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zZounds Holiday Guide - Create Your Own Bonus

Linda Buquet

Once again Mike Payne from zZounds amazes me! He provides an awesome newsletter, cool Holiday marketing guide and free consultation for zZounds affiliates. YOU CAN EVEN CREATE YOUR OWN BONUS PROGRAM! How's that for affiliate-friendly management???


The holiday shopping season is right around the corner. Are you ready for
this season's demand? We're here to help with some inside information,
free consultations, and a special bonus offer for any zZounds affiliate.
Here's what we'll be discussing this month:

* zZounds Holiday Marketing Guide
* Private Performance Bonus Payment
* Notes from the Affiliate Manager
* Free Marketing Consultation

zZounds Holiday Marketing Guide

We've developed a marketing guide of what's hot for this coming holiday
season, who's looking to buy, and how to ensure that you have a big
holiday season with the zZounds affiliate program.

Check out our full featured marketing guide in our affiliate portal here:
Holiday Marketing Guide:

Private Performance Bonus Payment

Want a special cash or commission bonus this holiday season? Just ask!
Contact us at affiliate AT zzounds DOT com and we can develop a private goal for your affiliate performance based on past earnings. We'll also work
together to develop your reward-- be it cash, commission, or even music
gear. You set the bar, you choose the rewards-- we make it happen.

Notes from the Affiliate Manager

In addition to other forthcoming updates, we added a new section to the
zZounds affiliate portal that will centralize any news and updates from
the zZounds Affiliate Manager. Presently, the Holiday Marketing Guide
mentioned above will show at this location, which can be found here:
Notes from the Affiliate Manager:

Free Marketing Consultations

If you have questions about how to sell zZounds products, how to
merchandise your site, and want to learn what works in the musical
instrument industry, the zZounds affiliate manager, Mike Payne, is here to
help. Send Mike and email at affiliate AT zzounds DOT com to schedule a
consultation by phone, email, or instant messenger.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck this holiday season!

-Mike Payne-
Affiliate Manager
Email: affiliate AT zzounds DOT com