be our guest for the week, and you can ask them anything you like free of charge. It's almost like having your own super affiliate coach, free for one week!

    Last week was our first week and the good news is that it was incredibly received. The first expert to get involved was none other than Charles Ngo popular blogger and affiliate marketing expert. Charles was instrumental in the running of these weeks and provided to be very useful in the thought process. We didn't know how well the week would go but I was nothing short of amazed at how well it went!

    I'd like to personally thank Charles for his commitment but you can also thank him here or in this thread. I'd also like to thank all of you wonderful members who made it a huge success and one of the busiest weeks on the forums since we launched. I told you at the start these will only continue if you guys match our efforts and boy did you do that! We now have another 4-5 incredible affiliate experts lined up to have their own weeks on the forums over the next few months, with others requesting the call up. Thank you!

    The Wrap

    Here's a quick overview of the week with Charles,

    Questions Answered: 73
    Total Posts: 207
    Thanked: 48

    It's pretty amazing to think that even tho Charles was on holiday last week he managed to reply and answer over 70 of your affiliate marketing questions.

    It's impossible to recap over all his answers but what I will do is highlight a few that we should all take note from and read.

    Doesn't make sense to me....starting out, why were you working from 6pm-2am?
    "How did you fill up those 8 hours every night?"

    Getting started with Mobile ?
    "In your opinion, what are the best ways to get started to create a mobile campaign that will generate profit?"

    What was the process like when you hit $1 million in 3-4 months.
    "Could you get into more detail on how this happened?"

    After building the budget, what next?
    "what are the simple steps for a Super newbie affiliate like me to do after building the budget?"

    How's Living The Dream DR?
    "How did you feel when you quit your job to become a fulltime Affiliate Marketer, and what do you love the most about it now?"

    How much time do you spend on setup when launching a new campaign?
    "when initially launching a campaign is there anything in particular you do to 'save time' and test the potential before spending time diving in and scaling out?"

    I could have picked all of the questions, but the above are just a few I know will relate to most on the forums. If you want to find your post or others answered by Charles they are now separated into their corresponding categories across the forums where other people can freely chip in with their views and responses. One last time, thank you to Charles who's just informed me he plans to stick around ;)! Cheers!

    Next Expert Week Announcement

    I'd like to announce our next affiliate marketing expert will be none other than, KJ Rocker.

    KJ was one of the first members to join AffiliateFix (CPAFix) when we first launched. He's a bright young affiliate and internet marketer from Pakistan but now living in Dubai. KJ started marketing and messing about online when he was just 14.

    KJ has since become a key figure in the CPA world, best known for his honest, no frills approach on his blog. Specialising in PPV traffic KJ regularly shares his methods, earnings and all that good stuff as he opens up about earning online. I've personally watched the transition of KJ from a young inexperienced blogger, to lately a well rounded affiliate marketer, business man and someone I call my friend. What KJ doesn't know about CPA marketing, isn't worth knowing and i'm thrilled he's agreed to work with us.

    We will be interviewing KJ this week but you can read more about him and his journey on his blog here.

    KJ Rocker Expert Week

    When: Monday 28th October - Friday 1st of November
    Where: AffiliateFix.com