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  1. mediawebinarreplay.png
    A Beginner's Guide To Media Buying | AffiliateFix.com and WhatRunsWhere

    Yesterday I was joined along side media expert and VP at WhatRunsWhere David Kelly on an amazing media buying webinar. David started from the beginning showing us how to get prepared for our first media buys and talked about the advantages and disadvantages of going direct Vs using a platform. He also covered why and how you should be doing your media buying intelligence and research and shared lots of great tips!

    The replay is ready to watch below and will be available until Monday morning where it will then be archived inside The Dojo along side previous webinars. Thanks again to David and the guys from WhatRunsWhere for taking the time to put together such a great informational webinar. I'd also like to thank David for offering AffiliateFix member and EXCLUSIVE WhatRunsWhere 7 day trial that you won't find anywhere else! Make sure you take full advantage of this now as we don't know how long they will be offering it!

    Webinar Replay

    This webinar is now archived within The Dojo.


    WhatRunsWhere Trial:

    The Dojo:

    Media Buying Forum:
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  2. ppcwebinarreplay.png
    An Introduction to Pay Per Call Marketing | AffiliateFix.com and RingPartner.com

    Last night I was joined along side Mike from RingPartner.com and several hundred amazing AffiliateFix members for a fantastic educational webinar on Pay Per Call marketing. Mike talked us through everything we needed to know to get started promoting pay per call offers. He showed us how the PPC industry works, some amazing tips and showcased the ringpartner dashboard. We will be following up this webinar with a part 2 on how to setup your first campaigns and make money with PPC.

    The replay is ready to watch below and will be available until Monday morning where it will then be archived inside The Dojo along side previous webinars. Thanks again to Mike and make sure you check out the webinar below! Also another huge shoutout goes to Mike for posting his incredible in-depth PPC guide within The Dojo this week! Feel free to ask ANY questions you may have in our new Pay Per Call forum.

    Webinar Replay

    This webinar is now archived within The Dojo.


    Join RingPartner:

    The Dojo:

    Pay Per Call Forum:

  3. ppvwebinarreplay.png
    AffiliateFix.com and BoxOfAds.com | An Introduction to PPV Marketing.

    Yesterday AffiliateFix.com hosted a webinar along side BoxOfAds.com founder and PPV expert Lukasz Jasiak. Hundreds of you attended this great event as Lukasz walked us through an amazing presentation all about pay per view marketing. The knowledge he dropped in this webinar was incredible and on behalf of everyone here at AffiliateFix i'd like to say "thank you".

    The replay is ready to watch below and will be available until Monday morning where it will then be archived inside The Dojo along side previous webinars. I'd like to also thank Lukasz for offering AffiliateFix member an exclusive BoxOfAds coupon whereby they are entitled to a FREE 3 day trial and a one hour consultation call with a PPV expert.

    Webinar Replay

    This webinar is now archived within The Dojo.


    BoxOfAds Coupon:

    The Dojo:

    PPV Forum:
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  4. A Closer Look at the NEW AffiliateFix.com

    Hey guys, I wanted to shoot a quick video showing you some of the cool new features on the all NEW AffiliateFix.

    If this is the first time you've seen the new site you can read about the update here: Welcome to the NEW AffiliateFix.com

    I really appreciate all your feedback and suggestions so please keep them coming here: Feedback and Suggestions

    A Closer Look

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  5. Welcome to the NEW AffiliateFix.com

    Firstly i’d like to welcome you to my newest start up FixForums Ltd.

    Now the proud owner of AffiliateFix the company was born to give real stability and growth potential to AffiliateFix.com and future project and communities we release. However today isn’t about FixForums Ltd it’s about what you now see in front of you!

    I’d like to welcome you to the NEW and improved AffiliateFix.

    About three years ago I set out with a vision of creating the best affiliate marketing forum and resource online. Today I truly believe we now have the platform, technology and community to achieve that. I’d like to introduce the new AffiliateFix. The number ONE affiliate marketing forum online!

