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zZounds Dec Sales News

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Linda Buquet, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Happy Holidays, zZounds Affiliates!

    Christmas is just a few weeks away and the holiday shopping season has
    yet to hit full steam. Sales have been huge so far this month, and
    all of our affiliates -- from big to small -- have felt the impact.
    To make sure that we can all make these last few weeks count, zZounds
    has some new tools we'd like to share with you. Check 'em out!

    ---zZounds Holiday Gift Guide---

    zZounds has released a holiday gift guide for customers who wish to
    give the gift of music this holiday season. From $100 guitar packages
    to $200 Ipods and gifts below $50, this guide will help parents,
    friends, and loved ones find the right gift for their favorite
    musician. Expect this gift guide to CONVERT! This is a one stop
    shop for gift givers and a gold mine for affiliates... Check it out

    ---zZounds Holiday Gift Guide Banners/Buttons---
    To help you promote our high-converting gift guide, we've created
    some special graphic banners and buttons. Here are the direct links:
    You may view the rest of our graphic creative here:

    ---Are You Using Pay Per Click Advertising?---
    Whether you're a pay per click pro or a curious beginner, we've
    got some helpful tips and insights we'd like to share with you.
    If you are using PPC as your main method of promotion, we've
    recently added some new tools to our program. If you would
    like to get started using PPC ads, we'd be happy to give you
    a hand. Send us an email at affiliate@zzounds.com and we'll
    set up a meeting.

    ---zZounds Rocks Your Holidays Contest Update---
    November Secret Sales Winners: Rich T. and John P., congratulations!
    The secret sales days were randomly chosen as November 8th and
    November 25th. On those days, Rich and John's affiliate efforts
    brought in the highest dollar sale for those days. Rich has been
    awarded the $250 store credit, while John has been awarded a $150
    commission bonus. Congrats!
    November Holiday Bonuses: We paid out truckloads of commission
    bonuses in November-- from 7.2% commission bonuses for new
    affiliates and 10% increase bonuses for existing affiliates,
    payments reached anywhere from 10.8% to 18%. The harder you worked
    in November, the higher your payout. Congratulations to all who hit
    their sales targets and earned a fat check for November sales!
    December is not yet half-way over, and the biggest and best is yet
    to come.

    Good luck, zZounds affiliates, and happy holidays to you all!

    Mike Payne - zZounds Affiliate Manager

    If you have not joined zZounds yet, do it today.
    This program ROCKS!
    Join here: http://www.zzounds.com/aff
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