    For the past six months myself and my team (FIxForums Ltd) have been working behind the scenes on a new and vastly improved version of AffiliateFix. Everything you see we have designed, built and coded with you, the user in mind. Most noticeably we have moved from the old, outdated and buggy vBulletin forum software to the robust, innovative and better XenForo software. This enables us far more growth potential moving forward and allows us to expand the site in ways we couldn’t have before.

    We wanted to create a place where everyone felt at home and a middle ground for everyone who works within affiliate marketing. What you see today isn’t the finished product as we will be editing, adding and refining the site in the coming months. New features, forums and ideas will be implemented and we will be changing things based on user feedback. We are proud of so many aspects of the new site, the design, the functionality, the NEW resource section but there’s too many to go through in one post. I will be recoding a video next week explaining and covering all the changes but until then we just want you to soak it up, continue as normal and provide us your feedback here.

    Yes, there will be mistakes and bugs but we’d like to ask for your help and patience as we get things 100%! (For those of you who know me, we will never hit 100%)

    Once again i’d like to thank you all for your continued support and thank my team for their hard work.

    We are FixForums Ltd and THIS is the NEW AffiliateFix.com


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  6. jayandtuansmash.png
    Getting to know Jay and Tuan SMASH, your next Affiliate Experts!

    Welcome guys, how are you both? Firstly thanks for agreeing to be our next experts on the Fix…Can you start by introducing yourselves and letting the readers know a little bit about you?

    Jay: Well my name is Jay, I have been involved in the affiliate marketing industry since i was around 15. Thats when my parents got me my first internet connection.. and what was the internet build for? Well, Porn of course..

    I always had a slight obsession with adult content and made my first 5 figure check a week before i dropped out of high school. Being 15 or 16 years old, slinging adult site memberships online and getting paid 10 times more then your lawyer neighbour is more then motivation and satisfaction for me. I tried to work a 9-5 job in which i lasted less then 2 months and had the usual up’s and down’s every affiliate marketer goes through.

    My parents weren’t too happy and thought I was sitting at home all day smoking pot and doing nothing. Fast forward they got me a regular 9-5 job. Needless to say it lasted less then 2 months.

    Once my parents noticed all the money I was making they slowly backed off, but that was sort of fatal for me. I blew my cash faster then it came in - I am just a very excessive person. Few months down the road the industry took a dramatic turn and so did my income. I had to move in with a room mate, went to trash cans looking for food and survived weeks on water and protein shakes. I would rather spent my last $10 on my business then on a proper meal. I just have an insane drive that keeps pushing me beyond my limits.

    Tuan: Thanks for having us Oliver. My name is Tuan for those of you who do not know of me… I’ve been involved in the online game for several years now heavily. It may sound like a cliche but I’m very fortunate to be where I’m at now considering most of my peers growing up are either dead, in jail, or still making a living in the criminal lifestyle.

    I was born in a refugee camp where my parents were stationed as they fled Vietnam to come to seek a better life in America. My entire upbringing and childhood evolves around memories of scarcity, poverty, and struggle.

    I know what it’s like to come from the gutter.

    You could say this is what fuelled my ambition to make something out of myself. I found a hustle I believed in and kept grinding at it until it turned into something promising.

    Whatever it took to get myself to the next level I was with it.

    That’s how I jumped into the online game.
    So did you both start out as affiliates? How did you get into this industry?

    Jay: I started out cracking adult website memberships. Basically brute forcing password lists on their .htaccess files. One day I noticed a link to an affiliate program (I think it was CyberErotica) and couldn’t believe how much they paid for a membership referral. That’s how i got started.

    Tuan: Just looking online for a way to make money.

    I’ve always been a hustler and I knew the potential of making money online.
    Especially when it meant buying traffic and selling products and keeping a margin for yourself… It was second nature to me. I got traction in the game promoting rebill offers and using flogs/farticles whatever you want to call it. That’s how I got in the CPA marketing game and how I started making real profits buying media.

    I’ve done revenue in all the major verticals in the space and learned the ins and outs of running campaigns and optimizations through trial and error.
    Also it’s clear you’re both heavily into the adult affiliate marketing world, how did this come about and why adult?

    Jay: There’s a few things i care about in life. My body, my cars, my girlfriend and my porn. (Credit goes to Don Jon) - basically Adult is my passion. Which guy doesn’t like to work with hot girls all day and get paid more then a doctor, lawyer or the next-door CEO.

    Tuan: Like I said before I been involved in almost every niche that does volume in the CPA space.

    I just got tired of dealing with cloaking, banned accounts, and regulations that didn’t allow me to run my campaigns freely. The Adult space is the main niche I’m known for but I still operate in multiple niches outside of Adult.

    I just love dealing with traffic networks that want your business and having creative control on your campaigns to pretty much do whatever you want. And it’s not as heavily regulated as other niches.

    Plus Sex sells like no other. ;-)
    We hear a lot about mobile these days but where is the adult affiliate space moving?

    Jay: 1 Click content billing is huge in adult right now, but it will have a limited lifespan. The mobile carriers will only take ’so much’ - without going into further details. Mobile dating and mobile adult memberships aren’t going anywhere tho.

    Tuan: Only going to grow like crazy.

    More innovative ways to process billing and monetize. More larger players looking to dominate the Adult dating space by creating better offers, better conversion flows etc..

    Mobile will grow by leaps and bounds.

    Adult will continue to gain popularity amongst the affiliates and millions will continue to be made.
    So aside from being successful affiliates, you also have other ventures including blogs, companies and an affiliate network right?

    Jay: I have partnerships in multiple bars, restaurants and are heavily into real estate. Real estate is another one of my passions.

    Tuan: Yeah Blogs, CPA Network, SpyTools, Forums, Information Products,
    Consulting Business, Speaking, Online Assets, the list goes on and on…

    I invest in real estate and other offline ventures but my main focus is online since business online has global reach.
    Why did you start the network when there’s so many already and how have you maintained active when so many close down?

    Jay: I am gonna give it to you straight. Tuan and I used to run our own campaigns through various tracking platforms like hasoffers and cake and we simply decided one morning to open up a network. There was no business plan or anything.

    We just whipped out the calculator, crunched some numbers and got to work. A few days later SMASH was born. It wasn’t rocket science for us since we already worked closely with all merchants in our network. I’ll never forget the day tho.. Tuan and I have that ritual since years where I would wake up and call him on Skype since we are in different parts of the world (7 days a week) to catch up on things.

    So i was sitting there with my morning wood and my housekeeper was preparing my breakfast when we suddenly decided to start a network. Days later, we received our first prepay and slowly opened up the doors.

    Tuan: We like to work and execute things fast.

    There is no need for drawing out a big business plan. You have to just take action immediately or else it will never manifest into anything.

    Learn and fail along the way.

    The reason the network has remained successful is because we work hands on inside of the network single everyday. We work relentlessly and also our goals is not to be the biggest network. We really don’t focus on what other networks are doing… Also we have never been in a position to rely solely upon the income of affiliates to keep us afloat. This is what separates us from competitors.

    My advice to network owners is to not try to be the best at everything, just be the best at what you do well.
    Everything looks amazing for you guys we’ve all seen the cars, the girls, luxury items and such but has it always been this way?

    Everything looks amazing for you guys we’ve all seen the cars, the girls, luxury items and such but has it always been this way?

    Jay: Like i said before, i have no shame in my game. I dived through dumpsters looking for food in the past and now I am blessed to be able to spend my money on things that make my life easier or more entertaining. People ask me about my Facebook, my cars and all that shit. We all have seen people like that going bust in the past because they made too much noise.. All I can say is, don’t take everything too serious. Tuan and I are not part of some Iluminati clan and want to change the world. We just love cars and pussy. Theres nothing wrong with it, is there?

    Tuan: Hell no it hasn’t.

    I’ve made it all and lost it all many times so I know how failure and defeat
    can really humble you. The nice items I do possess are not there to show off but only there to remind myself personally of the goals I’ve set and reached.

    They are trophies to me.

    I have my eyes set on much more larger trophies in the near future which there is no point in having if you haven’t rewarded yourself along the way. When done right it will motivate you.
    What would you both say were your lowest and highest points as entrepreneurs to date?

    Jay: Lowest point clearly dumpster diving. Highest point? Buying my parents their dream home and being able to change my families life for the better.

    Tuan: Too many to even pick one.

    The highs and lows vary once you become accustomed to them.

    What you thought couldn’t be any worse ends up worser than ever and what you consider a huge achievement gets dwarfed by your next one.

    It’s all relative but being able to do what I want daily is the best thing.

    Even if that’s working on our business cause that’s a passion of mine.

    Constant Growth is what makes my life fulfilling.
    If you could start over with one piece of information or advice today, what would it be?

    Jay: I hate this question and you will see the same bullshit advice over and over again. Theres no magic bullet - it’s called work your ass off and be passionate about what you do.

    Tuan: To focus.

    Find something and just go hard.

    Realize it may take some time to pay off but that time will pass anyways. Network with people who have similar goals and aspirations as you do and don’t let the wrong people anchor you to the ground.

    Lose your ego.

    Don’t focus on the money too much. Focus on creating shit and bringing value to the marketplace and the money will come.
    Next week you’re taking on the famous affiliate expert week on AffiliateFix, what sort of questions and areas would you say members are best asking you about?

    Jay: Anything business related, but don’t ask me about my shoe size and crap like that..

    Tuan: Anything related to media buying, CPA marketing, entrepreneurship and etc.
    Jay we’ve seen you become active on AffiliateFix recently, how do you see forums like this benefit affiliates and the industry?

    Jay: I think it’s a decent alternative to paid forums. The content is different and maybe not as in-depth as some paid ones but I think it was a smart idea from you to fill that hole in the market ;)
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  7. jayandtuansmash.png
    Jay and Tuan SMASH take on Affiliate Expert Week!

    So guys i'm very excited to announce that next up to take on the AffiliateFix Expert Week challenge is the internet famous duo of Tuan and Jay from SMASH revenue. Jay and Tuan are joining the star studied line up of affiliate experts to have participated in our expert weeks including, Charles Ngo, KJ Rocker, Zac Johnson, Greg Davis and our very own Luke Kling.


    I've known Jay and Tuan for about a year now and both are seriously clever guys. Having built up a solid reputation the two partners run several online ventures including an adult media buying resource, affiliate marketing blogs and their very own affiliate network!

    Jay and Tuan are most known for their involvement in the adult space and are both vastly experienced in adult media buying. Having both achieved HUGE success online they are no stranger to the finer things in life including exotic cars, luxury condos and other things that make a mans heart tick ;)! You can see a small collection of Jay and Tuan's cars in the success thread Jay posted on the fix.

    I'm extremely excited and happy to have them on the forums and can't wait to see what everyone learns from the guys. I will be posting an interview with them on the blog tomorrow so you can really get to know the ins and outs of these two successful entrepreneurs. I anticipate lots of adult marketing related questions but also feel free to quiz them on entrepreneurship, starting an affiliate network and building a brand!

    Jay and Tuan Expert Week

    When: Monday 18th of August - Friday 22nd August
    Where: Jay and Tuan Forum

  8. cpaevolution.png
    LIVE Webinar with William Souza: 6 Figure CPA Campaigns.

    After the HUGE success of Willaim's CPA Evolution launch he wants to thank the members of AffiliateFix.com by hosting a FREE webinar tomorrow! We've also both had lots of emails, messages from Fix members who missed out on his launch and we wanted to give them something for FREE.

    So Friday night I will personally be hosting on behalf of AffiliateFix a LIVE webinar where William will be sharing case studies, methods, campaigns and more! This is 100% FREE and won't be recorded so be there on time or miss out! For full details and times please submit you're information by clicking here.

    This is a 100% free webinar hosted by AffiliateFix moderator William Souza exclusively for AffiliateFix member only.

  9. cpaevolution.png
    CPA Evolution Bonus ends in LESS THAN 24 HOURS.

    You have less than 24hours to take advantage of AffiliateFix moderators generous offer on his CPA Evolution launch. William is offering all AffiliateFix.com members who purchase his amazing CPA Evolution course a bonus worth in excess of $5000. He will personally offer each and every member FREE CPA support via his personal Skype for one whole month! Check out the video below!

    This is now sold out, you can STILL find William inside The Dojo.

    A message from William

    This is now sold out, you can STILL find William inside The Dojo.
  10. View attachment 3271
    CPA Evolution $5000 Bonus and Review!

    AffiliateFix.com moderator and international CPA superstar William Souza is giving AffiliateFix members an exclusive chance of a lifetime! Watch the video below to find out exactly how you can get this incredible bonus and a months FREE CPA coaching from the man himself! There's no wonder lots of Fix members have already purchased this package and are making money!

    This is now sold out, you can STILL find William inside The Dojo.
    [claimnow]Claim Now[/claimnow]

    Video Review


    Buy Now

    This is now sold out, you can STILL find William inside The Dojo.
    [claimnow]Claim Now[/claimnow]

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  11. newteam.jpg
    Introducing Two NEW Exciting Moderators and your New AffiliateFix Team!

    I'd like to introduce you to our latest two recruits for the ever strengthening AffiliateFix.com moderating team. As you will be well aware of the community is growing at a rapid pace and attracting new recruits everyday. The latest two additions to the Fix team just make us even stronger and even more prepared to become the number one affiliate marketing forum online. Let me introduce the guys and tell them a little bit about what they do.

    T Balogun aka cashmoneyaffiliate

    T or as he's better known cashmoneyaffiliate came onto the Fix scene earlier this year and I have to say I don't think i've EVER seen anyone make such an impression on the forums. It speaks massive volume when this lad has nearly double the amount of "likes" on his profile as he does "posts". Literally everything he puts out is of solid quality and use to our members. He first caught my eye when he posted his ZeroPark case study showing some incredible results and being very open and helpful with his guides. He then proceeded to join The Dojo where he dropped an even more in-depth version of the guide, giving away his landing pages, targets and more.

    Earlier this month he reported that the Fix and his journey had helped him to achieve his first $4000+ day. I think he's quickly become a favourite on the forum and has helped boost the mobile section to over 1000 posts last week. T has become a good mate of mine and i'm REALLY excited to have him as apart of the Fix team as we grow into the best resource online! Welcome mate!

    William Souza aka williamrs

    If you don't already know William aka williamrs then you're about to get to know him really quick! He's one of the most recognised and well known CPA marketers on the planet! William was a regular over on the WarriorForum but since finding the Fix reached out to me in admiration of what we are trying to create here and I just HAD to have him as part of the team! He's a full-time internet marketer and author of acclaimed CPA training programs such as CPA Superstars and CPA Evolution. Both being responsible for millions of dollars in earning for both William and his students.

    During the last few years Willaim has worked with many merchants and CPA networks and coached hundreds of students who are now fully successful CPA marketers. William is now joining AffiliateFix's team as an expert in CPA, PPC and social media and is dedicated and exited to help grow the forum in those areas. He's eager to share his guides, knowledge and support to all member. Me and William have some great things planned and I can't wait to have him on board!

    The Team

    K - Admin
    Andy Haskins - Super Moderator
    LukePeerFly - Super Moderator
    Jay Wessman - Social Media, SEO
    blvdjeremy - General Discussions and Lounge
    crysper - The Dojo
    darster - Buy, Sell or Trade
    cashmoneyaffiliate - Mobile
    williamrs - PPC, Social Media, Media Buying
  12. cpainfinitycover.png
    CPAInfinity Affiliate Network Stands the Test of Time.

    The following is a Send me Something review by Oliver Kenyon. If you or your company is interested in participating in your own Send me Something you can contact me or view more details on our advertise page here. Send me Something is an original and unique idea from AffiliateFix Ltd and is a great way to get exposure for your company with a unique angle.


    CPAInfinity is a performance based affiliate network ran by Stephen Stepanik. Founded in 2011 it’s surpassed many other networks launched at the same time and has watched many since come and go. Offering top affiliates a place to call home, treating them more as part of the family and someone they truly value.

    Stephen reached out for my office address a few weeks back and told me he wanted to send me something timeless, similar to his network that id be able to enjoy for a long time. Stephen and I have communicated online since CPAFix first launched and I was excited to see what was coming my way.


    I always love it when a network or client wants to participate in send me something, although I could charge a premium rate for these write ups and reviews I find it way more exciting to get creative with gifts etc. I was really looking forward to Stephens gift arriving and when my doorbell rang I was FAR from disappointed. Stephen had previously asked me some questions about what I like and don’t like. He kept hinting about seeing me not wearing a watch in my pictures on Facebook etc and I remember him asking if I would wear one. Although they've never interested me in the past the thought of a really nice watch definitely excited me.

    What I was about to open however blew my expectations out of the water. I was handed a box by the delivery man and on the top read the name “Tissot”. Now bear in mind I didn't know anything about watches, I always remember being told by a close friend that “Tissot” is one of the best makes you can get if you're just starting out in the watch game! To me the name doesn't matter but what did matter was that in this box was an incredibly well made, well presented and pretty darn expensive watch!

    This is by far one of the coolest presents I have ever received and if Stephen wanted to make an impression he truly achieved it. I was also happy to receive a cool hoody to go with the watch that had Stephens company logos on. One day when I get my big office I will do a wall of fame with all these hoodies :)!

    What else can I say but thank you so much Stephen and CPAInfinity team! This was one of the coolest presents ever and I seriously love wearing this beast, thank you.



    As I said above CPAInfinity is one of those very few networks that have stood the test of time. Now over 3 years old the network continues to grow under Stephens guidance. Although they aren't as big and as flashy as some of their competitors this is the way Stephen wants it to be. Knowing Stephen for the previous few years I can tell you he wanted to build a stable network that truly looked after the people they work with. It wouldn't matter if you earn big or small CPAInfinity treats you like part of the family and nurtures your progression. From personally working with them they have a solid team behind them with coders, affiliate managers and an owner who leads from the front. I think the most notable thing about CPAInfinity is the number of direct offers with high payouts. I’ve rarely seen an offer on their network that can be beaten in price on another network and that's where Stephen has the edge. So many networks are after the quick buck and scrub the margin from their affiliates, not the case with CPAInfinity!

    If you’re looking for a solid network thats only going to continue to grow, join CPAInfinity. I like to work with people who have a little class, send me that watch just shows what sort of a guy and team is behind this network.

    Stephen told me since that he uses this watch company to send out gifts to his top performing publishers, intact they are currently holding a contest to give away an amazing laptop and cash. You can view the contest here.

    I’m also excited to announce Stephens latest project, LeadTotal.


    LeadTotal is the latest launch from Stephen and his team and one I'm seriously excited about. If you didn't know one of my other companies Landing Page Guys builds responsive landing pages for lead generation companies and others. Stephen has already reached out to work together on some pages for his new lead generation network and has shown me some amazing offers they already have.

    Lead generation is in my opinion by far the most solid type of affiliate marketing. Purely down to the fact that companies always need leads and if done correctly can be promoted on most platforms without the need to cloak etc. Stephen along side industry known Cory and has created a lead generation only affiliate network. Offering affiliates some incredible exclusive offers along side the best landers in the industry (soon to be built by yours truly!).

    Although very new I’m very excited to see where this ones heading and be on the look out for LeadTotal doing big things this year.

    Once again a HUGE thank you to the CPAInfinity and LeadTotal team, and a big thank you to my friend Stephen for the gifts..

  13. postingcomp.png
    Post Competition Winner Announced.

    So, last week we announced our very first posting competition on AffiliateFix. The rules were simple, post the most quality posts over the week and win $100. We were blown away with the participation and even more the quality of the content that was being posted. AffiliateFix has always maintained a very high standard of posts and that is very important to us. Unlike some other fly by night forums who use blackhat and unethical tactics like "post thanks" to get their post count higher, we believe in less is more.

    However we wanted a fun competition to enhance the engagement across the boards, and boy did it do that! Several of you members started the week in the top 10 rankings but in the end it came down to a three horse race. The three guys managed to combine over one thousand posts in the last few days, let's take a look at the final standing on the top posters board.

      • Darster: 373
      • lrs1995: 346
      • mlaghfiri: 339
      • blvdjeremy: 113
      • azgold: 76
    Congratulations and thank you to the top 5 participants and everyone who contributed to an amazing competition and week on the Fix. Originally I'd said we were giving the winner and just the winner a prize but after talking with AffiliateFix moderator Darster he sportingly agreed with me that all 3 guys in the top 3 should get a slice of the prize.

    I'd like to thank Darster for his generosity and commitment to the site.

    So, the final prizes as agreed by me and Darster are,

      • Darster: $50
      • miaghflrl: $50
    Darster reached out and told me how Irs1995 had expressed he was desperate to join The Dojo and we both agreed as a newcomer to the forum he showed the desire and commitment which meant he was ready for a break and a step up in the marketing world.

    Thanks again to everyone who entered and look out for more competitions very soon.
  14. postingresults.png
    $100 Posting Competition (ENTER NOW).

    We're at it again! AffiliateFix.com is giving away another $100 to one lucky winner this week. We really want to encourage more interaction on the forums so we've put together this competition. We want to find the most active member of the Fix. This week all your posts will be counted towards our posting competition. The person who posts to MOST times on the forums this week will WIN $100.

    You can keep track of who's in the lead by viewing the top posters leaderboard here.

    WARNING: All SPAM and stupid posting will be removed and you will not qualify for the competition. We want to lee the high standard of posts on the forum.

    When: Between June 2nd and Monday 9th of June 2014.
    Where: AffiliateFix.com forums.
    Who: Any AffiliateFix member can enter.
    Prizes: (1) Winner will receive $100 via PayPal.
    Winners Announced: 9th of June, 2014.
    How: Read the steps below.

    Every post you make within the next week on the forums will be counted on our Top Posters leaderboard. I will be monitoring each post to ensure the post quality remains. In a weeks time whoever is sitting on top of the 7 day leaderboard will win the $100.

    I will send out daily emails with the current standings.

    Time to get posting Fixers!
  15. win100.jpg
    $100 Giveaway Competition Winner Announced.

    Last week we held a competition to encourage new affiliate marketers to participate on the forums. I'm very pleased to announce that we saw over 100 new members submit some really great questions. It's very refreshing to see so many of you participate in these giveaways and its real encouragement for us to hold more for you in the near future.

    Don't forget that we welcome all standards of affiliates on the Fix and love to help the newer marketer with whatever they may need. If you're new to affiliate marketing yourself and would like to get some help from our amazing community, you can check out the Newbie Question and Answers forum here.


    I loaded all the entrants into an online random name picker and i'm pleased to announce the winner of $100 cash is,


    Please check your inbox and send me payment details.

    Commiserations to everyone else but be on the look out for more giveaways soon.

    Don't forget to keep asking your newbie questions.